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Final Fantasy

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Thunder in Final Fantasy VIII.
This page is for the recurring spell. For the Final Fantasy IV summon attack, see Judgment Bolt.

Thunder (サンダー, Sandā), also known as Bolt and Lit, is a recurring spell from the Final Fantasy series. It is the basic Lightning-elemental spell and therefore it deals electrical damage to foes.

Thunder is effective against heavy metal enemies, machine enemies, Water-based enemies, and Air-based enemies. It has appeared as a usable attack many times, for humans and creatures alike.

See also: Thundara, Thundaga, and Thundaja.



Final Fantasy

Known as LIT in the Famicom release, Bolt1 in the Origins release and Thunder in subsequent releases. It is a Level 1 spell that is bought in Corneria, and can only be learned by Black Mages, Black Wizards, Red Mages, Red Wizards, and Ninjas.

In the Famicom and Origins releases the spell dealt between 10 and 40 damage to one foe, and cost one level 1 charge. In the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary Edition releases it dealt damage relative to the caster's Intelligence, and costs 5 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy II

Thunder, also known as Bolt in the Origins release, is a Black Magic spell that inflicts Lightning-elemental damage to one foe or all foes. The amount of damage inflicted increases depending on the spell's level. As with all spells, any character can learn Thunder by having them use the Thunder Tome (called the Bolt Scroll in the Origins release).

Leila starts with the Thunder spell when she first joins the party.

Thunder Tome
Effect Allows the target to learn Thunder when used outside of battle. Casts Thunder VIII when used in battle.
Buy In Altair, Mysidia, Machanon
Find In N/A
Won From Dark Magician, Magician
Cost 400 gil (Origins)
150 gil (Dawn of Souls, 20th Anniversary Edition)

Final Fantasy III

Thunder is a Black Magic Level 2 spell that can be bought in Kazus, in the small town of Tozus, and in Vikings Cove. The jobs that can use this spell are a Black Mage, a Red Mage, a Scholar, a Magus, a Sage, and an Onion Knight.

Final Fantasy IV

Bolt or Thunder is a Black Magic spell that can be learned by Rydia at reaching level 5 and is already known by Palom, Tellah, and Fusoya when they join the party. It costs 5 MP to cast

Thunder is also the name of Ramuh's Judgment Bolt in the PlayStation translation of Final Fantasy IV.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Thunder comes back as a Black Magic spell and it can be used by several party members throughout the game. It costs 5 MP to cast.In Palom's Tale Leonora learns the spell Thunder? That is just a weaker version of the normal thunder spell. And it only uses 2 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy V

Thunder is a level 1 Black Magic spell that Black Mages and Red Mages can learn. It costs 4 MP to cast and can be bought in Tule, Carwen, Karnak, and Crescent for 150 Gil.

Final Fantasy VI

Bolt or Thunder is a Black Magic spell that the Espers Ramuh at a x10 rate and Bismarck at a x20 rate. It costs 6 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy VII

Bolt is the primary lightning spell on the Lightning Materia. The materia is already equipped to Cloud in the beginning of the game and can be bought in many towns in the game. It costs 4 MP to cast.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

The spell Thunder can only be used once the player has customized their gun to include the Thunder Materia.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

Thunder is an Elemental Magic Materia.

  • MP Cost: 10
  • Target Type: Range
  • Materia Generation System: Yellow
  • Level 1 - Default - Base Damage: 50

Special Effect: Can paralyze enemies, stopping their actions.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Thunder is a Magic Materia. It costs 6 MP and may hit multiple enemies.

Final Fantasy VIII

Thunder is a basic and common spell that can be drawn from multiple enemies and draw points, as well as refined from common items using Quezacotl's T Mag-RF. Its more powerful variations, Thundara and Thundaga, can also be obtained in the same way.

