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"Through the Looking Glass"

May 23, 2007
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"Through the Looking Glass" is the twenty-second episode and 2-hour finale of Season 3 of Lost, and comprises the seventy-first and seventy-second produced hours of the series as a whole. It was originally broadcast on May 23, 2007. Events come to a head as the Others engage the survivors at the beach. Meanwhile, Jack relentlessly leads the group on toward rescue, while Charlie struggles to finish his mission at the underwater station. This episode was the first to use a flash-forward instead of a flashback.




On the Island

The Losties begin their second exodus to the radio tower.

Sayid has selected himself, Jin and Bernard as the three marksmen who will set up their trap to ambush the Others. He makes Jack promise that no matter what happens on the beach he will lead the remaining survivors to the communications tower; he tells Jack that he is willing to die so the others can be rescued. Jack understands this, and is ready to undertake the long trek to the tower. Before leaving with the others for the radio tower, Rose reminds Bernard that he is "not Rambo" and warned him that he should be careful. Jin intimately speaks with Sun telling her to stay close to Jack, and Sun asks Jin why he is staying behind to help, he tells her because they need to go home. Sun cries and they kiss, Juliet watches further away.

In the Looking Glass, Charlie is interrogated by Bonnie and Greta, the occupants of the station. He says he found out about the Looking Glass from Juliet, who has joined the survivors. Bonnie and Greta go into an adjacent room to radio Ben, inexplicably leaving the door open so Charlie can eavesdrop (and see the blinking yellow light from Desmond's vision of the jamming equipment) and shout his name to Ben. Bonnie tells Ben about Juliet's betrayal (overheard by Richard Alpert and Mikhail). Ben orders Mikhail to go to the Looking Glass to find out why Charlie is there and admits he lied about the station being inoperable. Mikhail wonders what else Juliet has told the Losties. Ben immediately tries to contact the Others' kidnap team but their radios are off.

The Others at the beach, led by Ryan Pryce and Tom, start searching the marked tents. When they realize the tents are empty it is too late - Sayid and Bernard shoot bundles of dynamite, setting off large explosions that kill Ivan, Diane and three more Others (possibly including Isabel). Jin (using a pistol rather than a rifle) misses his targeted dynamite but shoots and kills two Others (Luke and Matthew). However, the three remaining Others capture Jin, Bernard and Sayid.

The survivors hear only two explosions

Far away, Jack's group hears only two of three expected explosions, followed by gunfire. The group is worried about what might have gone wrong, especially Rose and Sun, but Jack urges everyone to stick to the original plan.

Charlie tells Bonnie and Greta that no matter what they do to him he will turn off their jamming equipment so that rescue helicopters can come. Bonnie says only she, Greta and Ben know the code needed to disarm the jamming equipment. Charlie supposes he won't need the code because the Looking Glass will soon be flooded. Bonnie asks what Charlie will do when the station floods; he simply replies that he will die.

Tom radios Ben to tell him seven of the assault team are dead. Ben tells him to execute Jin, to make Sayid and Bernard reveal where the other survivors have gone. Jin insists nobody talks. Sayid says the Others will kill them anyway, and Pryce knocks him out. Bernard panics and reveals that Jack's group is heading for the radio tower to use Naomi's satellite phone, and that Karl warned them about the early attack. Ben realizes Alex must have told Karl, and tells Tom not to kill Sayid, Jin and Bernard yet.

In the morning, Ben plans to intercept Jack's group and talk them out of going through with their plan to contact Naomi’s freighter. Richard Alpert asks to come along but Ben orders him to take the rest of the Others to the Temple "as planned." Alex asks to go with Ben who surprisingly agrees, saying it's a good idea and remarking that Alex must want to see Karl again.

Desmond wakes up in the outrigger above the Looking Glass station and realizes that Charlie has gone down alone. Suddenly Mikhail begins shooting at him from the shore. Desmond dives overboard and swims down into the station, where Charlie warns him to hide. Bonnie and Greta emerge from the communications room and demand to know whom Charlie was talking to. When Charlie gives a flippant answer, Bonnie decides to fetch a speargun (to torture Charlie) and strides toward the locker where Desmond has hidden. Mikhail (in SCUBA gear) surfaces inside the station just before Bonnie can discover Desmond inside the speargun locker.

Mikhail says he thought Bonnie and Greta were on assignment in Canada; they reply that Ben ordered them to lie. Mikhail takes out a knife and approaches Charlie; Charlie reveals that the station is jamming transmissions, which startles Mikhail. Ben contacts the station and Mikhail speaks to him privately. Ben justifies the deception about the Looking Glass as necessary to defend the Island and ensure everyone's security. He orders Mikhail to kill Charlie, Bonnie and Greta, and make sure the jamming device continues to work at all costs. Mikhail asks how he can be sure Ben hasn't ordered Bonnie and Greta to kill him; Ben answers, "If I had, you would be dead already."

