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Tibia is formed by tiles of different materials and shapes. The area of each tile is 1 square meter. There are tiles that affect your character speed, as well as some tiles that can't be walked over. Here's a list of the Tiles:



Natural Tiles

Name Walkable Walking Time Notes
Dirt (Tile) Image:Dirt Tile (Light).gif yes 100 Note that there are different sorts of Dirt with different walking speeds.
Dirt Tile (Heavy) Image:Dirt Tile (Heavy).gif yes 180 Sometimes they reveal a secret hole when used with a Pick
Dirt Tile (Medium) Image:Dirt Tile (Medium).gif yes 140 Note that there are different sorts of Dirt with different walking speeds.
Grass (Tile) Image:Grass (Tile).gif yes 150 Beware! Sometimes what appears to be solid grass is a hole.
Gravel Tile Image:Gravel Tile.gif yes 120 It's much like Rock, just a bit different.
Ice Tile Image:Ice Tile.gif yes 100 Ice is intermixed with snow. You move very quickly when walking on ice.
Jungle Grass Tile Image:Jungle Grass Tile.gif yes 120 Looks different from regular grass.
Lava Tile Image:Lava Tile.gif no n/a Items thrown into lava will burst into flames and be destroyed.
Nothing Tile Image:Nothing Tile.gif no n/a There are ~4 holes with nothing tiles on Mistrock, rumors say they are ventilation holes from an underground city. Introduced in the Christmas Update 2008.
Ocean Floor Tile Image:Ocean Floor Tile.gif yes 247 These are the slowest tiles in the game and take the longest time to walk across. Be careful not to get swarmed by sea creatures.
Rock Tile Image:Rock Tile.gif yes 120 One walks faster on it than on Grass so it is preferable.
Sand Tile Image:Sand Tile.gif yes 160 If you dig in sand, who knows what you might find?
Shallow Water Tile Image:Shallow Water Tile.gif no n/a You can fish from a pool of shallow water, and in some areas, swim in it too. Boots of Waterwalking exist, but their use is unknown. Some say Gamemasters can use them to walk across water at blazing speeds.
Snow Tile Image:Snow Tile.gif yes 200 If you look closely you may see Yeti tracks.
Swamp Tile Image:Swamp Tile.gif no n/a Items put in swamp disappear in a poof of poison, so be careful with your lootbags.
Tar Tile Image:Tar Tile.gif no n/a Don't throw your lootbag in here by accident, or it will disappear, like in water.
Void Tile Image:Void Tile.gif no n/a

Artificial Tiles

Name Walkable Walking Time Notes
Black Marble Floor Tile Image:Black Marble Floor Tile.gif yes 100 Marble is a very expensive product, be proud walking on it.
Bridge Tile Image:Bridge Tile.gif yes 200 Be careful not to fall! You should walk more slowly across these.
Cobbled Pavement Tile Image:Cobbled Pavement Tile.gif yes 100 For every meter Cobbled Pavement, 5 working Trolls died!
Drawbridge Tile Image:Drawbridge Tile.gif yes 90 Much like wooden floor, used for bridges.
Dried Grass Roof Tile Image:Dried Grass Roof Tile.gif No n/a Low quality, this roof leaks water, beware of rain!
Flat Roof Tile Image:Flat Roof Tile.gif yes 160 Average quality, leaking shouldn't be a problem.
Glowing Switch Image:Glowing Switch.gif yes 100 Was introduced in the Autumn Patch 2009.
Ice Floor Tile Image:Ice Floor Tile.gif yes 90 A quite rare tile. See also Ice Tile.
Sandstone Floor Tile Image:Sandstone Floor Tile.gif yes 70 They are the fastest tiles and take the least amount of time to walk across in all of Tibia
Stone Floor Tile Image:Stone Floor Tile.gif yes 100 It is large tile made of stone.
Stone Tile Image:Stone Tile.gif yes 100 It is large tile made of stone.
Strange Carving (Tile) Image:Strange Carving (Tile).gif yes 100 There are four different strange carvings:

Image:Strange Carving.gif Image:Strange Carving 2.gif Image:Strange Carving 3.gif Image:Strange Carving 4.gif See also: Strange Carving

Tiled Roof Tile Image:Tiled Roof Tile.gif yes 160 This roof is of the highest quality; it will effectively protect one's house against the elements.
Ventilation Grille Image:Ventilation Grille.gif yes 100 It is used to vent fresh air into the cargo room of a boat.
White Marble Floor Tile Image:White Marble Floor Tile.gif yes 100 Marble is a very expensive product, be proud walking on it.
White Stone Tile Image:White Stone Tile.gif yes 100 This tile is quite rare.
Wooden Floor Tile Image:Wooden Floor Tile.gif yes 100 The beautiful Tibian wooden floors are made of Trees.
Wooden Floor Tile (Yellow) Image:Wooden Floor Tile (Yellow).gif yes 100 This type of floor is often ornately designed.
Wooden Roof Tile Image:Wooden Roof Tile.gif yes 160 Due to their high quality wooden roofs never leak.

See also other Objects.

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