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Kana ティーダ
Romaji Tida
Japanese Name Tidus
Original Game Final Fantasy X
Story Difficulty **
EX Mode Equipped Caladbolg
EX Burst Blitz Ace
Japanese Voice Actor Masakazu Morita
English Voice Actor James Arnold Taylor
Dissidia Final Fantasy Character
"This isn't over yet. There's no tomorrow for me...unless I beat you today!"
—Tidus to Jecht

Tidus is one of the heroes fighting for the side of Cosmos in Dissidia Final Fantasy. A light-hearted, cheerful youth, he follows his father's footsteps as an ace blitzball player for the Zanarkand Abes. In battle, he is an agile fighter who easily dodges opponent's attacks as he performs his own. While he appears to be cheerful and lighthearted to his allies Firion, Cecil and Cloud, Tidus' weak point is his emotions concerning his father Jecht. He seeks to fight and defeat Jecht to prove himself to him and settle his hatred for him.


Crystal & Attire

Tidus's default outfit is roughly similar to the one he wore in Final Fantasy X but darker and more "torn" overall. The first difference that players notice is the large collar around his neck that was not present in Final Fantasy X. Tidus wears a torn pair of overalls, a yellow hooded shirt that leaves his chest partially bare, a dark blue pauldron and a bracer which covers his left arm, and heavy padded gloves of the same color on both hands. He also wears dark socks and dark blue boots. The silver pendant around his neck bears the insignia of the Zanarkand Abes, which also appears also on his pant leg and at the back of his waist. His alternate costume bears the colors from his original Final Fantasy X appearance and his hair is a lighter shade. His Manikin version, Ephemeral Vision, is orange.

Tidus's Crystal is a Sphere from Final Fantasy X.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Destiny Odyssey

Tidus, Firion, and Cecil watch Cloud as he leaves

After the battle with the Warriors of Chaos, Tidus finds himself allied with Firion, Cecil, and Cloud. Out of the four, Tidus is the most upbeat, cheerful, and determined. When Cloud leaves to find his reason for fighting, the three encouraged him, but on the condition that he has to tell them everything, which Cloud made his promise.

The other two companions, Firion and Cecil, express their concern over Tidus's plans to fight his father Jecht, who is allied with the other Warriors of Chaos. Though Tidus declares that he does not care for his father and wanted to beat him from the beginning, he doesn't mind sparing Golbez, Cecil's brother who's also aligned with Chaos, and is the one who encourages Cecil to go and meet his brother.

After Cecil's depature from the group, Tidus tries to hide this fact from Firion, who knew all too well why Cecil left. Firion is deep in thought as Tidus is asking him what the Wild Rose is for, which Firion was reluctant to answer. Tidus then asks Firion about his goal in life, in which the answer is to simply end the war. The two companions then encountered a large group of enemies, and decide to seperate in order to divide them up. After Tidus finishes his share, he comes looking for Firion before running into his father. The two are about to fight when the Emperor appears, telling Jecht that facing his son is meaningless in schemes. Jecht leaves and Tidus is forced to direct his hatred for him to the Emperor. They fight to a draw before the Emperor, leaves telling Tidus that he cannot obtain the Crystal through hate alone. Tidus then finds Firion, who has fought Jecht at the same time. Tidus then finds himself having complex feelings when Firion finally decides to let him fight his father. The two later witness a fight between Jecht and the Emperor, with the latter blaming the former for ruining his plans before leaving. Jecht is wounded from the attack, and Tidus decides now was not the time to fight him and resolves to fight his father alone despite feeling bad about leaving Firion, who gives him a potion.

Tidus fights his father, Jecht

Tidus uses the potion to heal Jecht's wounds before insulting him for not being a true father-figure to him, but then tells Jecht that even if he is the most invincible guy in the world, he wants nothing more than to win against him. They begin to fight, and initally, Jecht appears to win the first round by punching Tidus in the stomach so hard that he is sent flying into a barrier, after which he tells Tidus that he still has a lot to learn and that he'll be "up on [his] feet by tomorrow." However, just as he is about to leave the battle, Tidus gets up and declares that tomorrow will never come unless he beats his father in battle right there and then. They are soon engaged in a second round, and this time, Jecht is defeated. Tidus then tells his father that the real reason behind his hatred and eagerness to fight was to show him he was tougher then what he used to be as a boy. Jecht admits this, although he still considers him a "crybaby". Tidus receives his Crystal before Jecht disappears.

