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For the role-playing gamebook by Ian Marsh and Peter Darvill-Evans, see Time Lord (role playing book).
Time Lord
Leader: President
Also known as: Time Lord
Time Lady
Lord of Time

Affiliated with:

Fledgling Empires
Homeland / Bases: Gallifrey
Appearances: Full List of Appearances
Notable Members: The Doctor
The Master
Susan Foreman
The Rani
The Monk
The War Chief
"The oldest and most mighty race in the universe. Looking down on the galaxies below, sworn never to interfere, only to watch."
―The Tenth Doctor

The Time Lords and Time Ladies (sometimes called Lords of Time or, rarely, Chronarchs) were the oligarchic rulers of the planet Gallifrey. They were biologically Gallifreyan.



Members of the High Council. (DW: Arc of Infinity)

The Time Lords were led by the High Council. The Council consisted of the Lord or Lady President, the Lord or Lady Chancellor, the Castellan and Lord Cardinals. (DW: The Deadly Assassin)

The Inner Council consisted of the three most powerful members of the High Council. The Lord President was the most powerful member of the Council and had near absolute authority, and used a link to the Matrix, a vast computer network containing the knowledge and experiences of all past generations of Time Lords, to set Time Lord policy and remain alert to potential threats from lesser civilisations. (PDA: The Infinity Doctors) The Lord or Lady Chancellor was next in power, and handled many of the government functions. The Castellan controlled the Chancellery Guard and therefore the safety of Gallifrey. (DW: The Deadly Assassin)

The rest of the High Council was made up of the Lord Cardinals, which represented the various Gallifreyan Chapters. (DW: The Deadly Assassin)

During the Last Great Time War, the Visionary was also a member of the council. She acted as a prophet, recording the future, but only with vague predictions written on paper. (DW: The End of Time)

The Visionary may be connected to the Pythia, the ancient prophetic leaders of the Gallifreyans.
Maxil, a member of the Chancellery Guard, investigating a crime. (DW: Arc of Infinity)

Crime and Punishment

The protection of the Time Lords was carried out by the Chancellery Guard. They protected the Capitol, investigated crimes and captured criminals. (DW: The Deadly Assassin) More secretive or questionable matters were handled by the Celestial Intervention Agency, which was created to be a covert arm of the High Council to safeguard the Time Lords' interests. (DW: Shada) Much of what they did went against the non-interference policy, leading them to use agents (like the Doctor) to protect their secrets.

The punishments used for crimes varied in severity.

The Time Lords also used imprisonment for criminals, such as the ones in Shada (DW: Shada)


One of the major institutions of the Time Lords was the Time Lord Academy. It was split up into Chapters, each of which being identified by their distinctive colours. The subjects at the academy ranged from the study of Cosmic Science (DWN: Doctor Who and the Terror of the Autons) to Vintage Vehicles to Gallifreyan flutterwings (DW: The Pirate Planet).

Children began instruction at the Time Lord Academy, at the age of 8, in a special ceremony. The Gallifreyans would be forced to look into the Untempered Schism, which showed the entirety of the Time Vortex and the power that the Time Lords had. The Gallifreyans subjected to its terrifying effects would react differently: "Some would be inspired, some would run away, and some would go mad." (DW: The Sound of Drums) They would then spend "centuries" studying at the Academy. (DWM: Mortal Beloved)


Time Lords appreciated music, as indicated by such artefacts as the Harp of Rassilon and the use of nursery rhymes to entertain children. (DW: The Five Doctors) They also appreciated art, although painting on Gallifrey was done by computer. (DW: City of Death)

Academy students sometimes played a (dangerous) game called "Eighth Man Bound". The multidimensional game of Perigosto, played with a ball and a specialised Perigosto stick, was also a favourite, as was a complicated board game called Sepulchasm. (NA: Lungbarrow)

During a darker, more barbarous time in the planet's past, Time Lords enjoyed watching time-displaced individuals fight to the death in a dedicated area called the Death Zone, but that practice had been entirely abandoned by the Doctor's day. (DW: The Five Doctors)

The Time Lords had a rite called Soul Catching, which was done to the dying Time Lords before they were assimilated into the Matrix. This allowed them to assimilate their memories before they died. (PDA: The Devil Goblins from Neptune)


A Time Lord on Gallifrey, in front of the Capitol. (DW: The Sound of Drums)

The Time Lords ruled from the planet Gallifrey, where they would watch the workings of the universe. Though they once had a mighty empire during the the Dark Times, the empire collapsed after the fall of the Pythia. (NA: Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible)

The Time Lords were said to have control over much of the structure of the universe. They had set up the Web of Time, (BFA: Neverland) they controlled and fixed paradoxes (DW: Father's Day) and they allowed travel between parallel universes. (DW: Rise of the Cybermen) After the near-extinction of the Time Lords during the Last Great Time War, these processes were in flux.