Juliet and Jack kiss.

Kate tells Sawyer that they should go back to the beach to help Sayid, Jin and Bernard, but Sawyer reacts negatively. She tries to provoke a reaction from him and points out how withdrawn and unresponsive he's been (since the events in "The Brig"), but Sawyer avoids the issue - including the possibility that Kate is pregnant. Immediately afterwards, however, Sawyer throws Jack a look of consternation. Twenty minutes after the trek recommences, Sawyer announces that he's going back to the beach, telling Kate that he just did not want to go with her. Juliet volunteers to go with him, explaining she knows where to find a cache of guns, and telling Jack it's something she has to do. On parting, Juliet gives Jack a lingering kiss and cheerfully tells him not to wait up. As Juliet walks away, Jack checks Kate's reaction.

Walt appears to Locke.

As soon as he is on his way back to the beach, Sawyer is more like his old self, bantering with Juliet. He asks, "So... are you screwing Jack yet?" Juliet replies. "No. Are you?" Then Juliet admits she lied about the gun cache, just so Jack would let her go. When Sawyer asks why Juliet is returning to the beach she replies, "Karma." When Juliet asks why Sawyer is returning to the beach, he has no answer. Hurley chases Sawyer and Juliet, desperate to help his friends; but Sawyer dismisses him, saying that Hurley will get in the way and get people killed.

Alex asks why Ben let her come with him. He says he's delivering Alex to her new family, because she betrayed him. Alex argues that Ben mistreated Karl, which Ben excuses because he didn't want Alex to get pregnant. She asks why Ben can't just let the plane crash survivors leave the Island, but Ben's only answer is "Because I can't."

Locke awakens in the DHARMA mass grave nearly a full day after being shot by Ben. He cannot move his legs but he manages to reach a revolver in a holster on one of the corpses. He checks the revolver for bullets, cocks its hammer and puts the barrel to his head. Sounds, possibly whispers or the monster, are heard in the background. As John prepares to kill himself, Walt suddenly appears standing over the grave. Walt tells Locke to get up because he has "work to do." At this pronouncement, a grin appears on Locke's face.

Still on their way to the radio tower, Jack tells Kate that Sawyer didn't mean what he said, it was just to protect her; and that he (Jack) did the same thing when he told Kate not to come back to Hydra Island. Kate asks why Jack is suddenly sticking up for Sawyer. He replies, "Because I love you."

Jack catches up to Rousseau, who tells them they're about an hour away from the tower. Rousseau says she'll take them to the tower, but that she's not leaving the Island. There's no place for her in the outside world -- the Island is her home now. Ben and Alex intercept Jack's group and Ben says that he and Jack "need to talk." Ben tells Jack that Naomi is one of the "bad guys" trying to find the Island, and if she makes contact with her ship, "every living person" on the Island will be killed. Jack refuses to surrender the satellite phone. Ben radios the beach so that Jack can hear that the Others have captured Sayid, Bernard, and Jin. Ben tells Jack to get Naomi's phone and bring it to him. Jack asks why he shouldn't just snap Ben's neck, so Ben tells Tom that if he does not hear back from him in one minute, Tom is to shoot all three hostages. Jack refuses to back down. When the minute is up, three gunshots are heard through the radio. Visibly upset, Jack throws Ben to the ground and brutally assaults him. Jack radios Tom to say that once he's got the survivors rescued, he's going to find Tom and kill him.

Ben, degraded to nothing, now a prisoner of the survivors.
Jack marches Ben back to the group of survivors, orders someone to tie him up, then strides away followed by Kate. Ben introduces Alex to her mother; Rousseau's words to her daughter are, "Will you help me tie him up?" Jack tells Kate he was forced to let Ben order the killing of Jin, Bernard and Sayid. Kate asks why Jack brought Ben back instead of killing him; Jack says he wants to wait until after Ben has seen them all rescued.

Inside the Looking Glass, Charlie is still tied up near the moon pool. Mikhail checks that Bonnie and Greta are the only ones who know the jamming code, and that the jamming mechanism will continue to function if the station is flooded. He shoots and kills Greta. Bonnie runs but Mikhail shoots her in the back; before he can finish her off, Desmond emerges from the locker and shoots Mikhail in the chest with a speargun. Charlie convinces Bonnie that Ben has betrayed her loyalty, and she can gain revenge by revealing the code to disable the jamming signal. She starts to tell him the code numbers, but her life is ebbing away; so she tells Charlie the code will play The Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations" when entered on the numeric keypad. It was "programmed by a musician."

