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Final Fantasy IV menu with a Thought Bubble

Thought Bubbles were a new feature of the DS Remake of Final Fantasy IV they appear when the player opens the menu. The following is a list of thought bubbles ordered chronologically:

Thought Bubbles

Thought Bubbles after dismissal by King

  • Cecil: My liege, what could all this possibly serve?

Thought Bubbles upon leaving Baron

  • Cecil: Forgive me, Kain. I meant for none of this to happen.
  • Kain: Those who seek the Eidolon of Mist find only death, if tales are true.

Thought Bubbles upon entry to the Mist Cave

  • Cecil: I feel a presence. It is not hostile, but nor could it be called friendly.
  • Kain: They say the Eidolon dwells here, yet the cave is quiet as a grave.

Thought Bubbles upon defeating the Mist Dragon

  • Cecil: Strange. I felt no malice in that dragon, no evil.
  • Kain: There was little sport in that, but it is done. Now, to deliver the ring…

Thought Bubble after finding the girl

  • Cecil: An orphan—and if not by my hand, then by my deeds.

Thought Bubbles after battle with the Guards

  • Cecil: I cannot undo what I’ve done, Rydia, but I will make amends.
  • Rydia: He looks so…so sad.

Thought Bubbles after speaking to Rosa

  • Cecil: Rosa…you came all this way to find me?
  • Rydia: She must really care about him.

Thought Bubbles after Tellah joins the Party

  • Cecil: The sage’s spells are a boon. But still, I worry for Rydia.
  • Rydia: There’s a big monster waiting for us up ahead.
  • Tellah: Wait for me, Anna! Damcyan is just beyond this passage!

Thought Bubbles before facing the Octomammoth

  • Cecil: Why would such a monster make its den in a cave frequented by men?
  • Rydia: I’m afraid…but we have to help her!
  • Tellah: With a dark knight and a summoner, that beast stands no chance!

Thought Bubbles after defeating Octomammoth

  • Cecil: Damcyan is only a little farther. Be strong, Rosa!
  • Rydia: We did it! I wonder if I have the same kind of power Mother did.
  • Tellah: Damcyan lies just ahead. I’m on my way, Anna!

Thought Bubbles upon witnessing the Destruction of Damcyan

  • Cecil: The Red Wings!? But, at whose command!?
  • Rydia: It’s burning! Just like…like my village did.
  • Tellah: Anna…Oh, my sweet Anna!

Thought Bubbles after Edward joins the party

  • Cecil: With this, we can reach the Antlion’s Den. It won’t be much longer, Rosa!
  • Edward: I escorted Anna to Damcyan in this same hovercraft. Oh, Anna…
  • Rydia: Wow! It can fly over water!

Thought Bubbles upon first entering the Antlion’s Den

  • Cecil: The sand pearl is nearly ours. Wait for us, Rosa.
  • Edward: Antlions nest this time of year. It should be easy to find a pearl.
  • Rydia: I hope Rosa is all right.

Thought bubbles after defeating the Antlion

  • Cecil: Rosa…please still be alive!
  • Edward: Were I as strong as Cecil, I might have saved my beloved Anna.
  • Rydia: Hurry, Cecil! Rosa needs you!

Thought Bubbles after Rosa joins the Party

  • Cecil: Oh, Rosa…it feels so good to have you near again.
  • Edward: Are you watching, Anna? I am trying, as best I can!
  • Rosa: Thank you, Cecil. Now let me help you!
  • Rydia: I’m so glad she’s all right!

Thought Bubbles after melting the wall of ice

  • Cecil: Forgive us, Rydia, but there was no other way.
  • Edward: Rydia…so young, and yet so strong of heart!
  • Rosa: Please forgive us, Rydia. That was very brave of you.
  • Rydia: I’m going to become a summoner just like my mother!

Thought Bubbles after Yang joins the Party

  • Cecil: We must end Baron’s madness before more are made to suffer!
  • Edward: Even Fabul’s monks could not stop an attack from the skies.
  • Yang: Rest in peace, my fallen brothers. I will see to your families’ safety.
  • Rosa: At this rate, Baron will make an enemy of the entire world!
  • Rydia: Why is there so much fighting all of a sudden?