Draw from Level 1-19: Adel, Base Leader, Belhelmel, Biggs*, Buel, Caterchipillar, Chimera, Cockatrice, Creeps, Elite Soldier, Elvoret, Esthar Soldier, Esthar Soldier (Terminator), G-Soldier, Gayla, Jelleye, Left Orb, Mobile Type 8, Propagator PuPu, Raldo, Red Bat, Seifer*, Sphinxara, Sphinxaur, T-Rexaur, Wedge*
level 1-29: Raijin*
Level 1-100: Blitz, Geezard, Raijin*
Draw Points Balamb
Refine T Mag-RF: 1 M-Stone Piece refines into 5 Thunders
HP-J Str-J Vit-J Mag-J Spr-J Spd-J Eva-J Hit-J Luk-J
+1 +0.10 +0.04 +0.10 +0.04 +0.08 +0.03 +0.10 +0.08
Elem-Atk-J Elem-Def-J ST-Atk-J ST-Def-J
Thunder: +0.5% Thunder: +0.5% No effect No effect

Final Fantasy IX

Thunder is a Black Magic spell that Vivi can learn with 25 AP by equipping Glass Buckle or Silk Shirt equipment. It costs 6 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy X

Thunder is located on Lulu's section of the Sphere Grid, although the spell is available to all characters to learn. It is the first Black Magic spell that Lulu uses (Tutorial), and she also uses it to help Tidus and Auron from a large fiend when they are separated from the others. Thunder seems to be Lulu's signature spell.

Final Fantasy X-2

Thunder is learned from the Black Mage Dressphere. It is already learned and it costs 4 MP to cast. Thunder can also be used via Yuna's Festival-Goer Dressphere ability Thunder Geta, by equipping the Thunder Spawn garment grid, or by equipping the Yellow Ring accessory.

Final Fantasy XI

Thunder is a tier 1, single target, Black Magic spell from Final Fantasy XI. As usual, Thunder is the last learned of its tier Black Magic spell. It can be obtained on a scroll by buying it from a vendor for 32,240 gil or less, depending on fame.

Final Fantasy XII

Thunder can be used by any party member who has purchased the Black Magick 1 license for 15 LP. The spell can be bought in several locations for 200 gil and initially costs 8 MP to cast. In the International version, Thunder can only be used by the Black Mage Job class.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Thunder is a Lightning-elemental spell usable by Kytes when he has a Lightning-elemental weapon equipped, and by many of Lightning-elemental Espers such as Ramih.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The only Job that can learn Thunder magic is the Black Mage. It only costs 50 Job points to learn, and only requires 6 MP to cast. It has a speed of 25 and has a vertical range of 1. Bolt and its advanced forms are strengthened during rainy weather.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Black Mage learns Thunder from the normal Rod, which also teaches Fire and Blizzard. It can also be learned by a Red Mage from a Stinger. It deals lightning damage to the target and units around it and costs 100 AP to master.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The Black Mage learns Thunder from the normal Rod. Its can also be learned by a Red Mage from a Stinger and by a Viking from a Broadaxe. It deals lightning damage to the target and units around it. Its costs 100 AP to master and 8MP to cast.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Thunder is a Wizard-level spell and inflicts heavy electrical damage. It is found in a Battlefield near Fireburg.

Final Fantasy Adventure

Lit hits enemies in front of the player at the cost of 2 MP.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Thunder Magicite can only be found in dungeons. Once a player finds it, they can cast it until they leave that dungeon. By combining Magicite, the player can cast higher level Thunder spells. There is also an accessory called the Ring of Thunder, that allows the player to cast Thunder magic all the time.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

Thunder Magicite can be found in dungeons or purchased at the Magic Goods stand in Rebena Te Ra. Thunder Magicite can only be used once, so players can carry from 10 to 99 Thunder Magicite. Thunder Pockets can be found or purchased from the Mog Mart so players can carry more.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

Thunder is the level 1 Lightning spell, exclusive to the Black Mage class, and caps at level 100. It deals lightning damage to one enemy, can be used up to 3 times per battle, and up to 5 times a day.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

Thunder is one of the six basic spells any character can cast and is indicated by the yellow icon. It can stack with Clear to cast Haste.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Firion's Thunder summons lightning bolts above the opponent. Onion Knight sends three balls of electricity moving towards the opponent and can be chained into Thundaga.

There are variations of Thunder as well. Squall's Thunder Barret sends a string of bolts forward. The Emperor's Thunder Crest creates a field of electricity that paralyzes the opponent when they draw close. Warrior of Light's White Fang attack fires a string of lightning bolts at opponents. Shantotto's Spirit Magic: Thunder casts Thunder when Shantotto has less than 3000 Brave, and conjures a small lightning bolt over the opponent's head.


