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Tiamat (ティアマット Tiamatto) is a recurring summon in the Final Fantasy series.



Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

"Bound by the ring on its neck, this mighty wyrm breathes lightning arcs."

Tiamat is an Esper in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. The Rank III Ranged Lightning summon, she costs 20 Affinity points to summon. Her normal attack, Plasma Storm, deals Lightning damage to multiple foes, while her special, Mighty Guard, increases the Defense and Magick Resistance of all allies in range.


Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Enemy
Image:Ffxiirw Tiamat icon.png Str Mag Stm Mnd Affinity 20 Melee
26 - 818 20 - 614 27 - 918 20 - 614 Type Ranged Heaven's Vigil Summoning Melee
Atk MAtk Def MDef Nature Thunder
21 - 219 20 - 168 6 - 229 5 - 153 Weak Against Earth
Level 1 - 99 Speed AtkSpd MvSpd Sight Resistant to Thunder
HP 420 - 1,311 22 - 616 25 0.6 4 Immune to All but Blind and Slow


Dissidia Final Fantasy

Tiamat being summoned.

Tiamat appears in Dissidia as a summon. When summoned, it evokes a timer upon the user, and when it reaches zero, Tiamat triples the summoner's Brave Points. Its artwork is the Tiamat artwork from the original Final Fantasy. Tiamat can be obtained in the second stage of the Shade Impulse IV storyline.

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