Thought Bubbles upon entering Fabul

  • Cecil: Kain…if only you were here.
  • Edward: I wonder if I can truly be of any aid in this struggle.
  • Yang: Our enemy is an airship fleet. How can we hope to engage them?
  • Rosa: The castle seems secure enough against ground invasion, but…
  • Rydia: I have to do what I can!

Thought Bubbles after battle

  • Cecil: Kain…what happened to you?
  • Yang: Rosa taken…and all of this for the sake of defending our kingdom!
  • Rydia: I hope they haven’t done anything to Rosa.
  • Edward: I will not stand and watch Cecil lose Rosa as I lost Anna!

Thought Bubbles after meeting with King

  • Cecil: If anything should happen to Rosa…
  • Yang: Please, guard the castle in my absence. We must rescue Rosa!
  • Rydia: Cecil doesn’t seem the same without Rosa.
  • Edward: This conflict is escalating. Will my contributions mean anything?

Thought Bubbles after the Shipwreck

  • Cecil: Am I the only one who survived?

Thought Bubbles upon entering Mysidia

  • Cecil: Strange that fate would return me here, to atone for my sins.

Thought Bubbles after the twins join the party

  • Cecil: Can this mountain truly wash away my bloodstained past?
  • Porom: I don’t think he’s really a bad person.
  • Palom: All right! Finally, a chance to use my magic in battle!

Thought Bubbles after Tellah rejoins party

  • Cecil: Tellah came here, too. This peak must hold some secret.
  • Porom: What could possibly break the seal on Meteor?
  • Tellah: What can Golbez do against the powers of Meteor and a paladin?
  • Palom: I guess even the world’s greatest Sage can’t overcome old age.

Thought Bubbles after defeating the first incarnation of Scarmiglione

  • Cecil: An elemental archfiend…there must be something here.
  • Porom: That was over too quickly. I have a bad feeling about all this.
  • Tellah: An elemental archfiend? Hmph. The murderer has some powerful pawns.
  • Palom: I could have beaten that one alone with my magic.

Thought Bubbles after defeating the second incarnation of Scarmiglione

  • Cecil: An elemental archfiend...A fearsome foe, to be sure.
  • Porom: How terrible! That...thing was no longer human at all!
  • Tellah: What manner of foul creature would choose undeath of its own free will?
  • Palom: Y-you mean there are more were he came from!?

Thought Bubbles after becoming a Paladin

  • Cecil: That voice…it said “my son”
  • Porom: That voice belonged to Cecil’s--! Did the elder know all along?
  • Tellah: Mark my words, Golbez! Anna will be avenged—with meteor!
  • Palom: He really became a paladin!

Thought Bubbles after meeting with the elder

  • Cecil: I fear to think what’s become of Baron.
  • Porom: Baron may be Cecil’s homeland, but we’d best be careful there now.
  • Tellah: What do you know of it, Elder? Vengeance is all that’s left to me.
  • Palom: Finally…no more boring training! I wonder what it’ll be like there?

Thought Bubbles upon entering Baron

  • Cecil: To think my return to Baron would be like this…
  • Porom: The villagers are all going about their lives normally. Strange…
  • Tellah: The Devil’s Road exacts a high toll. I could do to rest at an inn.
  • Palom: Wow! So this is Baron! I’ve never seen anything like it!

Thought Bubbles after Yang joins party

  • Cecil: There is an abandoned waterway in town that leads to the castle.
  • Porom: This monk trusts Cecil, too.
  • Yang: Manipulated by my own enemy…for this, I must atone.
  • Tellah: Baron—the home of those accursed Red Wings!
  • Palom: To the castle full of enemies, then! This should be exciting!

Thought Bubbles upon entering the waterway

  • Cecil: Has everyone remaining in the castle gone over to the enemy?
  • Porom: Foul things lurk in forgotten places.
  • Yang: The darkness is gone from him. From his armor, and his soul as well.
  • Tellah: I sense monsters about. This must be their infernal lair!
  • Palom: Ugh…awfully musty and moldy…

Thought Bubbles upon entering the castle

  • Cecil: What’s become of His Majesty? I hope Cid is all right.
  • Porom: Odd…I hardly sense any humans here at all.
  • Yang: Things are too quiet here. Something is amiss.
  • Tellah: There is strong evil in this place. Perhaps he is here.
  • Palom: Wow! This is the castle where Cecil grew up?

