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Thought bomb
Technical information

Dark side of the Force[1]


All Force-sensitive beings within the blast radius[2]

Historical information
Notable practitioners




"I ask that you join me in one last task: the creation of a weapon so powerful that when it is detonated, the victors shall become the vanquished and be swept from the pages of history."

The thought bomb was one of the most powerful and destructive applications of the dark side of the Force which targeted all Force-sensitive individuals and vaporized clothing, flesh, bone, and even stone within the radius of the weapon's blast. The thought bomb sucked the souls of its victims into a sphere of dark side energy where they were trapped in an orb of dark torment until the end of time. Unfortunately for the user(s) the thought bomb was a suicide weapon.



"Kaan had some spell, some power, over his followers. They were enthralled to his will. When he led them down into the cave, they all followed him willingly. He had them convinced they could survive the thought bomb if they united their power…but he was wrong."
Valenthyne Farfalla
The effects of the thought bomb on Githany

The thought bomb's use dated back to the ancient Sith, and stories were told in the Jedi Temple about the destruction they caused. The bomb's secrets were forgotten and thought to be lost forever until Darth Bane discovered Darth Revan's holocron in the Temple of the Ancients on the planet Lehon. The holocron was constructed by Darth Revan nearly three thousand years earlier, but the technique likely even predated Revan.[3]

Knowledge of creating the thought bomb had been given by Darth Bane to Lord Kaan of the Brotherhood of Darkness as a 'gift', knowing that he would use it in an effort to destroy the Army of Light. Bane had acquired the knowledge of the destructive weapon from Darth Reven's Holocron, which he had previously found on the planet Lehon (Rakata Prime). Kaan unleashed the last-known bomb against the Army of Light during the catastrophic Seventh Battle of Ruusan.[2] It was Bane's plan all along for Kaan to use the thought bomb in order to purge The Brotherhood of Darkness of any Sith survivors, allowing Bane to rebuild the Sith Order under the Rule of Two in the shadows of secrecy.[4] Formed through an ancient ritual requiring the combined will of many powerful Sith Lords, the thought bomb, when triggered, unleashed the pure destructive energy of the dark side. While the Sith Lords performed the ritual, the air around them grew cold, causing icicles to form on them. The heat and light around a certain perimeter of the weapon was almost nonexistent; consumed by the bomb.[3]

A Sullustan trying to escape the thought bomb

The Thought Bomb was formed using a ritual performed by the collective willpower and command over the Force. Lord Kaan and his followers gathered into a circle and formed the weapon using a system of ritual chanting, the actual words involved in the chanting are currently unknown. Upon detonation, the Thought Bomb created a void in time and space, drawing all Force-Sensitive sentients within the blast radius into the center. Those that were not Force-Sensitive, such as the Republic soldier found outside the the cavern in which the Thought Bomb had been detonated, or Darovit, who's command of the Force was extremely limited, were unaffected by the destructive forces of the Thought Bomb. The unfortunate victims that were affected by the bomb however, were literally ripped out of their skins as the Dark Side energy sucked their souls into the remnants of the Thought Bomb; trapped in an eternal, tormenting horror--until Darth Bane tortured them further with the Force, crushing their minds and awareness and leaving them with minds comparable to animals.

Darth Bane, a young Force-sensitive girl named Rain, and her cousin Darovit were among the survivors of the dark side weapon. Other survivors included Jedi Lord Valenthyne Farfalla and the remaining Jedi of the Army of Light that fled with him.[4] The Sith Lord Githany was killed by the blast while trying to flee the cave where all of the remaining Sith Lords detonated the weapon. Lord Kaan killed himself and the remaining Sith Lords as well as Lord Hoth and the ninety-nine Jedi who traveled into the cavern to stop Kaan.[2] Bane sensed the wave of dark side energy pass over him, but he was distant enough to feel only the reverberations of the blast. Although, a few hours after the detonation of the thought bomb, Bane experienced severe headaches and hallucinations of Kaan and Qordis until he acquired his new power from Freedon Nadd's tomb on Dxun. It has also been discovered, that if one were to physically touch the the thought bomb, one could hear the screams of the tormented spirits trapped within.[4]

The Spirits of the victims of the thought bomb were eventually freed by Kyle Katarn though their presence continued to linger.[5]



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