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Time Scoop
Type: Time traveling device
Created by: Time Lords; Daleks; Professor Whitaker

A Time Scoop (alternatively spelled Timescoop) was a device which could be pinpointed onto any point in time and space and lift people or things to a different point in time and space.

The Time Scoop created by the Time Lords was used to transport people and items to the Death Zone on Gallifrey. The Time Scoop transported the Doctor there numerous times and also transported enemies of his, including Daleks, Cybermen, and Yeti. (DW: The Five Doctors, EDA: The Eight Doctors and BFG: Panacea)

The Sixth Doctor was once ensared by a Time Scoop created by the Daleks to recruit him to help them stop Davros from creating the Juggernauts. (BFA: The Juggernauts)

Another Time Scoop was created by Professor Whitaker to transport dinosaurs from pre-history to the 1970s in order to evacuate London. He then planned to use the device to create a stable field around London which would keep anyone and anything inside it in the same place whilst the rest of the Earth would be brought forward through time from when the Earth was purer and hadn't been almost destroyed by the creations of man. His plan was foiled when the Doctor stopped the machine but it accidentally sent Whitaker and his assistant Charles Grover back to an unknown time. (DW: Invasion of the Dinosaurs)

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