Thought Bubbles after defeating Baigan

  • Cecil: Then it’s true. His Majesty must be as Baigan was.
  • Porom: A man turned monster in body and mind…how horrid!
  • Yang: Had I remained under their spell, I may have become like him as well.
  • Tellah: The evil is growing thick. It seems to be coming from the throne room.
  • Palom: I suppose it would be hard on him—this used to be his home.

Thought bubbles after defeating Cagnazzo

  • Cecil: Thank goodness! Rosa is still all right.
  • Yang: I sense more from that man than simple malice.
  • Tellah: Grr! Where are you, Golbez!?
  • Cid Pollendina: But, Kain’s not the sort to turn on his friends like that!

Thought bubbles after meeting the ghost of King Baron

Thought Bubbles after arriving in Troia

  • Cecil: Kain…what must I do to bring you back to your senses?
  • Tellah: The land flourishes from the Earth Crystal’s boons. Intriguing…
  • Yang: I pray that Rydia and Edward are safe as well.
  • Cid: They say there’re chocobos that can fly in the woods around here.

Thought Bubbles after finding Edward

  • Cecil: Edward survived. But, Rydia…
  • Tellah: That young man—trying to push himself so…
  • Yang: Edward, you survived! What of Rydia, I wonder?
  • Cid: Hmph…old curmudgeon. Seems he’s got his reasons, though.

Thought Bubbles before entering the Lodestone Cavern

  • Cecil: Why would Edward ask us to carry these stalks of grass?
  • Tellah: He seemed to know something of this dark elf.
  • Yang: If the cavern possesses a magnetic field, would metals not be affected?
  • Cid: A magnetized cavern…Wonder how that could be put to use…

Thought Bubbles upon entering cavern

  • Cecil: I cannot wield a sword in here. Even metal armor is useless.
  • Tellah: Such a strong magnetic field…Let us pray my magic holds out.
  • Yang: Swords may not avail us, but I can still use my fists!
  • Cid: Didn’t expect it to be this strong! Can’t even use metal equipment…

Thought Bubbles after Edward’s intervention

  • Cecil: Thank you, Edward! Now my sword is free again!
  • Tellah: Edward’s harp bears this kind of power!?
  • Yang: So this was the purpose of the whisperweed!
  • Cid: Oh! The magnetic field’s been neutralized!

Thought Bubbles after defeating the dark elf

  • Cecil: The Earth Crystal…with this, we can save Rosa!
  • Tellah: Overexerting himself yet again…
  • Yang: How did Edward know of the dark elf’s weakness?
  • Cid: The Earth Crystal! Now, to get Rosa back…

Thought Bubbles upon returning to Troia

  • Cecil: First we must return the Crystal to the Epopts.
  • Tellah: Did he not say they would make contact when we had the Crystal?
  • Yang: Should we lose this Crystal, the enemy will have gained them all.
  • Cid: We got the Earth Crystal. Where are you, Kain!?

Thought Bubbles after meeting with the epopts

  • Cecil: Kain, you cannot truly…!
  • Tellah: All I need is one chance to get near Golbez!
  • Yang: It is difficult to believe they’ll surrender Rosa so easily.
  • Cid: We have to save Rosa—and get Kain to come back to his senses!

Thought Bubbles upon arriving in the Tower of Zot

  • Cecil: Hold on, Rosa!
  • Tellah: I’m coming for you, Golbez! You’ll suffer for what you did!
  • Yang: Lady Rosa! Please, wait just a little longer!
  • Cid: Wait for us, Rosa! We’re on our way!

Thought Bubbles after Tellah dies

  • Cecil: Golbez…why not finish me off?
  • Yang: Tellah sacrificed himself body and soul to that spell.
  • Cid: Stubborn old man…Had to go and do it, didn’t you?

Thought Bubbles after Rosa and Kain join the party

  • Cecil: Oh, Rosa! You’re all right!
  • Rosa: Thank goodness! Kain is himself again.
  • Yang: Why did that dragoon fall under the enemy’s spell?
  • Cid: We’ve got to get back to the Enterprise!
  • Kain: Cecil, Rosa…can you ever forgive me?