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From Grand Theft Wiki

The Thunder is a vehicle manufactured by Maibatsu Corporation and mentioned in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's radio stations.


Unlike other Maibatsu counterparts, very little is known about the Thunder, as its sole advertisement simply consists of empty sloganeering (accompanied by a woman whispering occasional innuendo) with only a brief mention of the car's features and technical details, vaguely implying a questionably powerful engine ("the power of a compact").

The script of the advertisement is as follows:

Knights of the road, here's your stallion!
The car for freedom (Freedom)
The car for hot excitement! (Excitement)
The car for a man who is alone against the elements (The Maibatsu Thunder)
The pride is back
It's the power of a compact! (Looks small, but it's so big!)
Fuel injected (Inject me)
Maibatsu Thunder
On the toll road of life, you have to pay to prove you can.
Live the emotion of an individual. (Thunder)
The awesome power of nature, distilled into one vehicle (Wow)
Because after you get struck by lighting... there's Thunder (The Maibatsu Thunder)

Typical to Maibatsu vehicles prior to Grand Theft Auto IV, the Thunder is only featured in advertising, mainly on radio stations, but not on the road.

See also

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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

Real Name Michael Knight
Ring Name(s) Thunder
Nickname The Root Of All Evil
Height 6 ft 1 in
Weight 230 lbs
Born May 11, 1985
Hometown Pittsburgh, PA (now resides in New York, NY)
Current Federations GWC, WFWF
Former Federations PWA, WCF,
Debut 2004

Thunder is a professional wrestler best known for his work in PWA, WCF, GWC, and WFWF.


WFWF (Run 1)

Upon entering WFWF in 2004, Thunder joined the dominant stable UIA along with Immune and Saku. Shortly after that, he won the Television Title via no-show and embarked on his first feud against Drakz. Drakz defeated Thunder for the title a few weeks later.

Eventually Thunder left UIA and joined their rival group, Los Hobos, along with Percy and Obo. During this time Thunder received a Young Gunn Title Match against Juba in his first main event. Thunder and Percy both turned on Obo shortly before Thunder left in 2005.

WFWF (Run 2)

While away from wrestling, Thunder became rich, but it is not known how. He made his return in 2006 and began competing for the Internet Title. The title was abandoned when WFWF came under new ownership before Thunder could get his shot.

More recently, Thunder joined The Revolution along with Kurt Burton and International Champion Wayne McGurk. At the WFWF PPV Crimson Existence, Thunder lost his first PPV main event, a #1 contender's match for the International Title. At WFWF Ascenion, Thunder and fellow Revolution member Kurt Burton defeated The Vagrancy and The New Phenomenom to become WFWF Tag Team Champions.

After winning the Tag Team Titles, The Revolution (now renamed The Axis) embarked on a feud with the team of Miguel Sanchez and Yukio Blaze. Despite Sanchez's exit from WFWF before the team's title match, Blaze still won the tag titles from the duo at Forever Unscarred.

A couple of weeks later, Thunder's scheduled match with Burton at Veni, Vidi, Vici took place on Felo-De-Se instead. During the match, Burton was injured and would remain on the shelf for several months, leaving Thunder to try his hand at singles competition. After winning a #1 contender's battle royal, Thunder went on to defeat Josh Dean for the International Title, his first taste of singles gold in nearly three years.

Things only got better from there. At Survival of the Fittest, he eliminated Pierce Deville to become #1 contender. His shot came against Obo at Scars & Stripes, where he finally captured the World Title.


Pure Wrestling Alliance was the federation co-owned by Thunder, Miguel Sanchez, and (at one point) Justin Tyme. He became involved in a bitter feud with Sanchez, his former friend. Thunder defeated Sanchez in a cage match at Redemption and won his stock. In December, PWA closed.


Thunder achieved his greatest success in WCF, holding both the People's and Television Titles at the same time. He fueded with David Alastair over the People's Title, but won of all of the matches and later pinned Alastair in a multi-man match to win the Television Title. On December 10th, Thunder teamed with Skyler Striker to defeat Disorder By Design, winnin the Tag Team Titles in the process. This gave Thunder his record-setting three title reigns at the same time. Recently, he has embarked on a feud with Danny Vice. It all began when Thunder stole Danny's sister, Janie Vice, away from. She currently manages Thunder in WCF.

