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Base Of Operations
30th Century Earth (and a brief sojourn to 20th century Earth





Unusual Features
Gates is from a vaguely insectile race, and possessed multiple legs, claws and long segmented body.




Place of Birth



Gates was selected by the people of his native world of Vyrga to apply for membership into the Legion of Super-Heroes. Gates did not wish to partake of this lifestyle, for he felt that the United Planets was a fascist regime, but was summarily drafted into their ranks nonetheless.

Gates played key roles in many Legion missions; his tactics enabled Star Boy to defeat Validus of the Fatal Five and he was able to resist the Emerald Eye's possession. Gates was part of the Legion team that was stranded in the 20th century for a time, where he came up with the strategy to defeat Mantis, and forged a close friendship with teammate Brainiac 5. Kevin Gates also joined Ultra Boy in helping out at soup kitchens during their stay. He was also present when a Sun-Eater consumed Earth's son during an event that has since become known as "The Final Night".

Powers and Abilities



  • Alien Physiology: Gates' physiology is radically different from a standard humanoid and affords him different physical attributes.
  • Claws: Gates has sharp pincer claws on each hand, ideal for grasping and grappling with an opponent.
  • Teleportation: Gates has the ability to create glowing green, circular teleportation "gates", which people and objects can travel freely through to emerge from a partner gate at a location he himself defines mentally (it is also possible to make the trip in reverse, travelling from the partner gate to the original gate). Gates' "gates" have been shown to have sharp edges; he accidentally severed Ra's al Ghul's arm once while teleporting.



Legion Flight Ring; Legion Force Field Belt


  • Due to the "Threeboot" of Legion of Super-Heroes continuity, Gates' existence is now considered apocryphal. However, his presence in the 20th century and his involvement in the "Final Night" crisis is considered canonical per mainstream continuity.


  • He is the only known member of the Legion of Super-Heroes to be drafted onto the team against his will.

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