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Three Dog's Head Wrap
Three Dog's Head Wrap
DR: 2
item HP: 150
weight: 0
value: 200
effects: LK +1, CH +1
repair: Head Wrap
base id: 73FEC
Three Dog's Glasses
DR: 1
item HP: 150
weight: 0
value: 12
repair: Three Dog's Glasses, Doctor Li's Glasses, Eyeglasses, Reading Glasses, Sunglasses, Tinted Reading Glasses, Tortiseshell Glasses
base id: ACDA4

Three Dog's Head Wrap and Three Dog's Glasses are unique pieces of clothing worn by Three Dog, DJ of Galaxy News Radio.

Any Head Wrap can be used to repair Three Dog's and any Eyewear can be used to repair the glasses.



The headwrap is one of the only two pieces of headwear that provide a Luck bonus, the other is the Lucky Shades. The glasses are no different in terms of stats to other glasses in Fallout 3. It is slightly darker than the original headwrap. The headwrap Can be worn at the same time as the Lucky Shades to give a +2 bonus to Luck.


If one chooses to kill Three Dog, the items can be obtained off his corpse (Be aware, this has serious consequences.) They can also be acquired via reverse-pickpocketing.


Three Dog's Head Wrap and Three Dog's Glasses appear in Fallout 3.


Armor of Fallout 3

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