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Time Magic is the primary ability of the Time Mage Job from Final Fantasy V. This skillset involves manipulating time and space, either to cast positive status effects on allies or to cripple and destroy enemies. Time Magic is purchased as shops in various towns and is divided into 6 levels.

Ability Effect Location Level MP Cost Image
Speed Increases the speed setting of the battle Walse, Phantom Village 1 1
Slow Inflicts Slow on one enemy Walse, Karnak 1 3
Regen Gradually restores HP to one target Walse, Karnak 1 3
Mute Inflicts Silence on all units on the battlefield Walse, Karnak 2 3
Haste Inflicts Haste on one ally Walse, Karnak 2 5
Float Grants Float on one ally, protecting them from Earth attacks, as well as avoiding damage floors. Castle Surgate, Karnak 2 10
Gravity Halves target's HP Karnak 3 9
Stop Inflicts Stop on one enemy Karnak 3 8
Teleport Teleports party out of a dungeon or current battle Castle of Bal, Phantom Village 3 15
Comet Targets one enemy with random damage Regole, Bal Castle, Quelb, Castle Surgate, Moore 4 7
Slowga Inflicts Slow on all enemies Regole, Bal Castle, Quelb, Castle Surgate, Moore 4 9
Return Reverts time to the beginning of battle. Regole, Bal Castle, Quelb, Castle Surgate, Moore 4 1
Graviga Reduces target's HP by 7/8 Moore 5 18
Hastega Casts Haste on all allies Moore 5 15
Old Inflicts Old status Moore 5 4
Meteor 4 meteor attacks on random targets, each with random damage Great Sea Trench 6 42
Quick Stops time, allowing the user to perform two actions. Phantom Village 6 77
Banish Removes an enemy from the battlefield Phantom Village 6 20


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