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Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics
modifies: The skill of muscle-propelled ranged weapons.
modified by: Agility
initial level: 40% + (1% x Agility)
related perks: Heave Ho!
related traits: Small Frame

Throwing is a Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics skill. In Fallout 3 the throwing skill has been removed and parts of the skill, like grenades, has been moved to the explosives skill. The role of throwing other objects has somewhat been moved to the Rock-It Launcher, a crafted Big Guns weapon.

The skill of muscle-propelled ranged weapons. Throwing knives, spears, and grenades.

Initial Level: Starting Throwing skill is equal to 40% + (1% x Agility). Average characters will have a 45% skill.





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Final Fantasy

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Throw, known here as Dart, in Final Fantasy IV

Throw, also known as Dart, is a command ability in various games in the Final Fantasy series. Throw involves throwing various weapons and special throwing items at the opponent. Throwing something is usually more powerful than using it, however, thrown items disappear from your inventory. This ability is usually used by the Ninja class.



Final Fantasy III

The Ninja has the ability to Throw items. The Shuriken throw item is one of the most powerful items in the game.

Final Fantasy IV

Throw or as it was known in the SNES version, Dart lets the Ninja Edge throw weapons and Stars at his opponents.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Edge using Throw

Throw allows the player to throw an item from their inventory at the target. Only Edge can use this ability. Gekkou has a similar command under the name Shuriken, with the limitation that only Shurikens may be used. In addition, Luca has a variation, Big Throw which lets her toss her current weapon at the foe.

Final Fantasy V

Throw is the level 4 ability of the Ninja Job class, as well as their main command. Weapons and Stars can be thrown. This game is the first to utilize Skeans, which deal magical, rather than physical, damage.

Final Fantasy VI

Shadow can Throw weapons, Stars, and Skeans at his opponents. All Throws are unblockable and ignore defense. The Battle Power of a throw is that of the weapon being thrown. Some enemies can also use Throw, and furthermore will throw the same type of weapons Shadow can.

Final Fantasy VII

The Throw Materia allows characters to Throw weapons, and it also contains the Coin ability. The Materia is found on Yuffie Kisaragi when she first joins and can later be bought in Rocket Town and Fort Condor during the Huge Materia quest.

Final Fantasy IX

Amarant Coral can Throw weapons, Pinwheels, Rising Suns, and Wing Edges. The amount of damage Throw does is based on the following formula.


Throw will do 1 damage if Amarant is in Mini status, and half damage if hitting a target with the Protect status. It will also do 50% more damage if the target is an Aerial enemy or if Amarant is equipped with the Power Throw ability.

Final Fantasy XI

Several jobs can use various throwing weapons (darts, boomerangs, etc.), with Ninja having the highest skill rating (and only job that can throw shurikens). They're not as useful for damage as archery or marksmanship as there are no weaponskills for throwing items. For this reason, the returning boomerangs/chakrams are mostly used only for pulling enemies.

Some throwing items, such as the Bomb Core or Phantom Tathlum, are not actually meant to be thrown; they're equipped for stat bonuses. Most of these were disabled from being used as a ranged attack in a patch (to prevent accidentally throwing them).

Final Fantasy Tactics

Ninjas can learn to Throw individual items, such as swords and knives.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Ninjas can Throw weapons from the inventory. Jugglers can also throw weapons at the opponent using the Hurl A-ability. Compared to other games, Throw is rather weak, but it can damage from range.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Throw makes a small appearance in Onion Knight's EX Burst, where Onion Knight (as a Ninja) must use the Throw command to select Shuriken from a list of weapons, which he throws at the opponent.


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