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Tsunami as Tidal Wave in Final Fantasy V.

Tsunami (つなみ), also known as Tidal Wave, is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series. It is always associated with the Water element, and has been used by player character, enemy, and summon alike. Most of its appearances are the attack of the summon, Leviathan.




Final Fantasy

Tsunami is one of the four elemental attacks Chaos may cast upon the party. It deals heavy damage to the entire party.

Final Fantasy III

Tidal Wave is the best attack of Leviathan, and can only be cast when a Summoner calls it.

Final Fantasy IV

Tsunami is special attack used by Cagnazzo in both boss battles against him. The ability causes small Water damage and may cause Instant Death. This ability is available to the party as an Augment ability in the Nintendo DS version.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Tsunami is an enemy ability used by the Flood Worm in the Underground Waterway. Lord Dragon use Tidal Wave, which is also Leviathan's signature attack as a Summon.

Final Fantasy V

Tidal Wave does massive Water-elemental damage to the entire party. It is used by Leviathan, Neo Shinryu, Shinryu, and Twintania.

Final Fantasy VI

Tsunami is a Blue Magic spell from Final Fantasy VI, learned by Strago Magus. It functions a bit like Aqua Breath, dealing Water-elemental damage to all enemies. Tsunami differs from Aqua breath in that Aqua Breath also inflicts Wind-elemental damage. In addition, Tsunami ignores split spell damage across enemy groups (while Aqua breath does not), making Tsunami a better choice for monster groups of four or more. Strago can learn Tsunami from the Enuo, Blue Dragon, and Ultima Buster enemies.

Kaiser Dragon will also use Tsunami when he is in "Water" mode.

Final Fantasy VII

The boss Aps uses Sewer Tsunami in the fight underneath Midgar's slums. It deals damage to both the boss and the characters, but it deals more damage to whichever side it hits first. So, it can actually hurt Aps more than its target.

The Summon, Leviathan uses Tidal Wave as its attack. In the Demo release of the game, Leviathan was the only summon available and its attack was originally called Tsunami.

Huge Tidal Wave is used by both Acrophies and Serpent, and deals Water-elemental damage to all targets, including the enemy, which results in healing said enemy.

Final Fantasy VIII

The Guardian Force Leviathan's attack is called Tsunami. It inflicts Water-elemental damage and may sweep enemies from the field entirely.

Final Fantasy IX

During Zidane's solo battle with Black Waltz No. 1, the enemy Sealion's jewel may change colors from green to yellow to red. When the jewel is red, Sealion uses its most dangerous attack, Tsunami.

Tsunami is once again the ability of the Eidolon Leviathan.

Final Fantasy XI

Tidal Wave is the Astral Flow blood pact of Leviathan.

Final Fantasy XII

The Esper of Water, Famfrit, uses Tsunami as its ultimate attack. It will only cast Tsunami if its HP is below 30% of its maximum HP or if there are 10 seconds left in its summoning time.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Famfrit returns, and Tsunami is once again its ultimate attack. It is a ranged attack that deals Water damage to enemies in a straight line.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

By summoning the Scion Famfrit through the Ewer of Darkness, a player can attack all enemies with Tsunami.

The Seeq Viking learns the ability Tsunami from the Hammerhead. It only works when the Seeq is on a water tile, and deals HP and MP damage to units in a large targetable area.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

One of Garland's HP attacks is named Tsunami, and involves him jumps up and throw his sword with a chain onto the floor. The sword then curls around the floor like a snake to hit the opponent with an explosion of water. The summon Leviathan also uses Tsunami, which decreases the opponent's Brave Points continuously by a set value over a period of time.


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This article is about the colossal Decepticon warship from Armada. For the teeny jetski/jetpack from Classics, see Tidal Wave (Classics).
The name or term Mirage refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Mirage (disambiguation).
Tidal Wave is a Decepticon from the Unicron Trilogy continuity family. He took the name Mirage after he took a new body.

Tidal Wave is a powerhouse, one of the largest Decepticons under Megatron's command. His power is backed up by a brain that doesn't exactly run at optimal speeds; he's not so much stupid as he is single-minded and easily frustrated, although his tendency to shout his own name repeatedly as a sort of battle cry doesn't do much to refute his reputation as a knucklehead. In battle he is merciless, an unyielding engine of destruction.

He is unquestionably loyal to Megatron and his ideals, and will quickly sign up with anyone that promises power to the Decepticon cause. He may or may not have a soft spot for children. [1]

Tidal Wave's Mini-Con partner is Ramjet.

Tidal Wave...Tidal Wave...

—Tidal Wave, too many times to properly source

Japanese name (Micron Legend): Shockwave
Japanese name (Super Link): Shock Fleet (Mirage body)
Hungarian name: Szökőár
Hungarian name (Ultimate Battle DVD): Árhullám
Hungarian name: Délibáb (Mirage body)
Polish name (Armada): Falotron ("Wavetron")
Polish name (Energon): Falomiot ("Waveblaster")
Russian name (Armada): Приливная волна ("Tidal Wave")
Russian name (Energon): Priliv (Прилив, "Tide")



Animated Continuity


Voice actor Doug Parker (US), Jin Yamanoi (Japan)

Crumbs, chief.