Tidus and Firion holding their Crystals

Tidus later finds the Emperor preparing to strike down Firion, who is wounded from his attacks. Joined by Cloud, who has defeated Sephiroth, Tidus declares that a friend's dream is our dream before they protected Firion from the Emperor's further attacks. Easily outnumbered, the Emperor flees but not before taunting Firion to come to his stronghold. Firion resolves to face the Emperor alone in order to end the tyranny, and Tidus promised he and the others will be waiting for his return after Cloud hands him back his Wild Rose. Soon afterwards, Tidus and Cloud meet up with Squall to reunite all of the other warriors of Cosmos, and he tells the other two his story. Cloud later reminds him that his story continues.

Shade Impulse

Tidus saying goodbye to the rest of the heroes in the ending

Along with the other nine heroes, Tidus made his way to the Edge of Madness to defeat Chaos, who had defeated Cosmos. Along his way, he again meets his father who tells that an ace saves the play in the nick of time. After defeating him, Jecht tells him to "shoot" even if he's confused, then surely tomorrow will come. Jecht again disappears. After the Warrior of Light tells his friends that he doesn't have any memories, Tidus tells him that there's more to memories than what happened before they got there and that it will be nice if he remembers fighting alongside them. After Chaos' defeat, the ten heroes find themselves in the field of flowers and each went into their respective worlds, with Tidus returning to Spira.


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Tidus is described as a "Spry Striker," and for this reason, his attacks are swift, and most cause Tidus to jump or retreat before rushing to the enemy. His attacks consist either in fast-paced sword combos or blitzball throws, and most of his brave attacks will initiate a chase sequence. Tidus' Swordplay skills and the infamous Jecht Shot from Final Fantasy X make his HP attack list. One disadvantage with Tidus is his limited range, as most of his long-range attacks are even then short-range, but his high speed helps make up for this, although caution is crucial when using him against long range characters such as Terra, as she can easily punish any missed attacks he attempts to hit her with. Unlike Zidane and Onion Knight, who move fast but attack weakly, his physical attacks are able to cause heavy and significant damage; however, another disadvantage is that he has a slow recovery rate, and most of his attacks cause him to lag afterwards, leaving him wide open to punishment if he misses, although despite this disadvantage, almost all his Brave attacks can be chained into HP attacks.


Main article: Tidus (Dissidia Boss)

Tidus is fought in Distant Glory and Inward Chaos.

Brave Attacks

Move Type CP (Mastery) AP for Mastery Obtained Description Image
Sonic Buster Ground 30 (15) 140 Initial Charges through opponent twice and then knocks them down for the third hit
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Wither Shot (ground) Ground 20 (10) 90 Initial Throws a blitzball at the opponent
Additional Effect: Chase
Dart & Weave (ground) Ground 30 (15) 130 Level 3 Dodges up and then comes down spinning and attacking with his sword
Additional Effect: Chase, Evasion
Sphere Shot Ground 20 (10) 90 Level 9 Throws a blitzball that knocks the opponent back
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Hop Step (ground) Ground 30 (15) 120 Level 12 Slashes with his sword and then kicks the opponent
Additional Effect: Chase
Stick & Move (ground) Ground 30 (15) 120 Level 24 Dodge and then throw sword. Can move while dodging
Additional Effect: Chase, Evasion
Cut & Run Ground 30 (15) 140 Level 28 Dodge back and then charge forward
Additional Effect: Magic Block, Chase, Evasion
Hop Step (midair) Aerial 30 (15) 140 Initial Slashes with his sword and then kicks the opponent
Additional Effect: Chase
Stick & Move (midair) Aerial 30 (15) 180 Initial Dodge and then throw sword. Can move while dodging
Additional Effect: Chase, Evasion
Full Slide Aerial 30 (15) 180 Level 6 Slides through the opponent three times
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Wither Shot (midair) Aerial 30 (15) 120 Level 16 Throws a blitzball at the opponent
Additional Effect: Chase
Dart & Weave (midair) Aerial 30 (15) 180 Level 20 Dodges up and then comes down spinning and attacking with his sword
Additional Effect: Chase, Evasion