Thought Bubbles after resting in Baron

  • Cecil: The underworld? But how can we get there?
  • Rosa: I’d never dreamed there was another world beneath the surface of ours.
  • Yang: Dark crystals, resting beneath the earth?
  • Cid: Where did I hear about that? Forget the name…Aga-something?
  • Kain: Golbez, you will rue the day…

Thought Bubbles after opening the way to the Underworld

  • Cecil: that great chasm leads to the underworld?
  • Rosa: Could anything even survive beneath the surface, without sunlight?
  • Yang: Who could have imagined I’d one day be journeying to the underworld?
  • Cid: All right! We can take the Enterprise through that crater!
  • Kain: They must not be allowed to take the Dark Crystals!

In the Underworld

Thought Bubbles after landing

Thought Bubbles after Rydia rejoins party

  • Cecil: Rydia…I’m so glad you survived.
  • Rosa: Rydia…You’ve grown so much!
  • Kain: Only a single Crystal remains. We must make haste!
  • Yang: Oh, Rydia, you survived! But, how could you have aged so quickly?
  • Rydia: Cecil has changed, too. I barely recognized him.

Thought Bubbles after leaving the Dwarven Castle

  • Cecil: The Crystals are all within the Tower of Babil.
  • Rosa: Golbez may be out, but it’s still his base. It will be well defended.
  • Kain: If the master is away, his last servant is sure to be on watch.
  • Yang: Out of the frying pan and into the fire…We’d best brace ourselves!
  • Rydia: Eidolons…I’ll need your strength to do this.

Thought Bubbles upon arriving in the Tower of Babil

  • Cecil: Such a colossal place, this tower! But we must regain the Crystals.
  • Rosa: A tower of this magnitude could not have been built by human hands.
  • Kain: Odd…No sign of Rubicante.
  • Yang: Their main forces are gone, and this much strength yet remains?
  • Rydia: Golbez may not be here, but that doesn’t mean this tower is empty.

Thought Bubbles after defeating Dr. Lugae

  • Cecil: Luck be with you, dwarves.
  • Rosa: Cannons!? Could that rumbling be from them!?
  • Kain: The Crystals are above the surface!?
  • Yang: Fired upon from this height, those tanks may as well be made of glass.
  • Rydia: Quickly! If we don’t hurry, the dwarves will be wiped out!

Thought Bubbles after Yang dies

  • Cecil: Yang, and the dwarves, too…All for us…
  • Rosa: Yang…you were strong and true till the end.
  • Kain: If it came to it, could I made the same sacrifice?
  • Rydia: He tried to protect me when Leviathan attacked, too.

Thought Bubbles after Cid jumps

  • Cecil: We must hurry to Baron…for Cid.
  • Rosa: Cid…How could we lose you, too? It’s more than I can bear.
  • Kain: Cid….without you, who will keep our spirits high?
  • Rydia: Why? Why do I have to lose everyone!?

Thought Bubbles after hook is affixed to the Enterprise

  • Cecil: Eblan…It lies to the southwest of Baron.
  • Rosa: The Crystals are waiting in the Tower or Babil’s upper reaches.
  • Kain: The Eblanese are descendants of the ninja clans of old, they say.
  • Rydia: Edward’s hovercraft…I wonder if he’s alive and well somewhere.

Thought Bubbles upon entering the Cave of Eblan

  • Cecil: Does this passage lead to the village of Eblan?
  • Rosa: Let us pray the people of Eblan remain safe.
  • Kain: Eblan has likely fallen already, sitting so close to the Tower.
  • Rydia: That tower stretches from the underworld up to the clouds!

Thought Bubbles upon finding the village of Eblan

  • Cecil: All of these people, hiding right under the nose of their enemy…
  • Rosa: Thank goodness. Even the women and children are safe.
  • Kain: Trust the sons of shadow to plot resistance under Rubicante’s nose.
  • Rydia: They’ve been dealt a rough hand, but they aren’t giving up!