On April 8th, Thunder defeated Skyler Striker and Danny Vice to win the Hardcore Title, although he lost it on April 29th to Danny Vice. With this title win, Thunder held every WCF title except for the World Title, which he nearl won when he facedSkyler Striker in a Pyramid Match for at WCF Timebomb.

Following the match, Thunder took a leave of absense. As he was making his return, WCF closed.


Thunder went undefeated in his first three matches in the GWC World Title Tournament. He then lost to Miguel Sanchez in the semi-finals and to David Alastair in a #1 contender's match. Thunder defeated Skyler Striker at GWC's first PPV, Alpha.

On March 21, 2007 at the GWC PPV Unholy Coronation, Thunder defeated Miguel Sanchez to become World Champion. Thunder lost the World Title at GWC's next PPV, Reign of Terror (April 18th) to T-Money. He regained the title on May 23 at Kingdom Come in a singles match before losing it back to T-Money after a successful defense against Ryder.

At Viva La GWC, Thunder defeated Triple X to become one of only two Tapout champions, Kevin Hardaway being the other. Recently, Thunder has formed an alliance with GWC Commissioner Danny Vice to take out Xavier Cross, but he has one ultimate goal: to become World Champion for the third time. At GWC's final PPV of the year, Revelations, Thunder has the chance to do just that as he takes on Kevin Hardaway.


  • Thunder has been in three stables: UIA, Los Hobos, and The Revolution/Axis.
  • "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour is Thunder's current theme music.
  • A version of the cobra clutch (called "The Million Dollar Dream") and a death valley driver ("Thunder and Lightning") are Thunder's finishing moves.

Championship Succession

WFWF Television Championship
Preceded by:
9/19/04 to 10/03/04
Succeeded by:
WCF People's Championship
Preceded by:
First Champion
9/24/06 to 2/04/07
Succeeded by:
Chris Avery
WCF Television Championship
Preceded by:
Creeping Death
11/12/06 to 1/28/07
Succeeded by:
JJ Biggs
WCF Tag Team Championships
Preceded by:
Danny Vice & JJ Biggs
12/10/07 to 1/14/07
Succeeded by:
Danny Vice & JJ Biggs
WFWF Tag Team Championship
Preceded by:
First Champion
2/28/07 to 4/28/07
Succeeded by:
Yukio Blaze
GWC World Championship
Preceded by:
Miguel Sanchez
3/21/07 to 4/18/07
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
5/23/07 to 6/27/07
Succeeded by:
WCF Hardcore Championship
Preceded by:
Skyler Striker
4/08/07 to 4/29/07
Succeeded by:
Danny Vice
WFWF International Championship
Preceded by:
Josh Dean
7/07/07 to 10/11/07
Succeeded by:
Yukio Blaze
GWC Tapout Championship
Preceded by:
First Champion
7/18/07 to 9/05/07
Succeeded by:
Kevin Hardaway
WFWF World Championship
Preceded by:
11/21/07 to present
Succeeded by:
Current Champion

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

Production information

CR90 corvette


100 MGLT


Suicide vessel


Rebellion era


~ 3.5 ABY

Present for battles/events

Battle of Nocto



The Thunder was an Airam CR90 corvette active during the Galactic Civil War.

During the Battle of Nocto, the Airam sent the Corvette, fully-loaded with space bombs, to ram the Star Dreadnought Vengeance's bridge after the shields went down on the massive warship.


  • Star Wars: X-wing vs. TIE Fighter: Balance of Power
The Thunder intends on ramming the SSD Vengeance.

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From Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Wiki

Thunder monsters are generally Light-Attribute. The Batteryman Archetype are purely composed of Thunder-Type monsters. Thunder monsters generally have effects related to destroying monsters by means other than battle. "Thunder Dragon" is also a well-known Thunder monster, for his deck-thinning abilities and for his fusion counterpart, Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon. Thunder monsters' effects generally have to do with destroying cards like "* Zaborg the Thunder Monarch" and "* Short Circuit".

Notable Thunder-Type Monsters
* The Creator
Support Cards
* Electro-Whip
Facts about ThunderRDF feed

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