Bernard, Sayid and Jin at gunpoint.
At the beach, Tom is telling Pryce that Ben has "lost it" and they should have actually killed Sayid, Bernard and Jin instead of doing what Pryce reminds him "was an order": firing bullets into the sand. Sawyer and Juliet watch from the jungle, hesitating because they are unarmed and outnumbered. Suddenly, Hurley drives the DHARMA van out of the jungle and accelerates toward the Others. Tom dives out of the way, but Pryce stands his ground trying to shoot Hurley; Hurley runs him over and kills him. Sawyer grabs Pryce's gun.
Hurley drives the DHARMA van into the beach camp.
Jason is distracted from guarding Sayid, Bernard and Jin. Sayid (using only his feet) knocks Jason to the ground and breaks his neck. Juliet grabs Tom's gun and he surrenders, but Sawyer shoots him in the chest and says, "That's for taking the kid off the raft".("Exodus, Part 2") Hurley points out that Tom had surrendered, thus it was not necessary to kill him; Sawyer responds, "I didn’t believe him."

Hurley uses Tom’s walkie-talkie to announce their victory over the Others' kidnapping party, and warn the rest of the Others they will be blown up if they attack the beach camp again. Jack hears the message on Ben's walkie-talkie and asks Hurley about Bernard, Sayid and Jin. Hurley proudly confirms that he has saved them all, to the joy of Jack's group. Claire asks about Charlie, but Hurley says he isn't back yet.

Inside the Looking Glass, Desmond fetches SCUBA gear while Charlie disables the jamming equipment by playing "Good Vibrations" on the control pad. Charlie remarks, "So much for fate," and turns to leave, but his attention is grabbed by an incoming transmission. On a video screen, he speaks to a woman who turns out to be Penelope (she asks how Charlie got this frequency, implying that she is responding to a call rather than initiating the call). Charlie calls Desmond, which excites Penny. Charlie mentions Penny's boat and Naomi; but Penny, quite confused, says she is not on a boat and asks, "Who is Naomi?"

Charlie's "final words": "NOT PENNY'S BOAT".

Desmond notices that Mikhail's body is missing. Mikhail appears at Charlie’s porthole brandishing a hand grenade. Charlie closes and locks the communication room's watertight door, but not before Desmond has seen Penny's face on the monitor. Mikhail detonates the grenade; the window shatters and water pours into the compartment where Charlie is now confined. Desmond tries in vain to break the door’s window. As the room fills with water Charlie writes a message on his hand and presses it against the door’s window for Desmond to read: NOT PENNY'S BOAT. As he drowns, Charlie makes the sign of the Cross.

As Charlie dies, baby Aaron, back with Jack's group, breaks out in sobs. Then Naomi gets a green light on her phone, meaning the jamming device has been disabled, but it only receives Rousseau's distress signal. She tells Claire that her boyfriend, Charlie, "just got us rescued."

Finally, they reach the radio tower, and Rousseau tells Alex she recorded her message 16 years ago, three days before Alex’s birth. Rousseau switches her message off. Ben, tied to a tree, begs Jack not to use the phone, saying it will be a mistake and "the beginning of the end." Just as Naomi gets a connection, she is incapacitated by a knife in the back, thrown by Locke. Revolver in hand, Locke threatens to shoot Jack to prevent him using the phone. Ben urges Locke to kill Jack but Rousseau knocks Ben out. Jack stands his ground, telling Locke, "You're done keeping me on this island." Locke backs down, but tells Jack, "You're not supposed to do this," before walking away.

A man named Minkowski answers the phone. Jack explains who he is and mentions Naomi's name, which Minkowski recognizes. Jack asks if Minkowski can get a fix on his location; Minkowski tells him someone is being sent to the Island immediately. Ben looks on helplessly as the survivors begin to celebrate and anticipate their rescue. Jack is overcome with relief and on the brink of tears.


Jack stands on the bridge, prepared to jump to his death.

Appearing disheveled and severely depressed, a bearded Jack sits on an airplane. He indicates to the stewardess the empty cup in his hand, and requests "another one of these" but she refuses, telling him they will be landing in 20 minutes. She offers him a newspaper instead. He notices an article in the newspaper and rips it out; it's an obituary. We then see him sitting in a car that is parked on the side of the Sixth Street Bridge, crying while looking at the newspaper clipping. He makes a call to someone, but only gets through to voice mail. After leaving a message about having read the contents of the clipping, he steps from the vehicle. He climbs up onto the ledge and murmurs "forgive me." Just as he is leaning forward to jump, a fiery car crash occurs. He rushes to assist the victims.

Pregnant Sarah visits Jack in the emergency.

Later, Jack is being stitched up at a hospital when a visibly pregnant Sarah enters. He wonders why she has come; she states that she is still listed as his emergency contact. She asks him if he's drunk, which he denies. She asks him what he was doing driving around at 2 a.m., but he deflects the question by asking her if she can give him a ride. She states that it "would not be appropriate," and leaves.