Thought bubbles after speaking with the Seneschal

  • Cecil: So, Eblan’s royals shared the fate of our own.
  • Rosa: The Tower of Babil lies just ahead.
  • Kain: To face Rubicante alone—is he mad, or merely a fool?
  • Rydia: Eblan has a prince, too? I wonder if he’s like Edward.

Thought Bubbles after Edge joins the party

  • Cecil: So, that is Rubicante—the last of Golbez’s elemental archfiends.
  • Rosa: For a prince, he seems to lack restraint.
  • Kain: This hardly seems the time for such foolery.
  • Edge: Just you wait, Rubicante!
  • Rydia: This is Eblan’s prince—an adult who acts like a child?

Thought Bubbles after breaking into the tower

  • Cecil: If Rubicante is guarding the tower…what of Golbez?
  • Rosa: Ninjutsu…It seems similar to black magic, yet somehow different.
  • Kain: I see Rubicante has prepared his defenses well.
  • Edge: Who are these people!? No ordinary folk, that’s for sure.
  • Rydia: He can pass through solid walls? Just what is this ninjutsu of his?

Thought Bubbles after defeating Rubicante

  • Cecil: This tower extends to the heavens. Where could the Crystals be?
  • Rosa: Let us hope the final Crystal is still safe.
  • Kain: If only our Eblanese friend had some humility…
  • Edge: Mother…Father…Rest in peace.
  • Rydia: Edge…now should be your time for grieving.

Thought Bubbles after falling

  • Cecil: Oh no! Is there no way to return to the upper floors?
  • Rosa: We’ve wasted time. They may already have the final Crystal.
  • Kain: All of that for nothing…We must hurry and escape!
  • Edge: We’re underground now!? Just how big is this tower?
  • Rydia: We don’t have enough time to climb back to the top!

Thought Bubbles after stealing the Falcon

  • Cecil: We should return to King Giott to see how the battle fares.
  • Rosa: The last Crystal seems to be safe, but this sudden quiet is unsettling.
  • Kain: With his elemental archfiends slain, how will Golbez strike now?
  • Edge: The underworld!? Are you serious!?
  • Rydia: I hope the dwarves escaped.

Thought Bubbles after speaking to King Giott

  • Cecil: We cannot cross the magma in the Falcon.
  • Rosa: We must protect the final Crystal!
  • Kain: Will we find Golbez at the Sealed Cave?
  • Edge: Dwarves really live down here! I thought they were just a myth.
  • Rydia: Thank goodness! Luca and all the rest—they’re alive!

Thought Bubbles after Cid upgrades the Falcon

  • Cecil: You truly are as tough as you boast, Cid.
  • Rosa: Oh, Cid…You can’t know how glad I am to see you alive!
  • Kain: Unbelievable. You never cease to amaze me, Cid.
  • Edge: A touch overzealous, that one…but he’s good at what he does.
  • Rydia: Yang must have survived somehow, too, right? Like Cid…

Thought Bubbles upon reaching Tomra

  • Cecil: Another dwarven settlement…
  • Rosa: Dwarves live here as well?
  • Kain: Even Golbez’s reach has its limits, it would seem.
  • Edge: Guess this would be the backwater of the underworld—minus the water.
  • Rydia: I can’t help but smile, listening to these dwarves.

Thought Bubbles upon entering the Sylph Cave

  • Cecil: We’d best watch our footsteps.
  • Rosa: The going here looks treacherous without the aid of Float.
  • Kain: There’s little room for maneuvering in these passages.
  • Edge: It doesn’t look like there’s much of anything here.
  • Rydia: Is someone out there? Are they hiding from us?

Thought Bubbles upon entering the Passage to the Feymarch

  • Cecil: This passage leads to the home of the Eidolons?
  • Rosa: There is so little safe footing in this cave!
  • Kain: The entrance to the Feymarch, hidden on an island within the earth!
  • Edge: Lot of flying monsters in here…hey, maybe we should--!
  • Rydia: I wonder if everyone is well.

Thought Bubbles upon arriving in the Feymarch

  • Cecil: This is where Rydia lived for all that time.
  • Rosa: Everyone who meets Rydia adores her, don’t they?
  • Kain: An entire city of Eidolons!
  • Edge: A town? Eidolons have their own society!?
  • Rydia: I hope they won’t be angry at me for bringing others here.

