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Final Fantasy II Boss
Thunder Gigas
File:FFII Thunder Gigas psp.png‎
Japanese サンダーギガース
Romaji Sandāgigāsu
NES Name Thunder Gigas
NES DSOP Name B.Giant
PS Name Thunder Gigas
GBA Name Thunder Gigas
PSP Name Thunder Gigas

The Thunder Gigas is a monster from Final Fantasy II. It serves as one of the bosses in the Mysidian Tower, guarding the spell Ultima. Firion and his allies must defeat it on their way up the tower. Later he appears as a random encounter in Pandaemonium's secret room.


The Thunder Gigas is the most difficult of the three elemental Gigas encountered in the Mysidian Tower, and after six floors of random battles wearing at your party, he may pose quite a threat. Before approaching the beast, take whatever means necessary to bring your party up to full health, and equip an Ogrekiller to enhance the effectiveness of your physical attacks. As soon as the battle begins, cast Blink and Protect on your party, cast Sleep on the giant, and dedicate a mage to casting Cure every round. The Thunder Gigas will follow the same attack pattern as the Fire Gigas and Ice Gigas, with occasional Thunder XVI and Boulders 9 magical strikes mixed in amongst a torrent of physical strikes. Due to the creature's very high Attack stat, you may suffer some KOs among your party, so be ready with some Phoenix Downs or Life spells. The Thunder Gigas is weak against the Poison element, so unleash the Scourge spell on him if you can. If your physical fighters do not seem to be doing enough damage, cast Berserk and Haste on them, and it should speed up the fight.

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