Science and Technology

The Time Lords were far advanced in maths, biology, xenobiology, chemistry and physics. They held the most advanced technology the present universe had ever seen. Their weapons and defense technology, however, lagged behind some other races and species.

The console of a Type 40 TARDIS. (DW: The Five Doctors)


The most characteristic technology used by the Time Lords was their time travel technology of the TARDISes. The TARDIS was derived from the early Gallifreyan technology of the Time Scaphe. (NA: Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible) The TARDISes were one of the few types of technology that was updated, from the obsolete Type 40 (from Mark I to Mark IV) (DW: The Ribos Operation), the more advanced Type 57 (DW: Warriors of the Deep) and the humanoid Type 102 (EDA: Alien Bodies). As well, Battle TARDISes and War TARDISes also existed. (EDA: The Taking of Planet 5, BFA: Neverland)

One of the newer technology developed within the Doctor's lifetime was the Time Rings. (NA: Legacy) These Time Rings were small device attached around the wrist, allowing a person to travel through time without being in a time machine. (DW: Genesis of the Daleks) They could also be made as small as finger rings that could be touched together to enable time travel. (NA: Happy Endings, BFBS: The Grel Escape)

Apart from the TARDISes, the Time Lords had little interest in creating other forms of transport. As such, they relied on them instead of other methods of travel. (REF: Doctor Who: Starships and Spacestations)

Stellar Manipulation

The Time Lords had the capability to control and use the power of stars. The Doctor went so far as to claim that the Time Lords "invented" black holes. (DW: The Satan Pit)

Using the Hand of Omega, the Time Lords could speed up the development of stars. (DW: Remembrance of the Daleks) One such star had been turned into a black hole and was kept under the Panopticon as the Eye of Harmony to power the civilisation of the Time Lords. (DW: The Deadly Assassin)

Weaponry and Defences

Despite being one most of the powerful species in the universe, the Time Lords had little in the way of defences and their offensive technology was lagging behind many other civilizations. This may be due in part to the transduction barrier, which covered the planet and which was almost completely impenetrable by outside forces or their general policy of non-interference. As such, when they were invaded by the Sontarans, they were unable to defend themselves with their regular stasers and the Doctor needed to use an ancient Time Lord weapon called the De-mat Gun. (DW: The Invasion of Time) Few Time Lords, even Chancellery Guards, had any real combat experience. (BFA: The Apocalypse Element). During the Last Great Time War the Capitol was protected by a set of Dual Turrets set around it, they were used to destroy attacking ships. (DW: The End of Time)

This lack of military knowledge may have been a factor in their inability to defeat the Daleks by force of arms during the Last Great Time War.
The Genesis Ark, a Time Lord prison. (DW: Doomsday)

Miscellaneous Technology

Some other Time Lord technology includes the Matrix (DW: The Deadly Assassin), Validium (DW: Silver Nemesis), the Genesis Ark (DW: Doomsday) and the Chameleon Arch (DW: Human Nature).

The Lord President Rassilon had a metallic glove which was capable of destroying a person by shooting out electricity and it reverted the Master Race to its Human form. (DW: The End of Time)


See Gallifreyan history.

The Gallifreyans possessed one of the oldest and most powerful civilisations in the Universe. As the Time Lords, they would hold absolute power for some ten billion years. (DW: The Ultimate Foe) Eventually, however, the Last Great Time War wiped out the race. (DW: The End of the World, et al)

Partial Time Lords

In the post-war era, three individuals were created who are at least partially Time Lord:

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The Doctor, a male Time Lord, in his tenth incarnation.

In an alternate universe, the Time Lords were a humanoid civilization from the planet Gallifrey. They earned the name Time Lords because they developed the ability to travel across time and space through the time vortex in living machines known as TARDISes. (Doctor Who; Star Trek: Daedalus)

Time Lords were also equipped with a number of abilities such as bodily regeneration when a previous body had been mortally wounded, and telepathic and empathic abilities similar to Vulcans and Betazoids.

The Time Lords were practically wiped out, and Gallifrey destroyed, following a lengthy Time War with the Daleks. Only three Time Lords were known to survive the cataclysm: The Doctor, who was responsible for the final "destruction" of both the Daleks and his own people; The Master, who escaped to the far future and altered his biology to appear human before the final battle; and Mortimus, who was accidentally transported into the primary reality centuries before the conflict began. (Doctor Who; Star Trek: Daedalus - Reversed Polarities)

Mortimus finally learned of his people's fate after discovering a badly damaged Dalek while trapped on Earth in the early 21st century. (The Exiles)

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