Tidal Wave was originally brought to Earth by the Decepticon strategist Thrust in an attempt to bolster the Decepticon forces so that they could obtain the Requiem Blaster. Thrust claimed Tidal Wave was a general that led Decepticon forces to a victory, an unsubstantiated claim that seems rather out of place considering Tidal Wave's... lack of grace. This was exemplified when Hot Shot and Blurr capsized the huge warship and sent it to the bottom of the deep. However, Tidal Wave quickly recovered and transformed into his massively powerful robot mode, quickly sending the Autobots scrambling for cover. Awakening

Pounding the Autobots with firepower, Thrust called out to Tidal Wave to initiate his party piece. Tidal Wave transformed and split into three component vehicle sections (which also somehow shrank in size), headed for Megatron and Powerlinked with him, forming a combination known as Burning Megatron. Megatron declared that "The Power is Mine!" (whatever he meant by that exactly is unknown....dork) before setting off in pursuit of Jet Optimus. Tidal Wave gave Megatron flight capability and an overwhelming amount of firepower, which kept Jet Optimus at bay long enough for Megatron to slice the connection point between Optimus Prime and Jetfire with the Star Saber. Desperate

After Starscream cracked and attacked Megatron, Tidal Wave was sent after him to Earth when the rogue Decepticon jet escaped their moon base with the Star Saber in his possession. The Autobots initially assumed both Decepticons were part of a combined attack, but eventually came to Starscream's assistance against Tidal Wave when the Decepticon shot him down. Hot Shot nailed Tidal Wave in the eye with his axle cannon, but the powerful Tidal Wave recovered quickly and caused problems for Jet Optimus, whom couldn't so much as scratch him. This prompted Starscream to toss the Star Saber to the Autobot leader, which he used to slice off one of Tidal Wave's chest guns and forced the Decepticon to retreat. Regeneration

Tidal Wave was present at the meeting between the Autobots and Decepticons during the Unicron Battles in which the two sides formed a temporary truce, notably shaking hands with Jetfire. Alliance


Voice actor Doug Parker (US) Jin Yamanoi Japan

After the end of the Unicron Battles, Tidal Wave loyally followed Galvatron's last request - that the Decepticons remain at peace with the Autobots. During the ten year period that followed, Tidal Wave somewhere along the line changed not only his color palette but his occupation - instead of being a warrior, he was now a guardian of the energon mines in the Sol system's asteroid belt.

Tidal Wave's post was one of the first targets of the Terrorcon hordes. After being attacked and abducted, he was brought to Scorponok and Alpha Quintesson's base of operations, where they convinced him to side with them by promising to revive Megatron, a deal which Tidal Wave eagerly agreed to. Although he clearly disliked Scorponok, he carried out orders in attacking other energon reserves run by the Autobots until Megatron returned. Following this, he continued raiding Autobot bases, only under Megatron's orders.

Tidal Wave would later show disdain for the madman Decepticon recruit Shockblast. During a battle on Cybertron, an energon tower collapsed on top of Tidal Wave due to a shot from Shockblast. Megatron called for a retreat and hauled Tidal Wave's damaged body back into space, where the giant Decepticon was reformatted into "Mirage".

Mirage traded his gigantic, hulking body for a smaller, sleeker, and speedier form. He also apparently gained an upgrade in intelligence, although he also started to buddy up with Demolishor and Snow Cat to form a comedy relief trio. He continued to serve Megatron throughout the war for energon.

When Galvatron flung himself into the energon sun to destroy Unicron's spark, Mirage loyally followed after him and seemingly ended his life.

Note: In Japan, after becoming Mirage, Tidal Wave became straight-up Gay For Galvatron. Seriously. The dub dodged the issue as best it could (although honestly, that was probably more due to the fact that the English writers didn't seem to know what was going on in the show at the best of times), with Mirage's love-struck remarks being replaced with simple cheering for his leader or something else entirely - but it couldn't do anything about his repeated coquetteish gestures, doe-eyed expressions, or that one time he pirouetted and struck a pose while surrounded by a glowing pink heart. Why, Japan? Why?
Pretty Soldier Sailor Tidalwave!

Dreamwave Comics continuity


Tidal Wave was little seen in the Armada comic from Dreamwave, appearing only in a panel or two in the final story.


In Energon, Tidal Wave was recruited by Scorponok, joining the Terrorcons. While he went on several raids and missions with the Terrorcons, it became clear to him that he wasn't the most respected of the team. Alpha Quintesson, however, saw something in him, and reformatted him into Mirage, noting as he did so that Scorponok had fallen out of Unicron's favor.

Playstation 2 Video Game

Megatron might be a jerk, but he cares for his troops' physical fitness.

Tidal Wave, in his combined battleship mode, was stationed as a relay and refuel point off a small chain of islands in the Mid-Atlantic. The Autobots made their way inside him to take out the Decepticlone platoons inside and destroy him, but discovered that Tidal Wave wasn't merely a transport. They escaped just in time to avoid being crushed as Tidal Wave transformed into his titanic robot mode.

