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The Thufir-class was a Federation destroyer starship in Starfleet service in the 23rd century, with an initial mark I class VIII starship configuration becoming active on reference stardate 2/1011. An upgraded mark III class IX starship configuration entered service on stardate 2/1503.



The Thufir vessels crewed 180 crewmembers, with space to carry 15 passengers. Additionally, the Thufir could carry 5,000 metric tons of cargo, rated at 100 SCU (standard cargo units). Unloaded, the mark I Thufir vessels weighed 110,900 metric tons, while the mark IIIs weighed 132,430. The Thufir-class measured 280 meters in length, 130 meters in width and 40 meters in height.

The Thufir computers were of the M-3 type, and the vessels were loaded with three standard (6-person) personnel transporters, two 22-person emergency stage sand a single cargo transport stage. There were also four Federation shuttlecraft standard to these vessels' shuttlebays. These vessels were designed by Andorian interests, with a typical inboard warp nacelle arrangement common to vessels from Andor.

The mark I Thufir warp engines were FWE-2 type, rated to cruise at warp factor 7 and max out at warp 9. The mark III vessels has FWD-2 engines rated to cruise at warp 6 and max out at warp 8. Thufir vessels had impulse engines of the FIC-2 type. The Thufir vessels had six phaser emitters, of the FH-5 type, in three dual-mount phaser banks, with arcs of fire to fore, port, starboard and aft. The vessels had photon torpedo FP-2 torpedo launcher weapon emplacements and were defended by FSF model deflector shields.

Service history

By the later half of the 23rd century, the Thufir was in full service production with over 374 units having been constructed. By the mid-2280s, 192 mark I vessels and 136 mark III vessels were currently in service, with six mark I vessels having been consigned to reserve fleets. One vessel of the mark III type was taken from service and detailed to Starfleet Training Command, with other vessels out of service due to 26 mark I vessels and 8 mark III vessels having been destroyed and 1 mark III vessels listed as missing. 1 mark I vessels and 2 mark IOO vessels had been scrapped by that point, and 1 mark I had been sold to private commercial concerns. In the 2280s, the Thufirs were produced at Morena's and Salazaar's shipyards at a rate of about 15 per year. (ST roleplay module: Federation Ship Recognition Manual)

Known vessels

USS Dubhe • USS Pollux • USS Sadr




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Presumably, the first ship of this series would have been called USS Thufir, although such a vessel was never specifically named in the sources mentioning this class.

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