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Thought Control
(Point Lookout add-on)
location: Calvert Mansion
given by: Desmond
reward: 300 XP
previous: Hearing Voices
leads to: A Meeting of the Minds
related: The Local Flavor
Walking with Spirits
base id: xx005849

Thought Control is a Fallout 3 quest that is added to the game with the Point Lookout add-on.



Talk to Desmond

Desmond reveals the brain to be Professor Calvert, he tells you about his past with Calvert and the Calvert family in general. He then tells you to plant a Cogwave Jammer on the Wonder Wheel that will disrupt the messages that Calvert has been trying to send throughout the Point Lookout area. Once you near the Wonder Wheel, you can hear Calvert’s voice trying to persuade you to destroy the device that Desmond gave you. There can be an error here though; when you walk up to the Wonder Wheel, Calvert may not have contacted you and the Cogwave Jammer can not be placed. This can be fixed by roaming the area, specifically to the item shop, and then you will be able to make the choice.

To plant or not to plant

Once you reach the Wonder Wheel, you have two options, but don't worry too much about them, they have no effect on karma or main storyline. Desmond, however, will react differently depending on your choice:

Side with Calvert

  • Destroy the jammer. Follow Calvert's instruction to place it in a nearby trash compactor. Calvert will tell you to return to the mansion, which is then destroyed in a huge explosion. There is minor loot in the Panic Room (including ammo, food and a Nuka-Cola Quantum), reached through a hatch in the center of the ruins.
  • You'll then advance to the same place as the second decision, the lighthouse, and the actual decision of who to kill is basically delayed via dialog until the very end. Also, you'll find Desmond isn't dead, but following Calvert in the lighthouse to kill him.

Side with Desmond

  • Plant the jammer and activate the Wonder Wheel. After this is done, Calvert's voice breaks up as the jammer does its job, then a group of Tribals will attack you, and all unnamed Tribals remaining at the Cathedral will become hostile (the named Tribals will likely join them if a fight breaks out unless the unnamed tribe members are killed unobserved).
  • Return to Desmond. When you approach the Calvert Mansion, it immediately explodes. As a result of the explosion, you are knocked to the ground. Once you stand back up, walk to the middle of the house and find Desmond in his panic shelter. He begins to tell you how angry he is that his dogs were killed and that Calvert was so close to the mansion. He then states that the 200 year long feud between him and Calvert is going to end right now.


300 XP

250 Caps after completing a speech check. After hearing the voice of Professor Calvert, you can return to Desmond and extort 250 caps from him.

Notable Loot

Near the end of this quest you will get to Calvert's Lab, located underneath the lighthouse (accessed by a secret passage that will open only when you visit the lighthouse after Calvert Mansion is destroyed). There you will find a good amount of all kinds of energy weapons ammo: Energy Cells, Microfusion Cells, Electron Charge Packs, and even Mesmetron Power Cells! (which may be the hardest to find ammo in the game... even more for free). There you can also get the Microwave Emitter, a weapon that looks identical to the Mesmetron but deals a considerable amount of damage, and uses regular Microfusion Cells as ammo. It is located at the room across Calvert's brain, where the exit ladder is located.


  • Even after destroying the Cogwave Jammer in the trash compactor, you can still walk up to the Ferris wheel and it has the "Activate Ferris Wheel" option, which if you click it it says "The Cogwave Jammer has been installed.", when it really hasn't been. (All Versions)
  • Rarely when the tribals spawn to attack you for installing the Cogwave Jammer, one will spawn inside the walls. They spawn in the "preservation shelter" inside the wall with The Brain's script and continually kill him(he is flagged essential). To solve this, you must turn off clipping mode with the console command "tcl".
  • Technically, when the Brain speaks to the player when you approach the Wonder Wheel, it's actually an NPC speaking that is nearby in an inaccassible area. Because this NPC is not allied with the tribals that attack you if you decide to attach the Cogwave Jammer to the Wonder Wheel, one of the tribals on the roof will search for him (to kill him), making it impossible to kill the tribal, as he will always stay at the rear end of the roof.
  • Sometimes the tribals will notice Panada (the merchant) and attack her.


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