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Tiger Fang in Final Fantasy VII.

Tiger Fangs (タイガーファング Taigā Fangu), also known as Tigerfang or Tiger Claws, are a recurring weapon in the series. They vary on power in each game they appear in, but are usually mid-level to high-level weapons. They usually boost no special effects, but are usually quite powerful in terms of Attack power. They sometimes boost other stats as well when equipped.




Final Fantasy III

Tiger Claws are a high-rank weapon for Monks and Black Belts. They can be found in the Sunken Cave, and boost an Attack power of 82, as well as giving +5 Strength.

Final Fantasy IV

Tiger Fang only appears in the Advance remake, and are exclusive to Yang. They have an Attack power of 0, but an Accuracy of 40 and can sometimes inflict Paralyze upon hitting. They also boost Stamina and Agility by +10, and are found inside the Lunar Ruins, or dropped by King Behemoths.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Tiger Fangs return as the strongest claws in the game, and provides 0 Attack, 50% Accuracy, and +10 Strength and Spirit, as well as dealing extra damage to Dragon-type enemies. They can only be obtained after defeating King Behemoth in the Depths.

Final Fantasy VI

Tigerfang is a weapon exclusive to Sabin, and are the second strongest weapon for him, with Godhand being the strongest in the Advance remake. It has an Attack power of 215, and also grants +3 Vigor and Magic, and +2 Speed. It can be found in the Cave in the Veldt, and can be stolen from Great Behemoths.

Final Fantasy VII

The Tiger Fang is a weapon exclusive to Tifa, and is a low to mid-level weapon. It has four materia slots in two linked spaces.

The Tiger Fangs as seen in Final Fantasy IX.

Final Fantasy IX

The Tiger Fangs are exclusive to Amarant, and are a high-level weapon. It teaches the abilities Revive and Counter, and can be bought for 3,500 gil. It boosts an Attack power of 62.

Final Fantasy XI

Tigerfangs is a high level hand-to-hand weapon crafted with black tiger fangs.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Tiger Fangs are a high-level weapon that teaches Earth Render. It has an Attack power of 41, Evasion of 2, and is Lightning-elemental.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Tiger Fangs are a high-level weapon that teaches the abilities Earth Render and Smash. It is Lightning-elemental, has an Attack of 41, and gives +4 Evasion.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Tiger Fangs are a level 57 claw that increase Attack by 40, Bravery by 56, and Chase Sequence Brave damage by 30%.

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