HP Attacks

Move Type CP (Mastery) AP for Mastery Obtained Description Image
Spiral Cut Ground 40 (20) 180 Initial Flips towards the opponent, finishes by leaping on top of them
Energy Rain (ground) Ground 40 (20) 180 Level 38 Jumps on opponent and then sends energy that converges on them, causes a small burst
Energy Rain (midair) Aerial 40 (20) 180 Initial Jumps on opponent and then sends energy that converges on them, causes a small burst
Charge & Assault* Aerial 40 (20) 300 Level 33 Envelops the opponent, attacking multiple times with his sword
Jecht Shot Aerial 40 (20) 300 Level 44 Fires a blitzball at the opponent, will follow up with two more if it connects
Additional Effect: Wall Rush

Brave to HP Attacks

Move Type CP (Mastery) AP for Mastery Chains from Description Image
Quick Hit A Ground 40 (20) 300 Stick & Move (ground) Attacks the opponent with four acrobatic moves
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Quick Hit B Ground 40 (20) 300 Dart & Weave (ground) Attacks the opponent with four acrobatic moves
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Quick Hit C Ground 40 (20) 300 Cut & Run Attacks the opponent with four acrobatic moves
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Quick Hit D Aerial 40 (20) 300 Stick & Move (midair) Attacks the opponent with four acrobatic moves
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Quick Hit E Aerial 40 (20) 300 Dart & Weave (midair) Attacks the opponent with four acrobatic moves
Additional Effect: Wall Rush

EX Mode

Tidus' EX Mode
Blitz Ace

His EX Mode exchanges Tidus' Brotherhood for the Caladbolg (Ultima Weapon in the Japanese version). In addition to the normal EX Mode Regen, the weapon grants an attack power boost, and an increased evasion time when dodging with his dodge attacks. Tidus also has Mirror Dash, which guards him from spells while running and increases his movement speed to be even faster than that of Onion Knight's and Shantotto's,

In his EX Burst, Blitz Ace, Tidus performs his ultimate Swordplay Overdrive, attacking opponents rapidly before throwing a Blitzball, having it rebound back for a second kick. The player must stop a moving cursor as close to the center of Tidus' Overdrive meter as they can, the damage done increasing the closer they are. Not succeeding to get close to the center will result in lower damage and showing the final kick only once, while getting a Good (barely outside of the target zone) will net one replay of the ball getting kicked and getting a Great (inside the target zone) will net two replays as well as more damage.


Tidus can equip the following: Swords, Grappling Weapons, Shields, Bangles, Hats, Helms, Clothing, and Light Armor.

Exclusive Weapons

Name Level Stats (JP Version) Stats (US Version) Effects (JP Version) Effects (US Version)
Official Ball
1 BRV -11
ATK +5
50 BRV -26
ATK +38
BRV -26
ATK +37
EX Force Absorption Amount +20%.
Summon Recovery Rate +1.
BRV Boost on Dodge +10%.
Grand Slam
92 BRV -38
ATK +65
BRV -38
ATK +64
EX Force Absorption Amount +30%.
Summon Recovery Rate +1.
BRV Boost on Dodge +15%.
World Champion
100 BRV -40
ATK +69
EX Force Absorption Amount +40%.
Summon Recovery Rate +2.
BRV Boost on Dodge +20%.
Cat Nip Effect.