Thought bubbles after defeating Asura

  • Cecil: Asura…queen of the Eidolons, and nearly a goddess in this world.
  • Rosa: Asura seems the epitome of grace and benevolence.
  • Kain: What form of creature might the Eidolon King be?
  • Edge: Just as creepy as I’d expect an Eidolon queen to be…
  • Rydia: Thank you, my queen!

Thought Bubbles after defeating Leviathan

  • Cecil: So Leviathan is the king of this world…
  • Rosa: Leviathan—he is the one who brought Rydia here!
  • Kain: For how long have the Eidolons dwelt here?
  • Edge: Leviathan—the Lord of All Waters!?
  • Rydia: Thank you, Your Majesty!

Thought Bubbles upon reaching the Sealed Cave

  • Cecil: No sign of Golbez’s forces…
  • Rosa: The last of the dark crystals rests within this cave.
  • Kain: Wasn’t Golbez supposed to be here already?
  • Edge: Never would I have thought there were more Crystals down here.
  • Rydia: Who would have thought Luca’s necklace was so important?

Thought Bubbles upon breaking the seal of the Sealed Cave

  • Cecil: The seal is broken. We must hurry to the Crystal!
  • Rosa: We’ve opened the door. Will the enemy follow us in?
  • Kain: Something about this feels wrong. It’s too quiet.
  • Edge: He’s not getting the last Crystal, no matter what it takes to stop him!
  • Rydia: We have to hurry, before Golbez discovers we’ve broken the seal!

Thought Bubbles after being attacked by a door

  • Cecil: Even the doors themselves seem determined to keep us out!
  • Rosa: Living doors…It seems the gates are their own keepers here.
  • Kain: Please tell me all of the doors are not like that.
  • Edge: Wh-what was that!? Never seen a door like that before!
  • Rydia: Attacking doors!? There’s something I’ve never seen before!

Thought Bubbles in the Sealed Cave

  • Cecil: The final Crystal is here—and well protected.
  • Rosa: These caverns run deep. How far does this underworld extend?
  • Kain: I don’t like this. No sign of them at all…
  • Edge: What’s supposed to happen when all the Crystals are gathered?
  • Rydia: Where is the Crystal!?

Thought Bubbles immediately after taking the Crystal

  • Cecil: We seem to have made it in time. But where is Golbez?
  • Rosa: This is our final hope. We must guard this Crystal, come what may!
  • Kain: This feeling…I’ve…I’ve felt it before.
  • Edge: Heh…That was even easier than I thought it would be!
  • Rydia: Whew…We made it to the Crystal before they did!

Thought Bubbles after attacking the Demon Wall

  • Cecil: We’re not out of here yet. We must remain cautious.
  • Rosa: A final trap to protect the Crystal…
  • Kain: No…Not…not again!
  • Edge: Ah, so that’s it—easy to get in, and hard to get out.
  • Rydia: As if the attacking doors weren’t enough…

Thought Bubbles after Kain leaves the party

  • Cecil: Why, Kain!? Why would you betray us again?
  • Rosa: Kain…why are you alone affected by Golbez’s spell?
  • Edge: An enemy spy…No wonder I never liked that guy!
  • Rydia: Neither Cecil nor Rosa will speak a word.

Thought Bubbles after speaking to Cid

  • Cecil: Mysidia—the place where all this madness began…
  • Rosa: Thank you. Cid! Now we can reach Mysidia.
  • Edge: The Lunar Whale? Is it supposed to be a big warship or something?
  • Rydia: Dragon’s maw? Are there dragons that large in Mysidia?

Thought Bubbles when the party goes to Fabul to speak to Yang’s Wife

  • Cecil: Hmm…We can’t bring Yang back here in his current state.
  • Rosa: How can we tell Yang’s wife?
  • Edge: Fabul is an even starker place than the rumors say.
  • Rydia: Yang…How can we get you back on your feet?

Thought Bubbles on the way to smacking Yang with the frying pan

  • Cecil: Of course! With this we can…cook something?
  • Rosa: A frying pan…Is this truly going to help?
  • Edge: For the wife of a monk, she sure has a good sense of humor.
  • Rydia: I know Yang is thick-skilled, but is this really a good idea?