Later, Jack is at the bedside of the woman from the crash. Jack takes some oxycodone pills, just before Dr. Hamill, the new chief of surgery, enters. The woman has a spinal injury and Jack wants to operate. Hamill refuses to allow it and tells him to go home to rest. As he leaves the hospital the woman's eight-year-old son waves at him.

Some time after, Jack is driving while listening to Nirvana's "Scentless Apprentice" with the newspaper clip in one hand. He parks, and again calls someone on his cellphone, only for the call to go to voicemail again. He absent-mindedly crosses the street and enters Hoffs-Drawlar Funeral Parlor. The casket is closed but nobody is there. The funeral director steps in and informs Jack that he is the only one to come to the viewing. He then asks Jack if he is friend or family of the deceased; Jack replies that he is "neither." When asked if he wants the casket opened, Jack says no and the director leaves. Jack lays a hand on the casket, appearing deeply saddened. He swallows a pill, then turns and leaves.

Jack is at a pharmacy trying to get his prescription of oxycodone refilled, but he has used up all his refills. While arguing with the pharmacist he is recognized by a man behind him in line as the hero from the news. He denies being a hero. He tries to give the pharmacist a prescription he has written for himself, but she refuses to accept it. He then tries to hand the pharmacist a (probably fake) prescription from his father. When she tries to call in to confirm the prescription, Jack says that his father is out of town right now. Jack becomes angry and storms off, knocking over a rack of sunglasses on his way out.

Unable to get his fix legally, Jack raids his hospital's supply of oxycodone. When he comes out of the medicine room, he is visibly intoxicated, possibly drunk. Hamill asks him what he is doing. Jack replies that he was trying to find out how the surgery went. Hamill says he left voice messages for Jack, but Jack untruthfully claims that his phone is broken. Hamill tells him Mrs. Arlen's back surgery went well, and that the woman remembers seeing a man about to jump off the bridge, which caused her to lose control of the car. Hamill then begins quizzing Jack on how he got to the crash so fast. Jack begins ranting about how long he has worked at the hospital, and how Hamill doesn't know anything about him or what he has been through. Hamill asks him how much he has had to drink; Jack replies by telling Hamill to get his father "down here" and if Jack is more drunk than his father is, then Dr. Hamill can fire him.

We then see Jack in his messy apartment, which is full of dirty dishes and various maps and atlases. While swigging from a bottle of tequila, he is finally able to reach the person he has been desperately calling. He convinces this person to meet him at the airport, adding "you know where."

Outside the airport's gate at the end of a runway, a car parks up behind Jack's, and out steps Kate. When she asks why he called her, he pulls out the newspaper clipping and says he had hoped to see her at the funeral. She replies, "Why would I go to the funeral?" Jack then confesses that he has been flying a lot. Practically every Friday night, he has been using the "Golden Pass" that Oceanic had given him. On each flight he hopes that the plane will crash and he will be on the Island again. He tells her he doesn't care about anyone else on board, that with every bump he prays that he can get back. He tells her he is sick of lying and that they made a mistake. Kate tells him she has to go because "he" will be wondering where she is. Jack tells her that they weren't supposed to leave and she disagrees. As she is driving away he screams, "We have to go back, Kate! We have to go back!" as a plane takes off from the airport overhead.



The funeral parlor sign, a notable anagram
  • This episode was split into two parts on the Season 3 DVD release.
  • Jack's cell phone in the map scenes of the flash forward is a Motorola KRZR K1m phone released in late 2006.
  • Kate's automobile license plate is 4QKD695.
  • Jack's automobile license plate is 2SAQ321, the same as Catherine Keener's character (Trish) in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and the same as was used on one of the Mini Coopers in the chase scene in The Italian Job. [1]
  • The license plate of the car nearly running over Jack when he absent-mindedly crosses the street to enter the funeral parlor is 3PCI258.
  • Kate's phone number is 310-555-0148. The area code 310 could be located in West Los Angeles or the South Bay, but since it includes Catalina Island, Malibu and Compton, one may conclude that Kate lives in the Westchester/Marina del Rey area, which is adjacent to where she meets Jack at LAX.
  • The knife that Locke uses to stab Naomi is a SOG Tigershark. This has been confirmed on the SOG Knives website.
  • The audible numbers Bonnie tells Charlie as the password are: 5 4 5 8 7 7 5 5 4 3 7 7 6 1 1 3. For more information see the main article subsection: The Looking Glass#Security Code
  • Pryce says sayonara (Japanese for "goodbye") to Jin, who is Korean.
  • Among the newspapers in Jack's apartment is The Honolulu Advertiser, which is the morning paper in Oahu, while the afternoon newspaper is The Honolulu Star-Bulletin. [2]
  • The two or three female whispers that Locke hears as he is about to shoot himself and seconds before Walt appears to him are very unclear. The most agreed upon interpretations are: "Help me", "Naomi. I don't know that name" and "I have hell to pay".
  • According to the enhanced version of this episode, the mission Charlie goes on to stop the jamming device was partly inspired by Han Solo's mission on Endor, during the movie The Return of the Jedi.
  • Hurley driving the DHARMA van to rescue the beach camp was also inspired by Star Wars. [source needed]
  • Charlie's death was voted number eight in the UK TV special 'Top 50 TV Endings'.
  • This is Tom's last living appearance. He later appeared in flashbacks during Season 4.
  • Throughout the course of the episode, Jack is called a "hero" by three people.
  • The off-island scenes in this episode are flashforwards, not flashbacks as the viewer is lead to believe. This is the first episode of the series to feature the flashforward device.

