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The Thucydides-class was a type of Federation starship in use by the Department of Temporal Investigations in the 24th century. Although officially created as an temporal search and rescue vessel, the Thucydides ships were the first type of starship the Federation ever created as a dedicated-purpose timeship. The class was named for a Human historian of Greek antiquity.



The Thucydides was conceived as the Federation's first timeship in response to the rising number of temporal refugees discovered to be traveling through time by the Department of Temporal Investigations. The vessels were purposed as a compact design, packing a great deal of technology into a very small, maneuverable ship designed to travel to other time periods and recover people and items that could possibly contaminate a timeline.


The Thucydides-class program was initiated in 2365, not by Starfleet, but by the DTI, who wanted a reliable means of conducting investigations and recoveries without involving general personnel.


Thucydides-class vessels crewed 33 crew, with room for 12 passengers or a maximum of 180 evacuees. The Thucydides vessels weighed 395,000 metric tons, measured 175.29 meters in length, 153.21 meters in width and 45.7 meters in height. The warp drive was rated for a maximum output of warp factor 9 for 8 hours. The ships of the Thucydides class were also fitted with impulse engine reactor plants. The vessels have beam weapons consisting of type VII phaser arrays, capable of firing in nearly any direction.

Known vessels

Thucycides-class timeship starships
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