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19 BBY, Mustafar

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1.8 meters[2]

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Rise of the Empire era


Tikkes was a Quarren senator from Dac during the time of the Separatist crisis. He became the leading member of the Quarren Isolation League and would defect from the Republic and join the Confederacy of Independent Systems.



Tikkes, a member of the Rim faction,[3] was one of the senators who supported Finis Valorum's sanctions against the Yinchorri.[4]

He was a very wanted bounty, as many of the galaxy's best bounty hunters, such as Jango Fett, Zam Wesell, and Bossk, tried to capture or assassinate him.

Before the Eriadu Trade Summit, Tikkes was one of the supporters of the Trade Federation, mostly because he profited from this.[3]

In 32 BBY, Tikkes, along with Senators Mot-Not Rab of Tarnab and Onaconda Farr of Rodia, attended to an unofficial audience organized by Senator Orn Free Taa of Ryloth. At that point, Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum had just finished a crisis and was suddenly accused of corruption. Taa admitted to have delayed the accusation because the situation at that point would allow the Senate to oust and replace Valorum, which was Taa's goal. Tikkes was an opponent of Valorum and approved the idea. When Taa offered to sponsor the candidature of Palpatine as chancellor and Mas Amedda as vice-chancellor, however, Tikkes saw potential problems: Amedda was said to have links with the Trade Federation and Palpatine was not easily manipulable — but Taa convinced him that those were not problems, but opportunities.[3]

Tikkes was once met and saved by Adi Gallia, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and A'Sharad Hett from being stuck in space. He was on his way to see the Dark Woman's former sanctuary to buy for the Republic. Tikkes didn't know that he was being targeted by Aurra Sing. He survived the attempt by Sing and saw A'Sharad Hett defeat her as well.[5]

Shortly before the start of the Clone Wars, Tikkes was implicated as being involved in a slaving ring, along with fellow Senators Bufus Ritsomas, Danry Ledwellow, and Wuja Wojaine. Tikkes was placed under house arrest, and a week later, escaped. It was later learned that he had joined Count Dooku's Separatist movement.

His siding with the Separatists prompted a civil war on his homeworld. He was replaced in the Senate by the Loyalist Tundra Dowmeia, a fellow Quarren who later represented the world jointly with Meena Tills. Soon, he became part of the Separatist Council.

Prior to the end of the war, Tikkes and his colleagues hid on the planet Utapau. However, days after he arrived, General Grievous sent the entire Council to Mustafar on Darth Sidious's orders, just in time. Tikkes died at Darth Vader's hand when he raided the Mustafar base, wiping out the entire Separatist Council.[6]

Personality and traits

He had a good relationship with fellow senator and Separatist member Po Nudo.

Tikkes once gave Senator Palpatine of Naboo three large pearls from the seas of Mon Calamari, held in the cup-like ends of polished, fossilized trumpet weed. Palpatine kept them on display in his apartment suite in 500 Republica.[7]

Behind the scenes

In the rough draft of the Attack of the Clones script, Tikkes was named Tessek. As that was the version used by James Luceno for the Episode II references he put into Cloak of Deception, the Tessek that appears in that book is presumably now Tikkes.

During production of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, the same costume was used for both Tikkes and the Republic Senator Tundra Dowmeia, leading to mild confusion among viewers.

Leland Chee has said that Tikkes did not go to Mustafar to die with the rest of the Council, and that he might have died during the events of the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series. However, Chee wasn't aware at the time that Tikkes makes an appearance in Labyrinth of Evil, so he didn't die in the series.[8]

Tikkes and Rogwa Wodrata are the only Separatist Council members to not have action figures made in their likenesses.

His name is constantly misspelled as "Tikkas" in the The Clone Wars Campaign Guide.



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