Jack's maps

  • The only clearly recognizable map in the map scenes is a partially visible world map in the lower left-hand corner of the frame of the shot with the maps, lamp, pill bottle, liquor bottle, ruler, and compass right before Jack gets a call. This map shows strings attached to push pins in different locations of the Americas, including what looks like the North of Brazil (Amazon region), somewhere near U.S./Mexico border on the Gulf of Mexico, one in the south eastern U.S., one in Canada, and an indeterminate number on the West Coast in the SoCal area. All these strings lead out of frame to an unseen point west of the Americas in Pacific Ocean.
  • The maps Jack is looking at are of Britain (the main one at the top) and of Kent, in England, underneath it.

Newspaper clipping

Main article: Newspaper clipping
  • Jack's newspaper was an issue of the L.A. Times April 5, 2007 folded at page B-4.

Production notes

  • For the third and final time of Season 3, all credited main cast members appeared.
  • Executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, who also wrote this episode, made separate voice cameos. Lindelof voiced the captain apologizing for turbulence on the PA; Cuse voiced the off-screen news reporter on "Action 8 News" describing the car crash.
  • Malcolm David Kelley and Julie Bowen both appeared in this episode, and are listed in the opening credits. However, to avoid ruining the surprise of their appearances, they were not credited in the press release by ABC.
  • The entire episode makes frequent use of variations of a theme Michael Giacchino originally wrote for the pilot episode.
  • Malcolm David Kelley was shot at an upward angle, which disguised his obvious growth. Similar shots were used in the previous season's "Three Minutes" and "Live Together, Die Alone". The issue of the actor's growth was addressed by Locke when he told Sawyer that Walt looked "taller". ("The Beginning of the End")
  • Unlike the previous two season finales ("Exodus, Part 2" and "Live Together, Die Alone"), this episode wasn't shown in two parts on the United Kingdom and Australia airings. The first two seasons were shown on Channel 4 in the UK, whereas the third season was bought by Sky One. RTE 2 in the Republic of Ireland also showed this episode in one viewing. Other countries (such as Germany) still aired the episode in two parts, however. For the two-part version, a conversation between Jack and Kate originally placed between Locke's encounter with Walt and Jack's flash-forward scene at the funeral parlor was moved to a slightly earlier position, to make space for the "Previously on Lost" segment at the beginning of the second part. As a result, part 1 ends with the Locke/Walt scene, and part 2 immediately starts with the flash-forward.
  • A detailed synopsis of this episode, including the climactic "snake in the mailbox," was leaked onto the Internet several weeks before airing by Lostfan108. This created such a controversy that ABC, Disney, and producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse decided to investigate how the leak occurred.
  • The hospital scenes with Sarah were filmed on the set of Grey's Anatomy, another ABC show. [3]
  • Edward Kitsis came up with the idea of Hurley running over Ryan Pryce in the DHARMA van. (Comic conventions transcript/Comic Con 2007)
  • On Wednesday, January 30, 2008, ABC premiered a special version of "Through the Looking Glass", enhanced with on-screen facts and back story. This enhanced version included text on the lower third of the screen, letting viewers in on clues in the show, and providing back story to catch new viewers up for Season 4.
  • A Lost: On Location for this episode is available on the Season 3 DVD.