Tidal Wave walked around the island chain in the deep waters, unloading volleys of missiles, lasers, and the occasional Jet Laser on the tiny-by-comparison Autobots. Despite his impressive size, firepower, and nigh-impenetrable armor, the Autobots managed to do enough damage to Tidal Wave's one weak point -his face- to cause a chain reaction that caused multiple explosions inside him, sending him falling face-first to the ocean floor.

The Autobots were able to extract information from Tidal Wave's computer that the Decepticons' main base was located in Northern Alaska, but the information was planted there by Megatron to lead the Autobots into a trap.



  • Tidal Wave with Ramjet (Ultra-Con, 2003)
    • Japanese ID number: MD-06
    • Accessories: Ramjet Mini-Con partner, 2 missiles
"TCS Tiger's Claw, Transform!"
Tidal Wave is a robot that is made up of three different aquatic vehicles; an aircraft carrier, a double-bowed battleship, and a troop-landing craft, together called the Dark Fleet. All three can combine to form a single gigantic warship, which from there can transform to robot mode without having to separate. Each smaller craft has its own gimmick; the carrier has a working storage elevator for Tidal Wave's Mini-Con partner Ramjet, the battleship has Mini-Con Powerlinx-activated swiveling cannons (also usable in robot mode), and the landing craft opens up to reveal seats for Mini-Cons to sit on.
Alleged Decepticon Military Genius.
Tidal Wave can also combine with Megatron (and the Galvatron redeco), with Tidal Wave's aircraft carrier and battleship clipping onto Megatron's arms and his troop transport clipping onto Megatron's back (after the turret has been positioned in Full Blast Mode configuration) as a jetpack.
The Takara and Hasbro versions are considerably different. Takara's "Shockwave" replaces all the green plastic with purple, darker grays, and several of the paint colors are altered. These changes were made to align the toy more closely to the cartoon's appearance, though they're not completely accurate.


  • Tidal Wave with Ramjet (Ultra, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: SD-04
    • Accessories: Ramjet Mini-Con partner, 2 missiles
Tidal Wave...Tidal Wave...Tidal Wave...
Tidal Wave's Armada toy was redecoed for the early part of Energon, with "energy" patterns resembling stylized lightning bolts painted across it. Several portions of his body were also cast in transparent green plastic. This was the result of his body being infused with Decepticon-energy energon, as in the series, he did not have his lightning "scars" until after he touched (and was injured) by raw energon.
Tidal Wave retains his ability to combine with Armada Megatron/Galvatron, as well as Universe Megazarak.

  • Mirage (Mega, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: SD-15
    • Accessories: 2 missiles
He went from a boat to a ferry.
Mirage is an upgraded body for Tidal Wave, transforming into a sleek assault speedboat with multiple spring-loaded missile launchers, as well as fold-out wings for his "Hyper Mode". Something of a shellformer, Mirage's transformation sequence is one of the most complex for the Energon toy line, and as a side effect, he ends up with some obnoxiously large vehicle mode shell kibble. Some bad design and excessively tight knee joints means his lower legs will often detach from the upper thighs whenever one tries to bend his knees.
The initial releases of Mirage were one-per-case, and part of a wave that saw limited distribution due to a glut of early product on the shelves. However, Mirage was later put into "Mega-Buy" multi-packs at a buy-one-get-one-free price at numerous chains, including Toys 'R' Us and Wal-Mart, relieving much of the demand for the item.
This mold was also redecoed into Energon Dreadwing.


  • Tidal Wave's use of his own name as a battle cry is not exclusive to the US stories; he likewise chants "Shock, Shock, Shock waaaaaaave" as he fights in Super Link. When he upgrades to Mirage ("Shockfleet" in Japan), his battle cry becomes "ShockShockShock!"
  • An easter egg on the Playstation 2 game of Transformers is that, when he's in vehicle mode, you can enter a cavity where his robot mode head is stored. You can walk all over it and a glitch enables you to walk inside his head. He doesn't seem to mind. [2]


  1. One of the Super Link commercial bumpers features Mirage introducing himself, then telling the good little children out there that it's nice to meet them.
  2. Gameplay video showing the Tidal Wave's head Easter egg.

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Tidal Wave
English: Tidal Wave
Attribute: Spell Cards Image:Spell.png
Property: Normal Image:Normal.png
Card Lore: This card cannot be activated as long as you control a monster on your side of the field. To activate this card you must select from your hand two Water monsters whose total ATK equals 3000 or more and remove them from the game. You may then use one of the following effects:
  • Send all the monsters on your opponents field to the graveyard and special summon one Water monster whose ATK is 1500 or less from your hand, deck, or graveyard.
  • If you have Umi on the field you can special summon 1 "Levia-Dragon-Daedalus" to the field from your hand, deck, or graveyard (ignoring Summoning conditions)

The monster special summoned by either of the above effects cannot attack the turn this card is activated.

Card Limit: Unlimited
Other Card Information: Gallery - Rulings
Tips - Errata - Trivia
Lores - Artworks - Names
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