  • Tidus is the first character to leave for his world. He returns to Spira by jumping into a lake with his arms wide open, only to disappear before he hits the water. This scene is very similar to the ending of Final Fantasy X.
  • Through the game, Tidus's inner feelings and thoughts are revealed through monologues, the same technique used in Final Fantasy X. After they find the crystals, Tidus narrates his story to Squall and Cloud, and Cloud tells him the story is not yet over, a nod to a similar sentiment expressed when Tidus completes his narration in the game.
  • The scene in Destiny Odyssey X when Tidus yells out of frustration is based on the event at Kilika Temple, which he also yells out loud.
  • Tidus' increased evasion time while in EX Mode is a reference to the Caladbolg's abilities in Final Fantasy X, one of which is "Evade and Counter," which allows him to dodge attacks and attack in response. Tidus' fighting style as a whole is based on this ability.
  • Tidus's exclusive weapons reference Wakka. His strongest weapon, the "World Champion", is the name of Wakka's Celestial Weapon in Final Fantasy X, and is the blitzball used by Tidus' villainous lookalike Shuyin in his version of Blitz Ace, named Terror of Zanarkand. Tidus's beginning weapon, the Official Ball, is Wakka's starting weapon from Final Fantasy X, and his other two exclusive weapons, Striker and Grand Slam, are also blitzballs used by Wakka.
  • Just before leaving Firion to fight Jecht in Destiny Odyssey X, he says his famous line: "I don't mean to sound selfish, but this is my story."
  • While running in EX Mode, a trail of splashes follow Tidus as though he were running on water, a reference the recurring visuals involving water in Final Fantasy X.
  • Tidus performs Blitz Ace as he would during an underwater battle in Final Fantasy X, as well as throwing the blitzball himself.
  • Whenever Tidus does his Blitz Ace, the background breaks away like shattering glass, in the same manner as the beginning of a random battle in Final Fantasy X.
  • In Shade Impulse C3-5, Tidus asks the Warrior of Light to remember the fact that they have fought together every now and again, even when they return to their own separate worlds. This is based on a line from Yuna's speech in the ending of Final Fantasy X: “The people and the friends that we have lost, or the dreams that have faded…Never forget them.”
  • Tidus’ line in Shade Impulse C3-1, “I can’t stand acting like an adult and not doing anything!“, is a reference to his exasperation when he tries to convince everyone to defeat Sin without using the Final Aeon to little avail.
  • Tidus’ line in Shade Impulse C4-1, “these are actually the best times to practice smiling!“ comes from his conversation with Yuna at Luca in Final Fantasy X.
  • Tidus exclaims “I'm the one and only ace here!” if fighting against himself, a line he said if a party member jumps onto Sin's back before he does during their attempt to break into Sin.
  • “How do you compress…time? I'm getting dizzy...”, said when battling Ultimecia, references his cover story of his lack of knowledge about Spira of being infected with Sin's toxin. Ultimecia's opening line to him, "Your mouth will get you in trouble," references Lulu who gave him a similar warning when he was about to get on her bad side.
  • If fighting against Jecht, he declares that “You're the final chapter in my story.”, his line upon reaching Zanarkand Ruins.
  • “This might be our last chance,” said versus Chaos, is his line as he begins telling his story to the party at Zanarkand Ruins.
  • Tidus' line to Jecht after their battle in Destiny Odyssey X, "I'm your son, after all", mirrors what Jecht said to Tidus in Final Fantasy X after the battle with Jecht as Braska's Final Aeon.
  • Tidus’ Brotherhood is shown in-game with bubbles rising from it. This is an allusion to the original game as, once weapon customization is available, the Brotherhood gains the ability “Waterstrike” which has similar animation.
  • Tidus' line, 'Go take a nap!' when executing Charge & Assault can be seen as a reference to the Fayth's dreaming.


Tidus throwing a Moogle ball
  • Tidus is the seventh hero to find their crystal according to Destiny Odyssey 98.
  • Tidus, Cecil, and Zidane are the only three warriors of Cosmos who finish Shade Impulse on good terms with their opposing Warrior of Chaos.
  • Tidus was the first hero to have his English voice actor named. Coincidentally, his father, Jecht, was the first villain to have his English voice actor named.
  • When all the heroes gather outside Cornelia, Tidus is the first to return to his world. This is because the heroes return in backwards order of the games they are from, starting with X and ending with the original Final Fantasy. The same order is shown at the start of Shade Impulse, when the heroes nearly disappear before being saved by the Crystals, and before the fight with Chaos, when the camera does a close-up on each hero in turn as Warrior of Light climbs the staircase.
  • After clearing the Moogle icon in Inward Chaos, with Tidus, the moves Sphere Shot, Wither Shot, and Jecht Shot will randomly throw or kick a Moogle ball instead of a blitzball. This is accompanied by a Moogle's signature Kupo noise when a Moogle ball comes out.
  • Unlike other Final Fantasies with sequels or prequels, such as Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VII, there are virtually no references to Final Fantasy X-2 made anywhere in Dissidia. However, this is most likely due to Tidus's minimal role in Final Fantasy X-2.
  • Tidus is one of the two characters who have almost no magic in their brave attacks, the other being Jecht.
  • Tidus throws the Blitzball exactly like Wakka when doing Sphere Shot, only with his left hand instead.
  • In his artwork, he holds his sword in his left hand, but he fights with it in his right, a trait he shares with Jecht and the Emperor.
  • Tidus has the largest number of chainable HP attacks in the game.
  • Tidus' arm is allowed to pass through part of Caladbolg during his idle animation, due to that section of the blade being absent on the Brotherhood.
  • At full HP, Tidus has the second most powerful EX Burst after Cloud.
  • Tidus's encounter line with Gabranth is, "That helmet sure looks heavy!" However Gabranth does not wear his helmet in his normal form, and it is impossible to start a battle in EX mode.

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