This episode won 1st place in AOL's "Primetime Poll" results for the 2006-2007 television season for "Best Season-Ending Cliffhanger" [4], and also won the same award for the "Editor's Pick" [5]

Bloopers and continuity errors

  • At the beginning of the episode, Jack picks up the newspaper from the left seat with his left hand, but in the next shot, he takes it with his right hand.
  • When the Losties leave the beach to head for the radio tower, they start walking with the sea on their right side. Later on, they are walking with the sea on their left side; even though they are on an island, they're not on a peninsular or narrow island.
  • When Jack stands up to talk to his ex-wife Sarah when she comes to the hospital, the bandage on his forehead changes to a much larger bandage, and then changes back to the normal bandage in the next shot.
  • When Jack approaches the coffin at the viewing, the head of the casket is to his left, but in the cut to the overhead shot the head is to his right.
  • When Bonnie and Greta are interrogating Charlie, they decide to go and call Ben in the comm room. Bonnie walks in through the open door, but in the next shot, the door is closed and she is seen opening the door and walking through again.
  • Also during the same scene when Bonnie and Greta are interrogating Charlie, right after he says, "Let's call Ben," there is blood all over his right cheek. In the next shot the blood is gone despite him being tied up
  • The video of the scene does not match with the audio, nor does the video match the code as given by Bonnie. For example in the audio, the second and third notes are different, yet the video shows Charlie pressing the same note (5).
  • When Ben meets Jack's group en route to the radio tower, we see Kate leave the group to double around Ben and check for tracks. But in the next shot when Jack starts to approach Ben Kate can still be seen standing next to Rousseau in the background.
  • When Jack becomes angry with the pharmacist, she is seen holding the phone up to her left ear. However, when Jack is seen storming away, she is seen in the background with the phone up to her right ear.
  • Charlie's death, while dramatically powerful, was neither logically necessary, nor, in fact, physically possible as shown.
    • In the first place, Charlie would not actually drown in this situation. In order for water to flow into a presumably airtight room, air must flow out. The water would therefore only rise to the top of the broken porthole.
    • In addition to this, there was no need to close the door when the porthole blew. The station would have flooded, but only to the level of the top of the porthole, as the station itself is airtight (if it wasn't, the water in the pool where they entered the station would not remain at its current level; it would rise to fill the entire station). Charlie and Desmond would have both remained quite safe and quite alive. Charlie might be forgiven for not working this out in the heat of the moment. But surely, even if he thought the station were about to be flooded, he and Desmond would have had ample time to jump into the water and swim to the surface.
    • Last of all, Charlie goes to some trouble to trap himself in the communications room by shutting the watertight hatch while still inside. Wouldn't the obvious reaction have been to shut the door behind him after exiting? He even has a few moments to consider his actions before the chamber starts to flood--adequate time to open the hatch, exit, and seal it behind him. There was nothing he still needed to accomplish with the communications equipment.
      • Charlie may have locked himself inside in order to protect Desmond. At that point, Desmond already knew that Penelope was on the phone, and would have probably gone to great lengths to have an opportunity to speak with her, possibly even dying in the process. By locking himself in the room, he ensured that Desmond wouldn't be able to enter.
    • Moreover, as stated by Charlie himself, there was plenty of diving gear in the station. Even if the station were to be flooded, both Desmond and Charlie had enough time to put on diving gear and swim out.
      • The only way his death can be justified is that he let himself die in order to make Desmond's premonition true, because Desmond had told him that if he doesn't die, there wont be any rescue. He sacrificed himself for Claire & Aaron.
        • Ironically, Claire never got on the helicopter. Only Aaron was rescued. Claire's fate remains unknown till date.
  • Charlie knows that he needs to enter notes from the Beach Boys' song "Good Vibrations" to stop the jamming signal, but he enters the notes that go with the verse, "Got to keep those lovin' good vibrations a-happenin' with her," with no clue that this is the correct verse. Also, the second note in the melody he sings while typing the numbers is below the first note. Since he's pressing "5" two times in a row, the note should either be the same or the numbers should correspond to a lower second note.
  • After beating up Ben, and after Rousseau asks Alex to help her tie up Ben, Jack walks up toward the mountain-top with a machete tucked into his backpack. When the shot shifts to show him taking off the pack, the machete is gone.
  • The grenade is in Mikhail's right hand originally. When it zooms in on him releasing the trigger, the grenade is in his left hand. When it zooms out, it's in his right again.
  • When Hurley runs over Ryan Pryce with his DHARMA van, Pryce is pulled backwards (by a cable) an instant before the van actually hits him.
  • When Charlie has his hand pressed up against the glass, the message "NOT PENNY'S BOAT" is re-written in a different handwriting after the camera cut from Charlie to Desmond then back to Charlie.
  • When Kate is talking to Jack while she was getting a rock out of her shoe, her hairstyle constantly changes. It goes from all scrunched behind her head, to having her hair partly over her shoulder.
  • It is unlikely that the radio tower on the island and a modern satellite radio would work on anywhere near the same frequencies. Most likely the radio tower is broadcasting somewhere between 80-200MHz analog and the phone would probably operate in the 1600MHz or higher range using a digital signal.
    • Removing the cartridge from the player at the radio tower would cease the transmission, but the transmitter would still broadcast dead air with the same amount of interference until it was turned off (This was corrected on the DVD, where the red button is pushed before the cartridge is removed).
  • Mikhail appears to be using his patched eye to aim his rifle as he fires at Desmond.

Recurring themes

Recurring themes in Lost
Black and whiteCar accidentsCharacter connectionsDeceptions and consDreamsEyesFate versus free willGood and bad peopleImprisonmentIsolationLife and deathMissing body partsNicknamesThe NumbersParent issuesPregnanciesRainRebirthRedemptionRelationshipsRevengeSacrificeSecretsTime
  • Charlie sacrifices himself so that everyone else could be saved. (Sacrifice)
    • Charlie accepts that his death is inevitable in order to save the other survivors, and dies willingly to fulfill Desmond's prediction rather than attempting to beat death another time (even though escape from the hatch would have easily been possible). (Fate versus free will)
    • Being a musician, Charlie is probably the only survivor who could have figured out the code and how to play it in the short time he had. (Fate versus free will)
  • A car crash stops Jack from killing himself. (Car accidents)
  • Jack saves a 42 year-old woman and her 8 year-old kid from the car crash. (The Numbers)
  • After saving the driver and her kid, Jack is called a 'hero' by several people. (Good and bad people)
  • Ben tries to convince Jack that Naomi is "one of the bad guys". (Good and bad people)
  • Jack tells Ben sarcastically, "You're the good guys." (Good and bad people)
  • Jack's ex-wife, Sarah is shown to be pregnant. (Pregnancies)
    • When Sarah enters the emergency room, on the back of the door is a Spanish-language CDC poster about folic acid, an important supplement to pregnant women. The headline is "Antes de que te des cuenta que estás embarazada..." ("Before you realize that you are pregnant..."). (Pregnancies)
  • Mikhail's eye is shown to be missing as he removes his eye patch for the first time onscreen. (Missing body parts)  (Eyes)
  • Charlie calls Mikhail 'Cyclops'. (Nicknames)
  • Locke is shown to be alive after a closeup of his opened eye. (Eyes)
  • Jack had 8 stitches in his forehead. (The Numbers)
  • The logo for The Looking Glass shows an analog clock reading 8:15 - or 3:40, as the two hands appear to be the same length. (The Numbers)
  • Both Locke and Jack contemplated suicide in this episode, but changed their minds. Mikhail uses a grenade as a suicide bomb to kill Charlie. Charlie allowed himself to drown. Sawyer, Juliet, and Hurley embarked on an apparent suicide mission to save the three at the camp. Ben claims that Jack's use of the phone to call for a rescue will kill everyone. (Life and death)
  • Richard Alpert and Mikhail are seen playing a game of chess when Ben exits his tent after Bonnie breaks radio silence. The computer at Mikhail's station required winning a game of chess to access its programs. (Games)
  • With his original motivation in life (finding the original Sawyer who destroyed his family) now over, Sawyer stops being his old self and stops using nicknames for people. He calls Kate and Hurley by their real names. (Nicknames)  (Rebirth)
  • In the flash-forward, Jack is living alone, depressed and isolated. (Isolation)
  • Charlie is tied up in a chair by Greta and Bonnie. (Imprisonment)
  • Kate was driving a Volvo. (Cars)
  • Dr. Hamill mentions that the surgery on the woman from the car accident would be performed by a Dr. Gary Nadler. Nadler is Bernard's surname. (Character connections)
  • The name of the funeral parlor Jack goes to, "Hoffs/Drawlar," is an anagram for "flash forward". (Anagrams)
  • Sawyer shoots and kills Tom for "taking the kid off the raft." (Revenge)
  • Jack swears to come after Tom and kill him when he thinks Sayid, Jin and Bernard have been killed. (Revenge)

Cultural references

Cultural references in Lost
(direct references only)
ArtBooksCarsGamesMovies and TVMusicPhilosophyReligion and ideologiesScience
  • Through the Looking Glass: The episode title and the station name are a reference to this classic Lewis Carroll children's novel. (Literature)
  • "Good Vibrations": The code to the keypad is the main melody of this popular Beach Boys song, as typed by Charlie. (Music)
  • "Scentless Apprentice": Jack is listening to this Nirvana song on the way to the funeral home. Nirvana singer/songwriter Kurt Cobain died on April 5th, the date Jack's newspaper was published. (Music)
  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: Hurley mentions that Jack is going to use the satellite phone to "phone home." This is a famous phrase from the a 1982 science fiction film directed by Steven Spielberg (Movies)
  • Rambo: Rose makes Bernard repeat he is a dentist, not Rambo. This is reference to the popular saga of action films starring Sylvester Stallone (Movies)
  • Moses. Naomi calls Jack "Moses", after the early Biblical Hebrew religious leader, lawgiver, prophet, military leader and historian. (Leadership)  (Religion)
  • Baptism: Going under water and coming up from it is a common symbol of baptism among writers. Charlie, Desmond, and Mikhail all did this. Charlie saved the Losties, Desmond made second hand contact with Penny, and Mikhail seems to have come back alive after having been thought dead. (Rebirth)  (Religion)  (Symbolism)
  • Sainthood: Charlie crosses himself as he dies, but he does the sign of the cross with his left hand, which makes it appear to be backwards, as though seen "through the looking glass". Additionally, as Charlie dies, light pours through the port hole creating a halo effect around Charlie’s head; the image resembles classic depictions of Christian saints. (Religion)
  • St. Sebastian: The name of the hospital where Jack works is St. Sebastian's. Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of the plague, and is often depicted in art as being tied to a tree (like Ben in this episode) and being shot with arrows. (Religion)
  • Blaise Pascal: Ben's map to the radio tower shows the location of the Others as Pascal Flats. This could be a reference to this French philosopher. (Philosophy)
  • Cyclops: Charlie calls Mikhail Bakunin a Cyclops, after the one-eyed giants of Greek mythology.
  • Valhalla Rising. A copy of this 2001 book by Clive Cussler is seen on Ben’s bookshelf. (Books)
  • The Internationale. "We'll live together or we'll die alone" is a line from the English-language (Billy Bragg) version of this famous socialist, anarchist, communist, and social democratic anthem. (Ideology)  (Pop culture misc. references)
  • Fight Club: In the film the Narrator says, "Everytime the plane banked too sharply on takeoff or landing, I prayed for a crash or a midair collision." This mirrors what Jack says to Kate outside the airport at the end of the episode. (Movies)

See also: Possible cultural references for "Through the Looking Glass"

Literary techniques

Literary techniques in Lost
ComparativeIronyJuxtapositionForeshadowing PlottingCliffhangerPlot twist Stock Characters:  ArchetypeRedshirtUnseen character
Story:  FlashbacksFlash-forwardsFlash-sidewaysRegularly spoken phrasesSymbolismUnreliable narrator 
  • After three seasons of Lost, the audience has come to expect a certain type of episode format: real-time sequences intermixed with flashback sequences. The same intermixing format is used for this episode, insinuating that Jack's storyline at the hospital, etc. all happened in the past. However, in the final scene, Jack talks to Kate and they refer to their stay on the Island in the past tense. This implies that the "flashback" was really a "flash-forward" all along, and forces the audience to re-evaluate everything that happened in the episode. (Plot twist)  (Flash forwards)
  • Jack is doing the same thing in the past as in the future - trying to complete a phone call. In the flash forward he even says his phone is broken which is why they were going to the radio tower in the past. The episode ends when both calls are completed. (Symbolism)
  • As the title implies, the theme of this episode is 'mirror images' (Through the Looking Glass-Enhanced transcript)  (Juxtaposition)
    • Jack is in great despair. A mirror opposite of Jack, the leader on the Island.
    • Both Locke and Jack contemplated suicide in this episode, but changed their minds.
  • In the flash-forward, Jack was the hero who saved the family from the burning wreckage. However, it is revealed later that he was the one who caused the accident. (Irony)
  • After finally getting off the Island, Jack says it was a mistake and wants to go back, for unknown reasons. (Irony)
    • These reasons were explained in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"
    • After fighting to keep his people alive, Jack is now willing to sacrifice three friends for a chance to escape, making his later desperation to return even more ironic.
  • Jack "becomes" his father, the drunkard and irresponsible surgeon, and Kate stops wanting to run and gets back home. It could also be inferred that Kate may be resigned to a relationship with an overbearing man, like her mother was. (Irony)
  • Jack is leading the Losties up to the transmission tower. Climbing mountains is a common symbol among writers for overcoming obstacles. (Symbolism)
    • As if to drive home this point, the music used as the Losties cross the terrain is a piece previously used only while on-screen characters are climbing -- literally vertically, i.e. on the trek to find the cockpit or the radio signal in the pilot episode or the Black Rock in Exodus, on the mountain to the Beechcraft or while the Tailies were traversing the hillside on vines.
  • Throughout the season, Charlie never knows how he is going to die, so he must be saved by Desmond, since he can do nothing to prevent it. Yet when he finally does know when and how he will die, he chooses to accept it instead of saving himself. (Irony)
  • Charlie's mission is an homage to Return of the Jedi as many writers and producers on LOST are big fans of the Star Wars saga. (Through the Looking Glass-Enhanced transcript)
  • Locke's quest for the truth about the Island leads to him falling into a pit and being left for dead. (Archetype)

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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More details...
For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: Through the Looking Glass/Theories
  • Why are the Others going to the the Temple?
  • Who is the musician that programmed the jammer?
  • Why are the Others jamming all communications?
  • How does Walt appear to Locke and tell him he has work to do?

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