Thought Bubbles after hitting Yang

  • Cecil: Yang…Rest well, my friend.
  • Rosa: Rest and get well, Yang.
  • Edge: Sad to see such strength withered away to nothing.
  • Rydia: Oh, thank goodness! Yang’s wife will be happy to hear.

Thought Bubbles after receiving the knife

  • Cecil: All we can do now is pray for Yang’s rapid recovery.
  • Rosa: Yang and his wife are two truly wonderful people.
  • Edge: A well-maintained blade…This I can use!
  • Rydia: It’s hard to feel down, talking to someone as cheerful as her!

Thought Bubbles after defeating Odin

Thought Bubbles upon the appearance of the Lunar Whale

  • Cecil: A ship from the moon? Who could have built it?
  • Rosa: The Lunar Whale…is it fueled by some manner of magic?
  • Edge: You’re telling me we can fly that big whale-shaped thing to the moon?
  • Rydia: Of course! The land of Mysidia itself forms the Dragon!

On the Moon

Thought Bubbles upon reaching the moon

  • Cecil: So, this is the moon. Why does being here make me feel this way?
  • Rosa: We’re on the moon—the same moon we always gazed up at in the sky.
  • Edge: From way out here, our planet looks perfectly round!
  • Rydia; Incredible! To the moon in the blink of an eye!

Thought Bubbles when arriving in the first of the Lunar Tunnels

  • Cecil: Strange…This place feels almost…familiar.
  • Rosa: It’s quiet—eerily so.
  • Edge: What’s with all these disgusting monsters up here?
  • Rydia: Who could have imagined there was life on the moon?

Thought Bubbles upon arriving in the Crystal Palace

  • Cecil: I can’t shake the feeling that I know this place somehow.
  • Rosa: Cecil seems somehow at ease here.
  • Edge: Come one…spirits, giant snakes, whatever! We’re ready for you!
  • Rydia: If there is life here, I wonder if there might be humans?

Thought Bubbles after Fusoya joins party

  • Cecil: My father, a Lunarian…And that voice on Mount Ordeals--!
  • Rosa: Cecil! Who could have known how weighty a destiny you bore?
  • Fusoya: Would that you could see the fine man your son has become, Kluya!
  • Edge: Wow…I thought he was a bit odd, but—half Lunarian?
  • Rydia: Then, Cecil’s father lived here once, didn’t he?

Thought Bubbles after first going in the lunar whale after Fusoya joins

  • Cecil: I’ll protect this planet you loved so much, Father!
  • Fusoya: We’ve little time. The Blue Planet’s weapons cannot stop the Giant.
  • Rydia: The Giant is going to emerge from that tower!?
  • Edge: Now some giant, you say? We’ll see about that!
  • Rosa: I will stand with you, Cecil, and face this fate we’ve been dealt.

Thought Bubbles upon entering the Lair of the Father

  • Cecil: A cloud of tension hangs in this place, waiting to burst.
  • Fusoya: With this child along, might he deign to lend us his power as well?
  • Rydia: Could this be the place Leviathan spoke of?
  • Edge: Sure is quiet in here…
  • Rosa: I’ve never breathed air so clean as the air that fills this cave.
  • Kain: It's quiet, but I feel an awesome presence here.

Thought Bubbles upon entering the Giant of Babil

  • Cecil: We’ll stop this monstrosity. The fate of the world depends on it!
  • Fusoya: He’s unleashed a monster horder here in place of proper guards!
  • Rydia: We must stop this thing while the others are buying us time!
  • Edge: I’ve seen clockwork soldiers before, but—the size of this thing!
  • Rosa: Cid, Edward, Yang…please survive!

Thought Bubbles after defeating the four fiends

  • Cecil: Golbez’s elemental archfiends…is he here, too, then!?
  • Fusoya: Is such the strength of this planet’s evil?
  • Rydia: Trusting others enough to fight as one is not an easy thing to do.
  • Edge: Try as many times as you like, Rubicante!
  • Rosa: Kain…are you still serving the enemy?

Thought Bubbles upon speaking to Kain and arriving again on the moon

  • Cecil: Golbez…my brother?
  • Rosa: Cecil…
  • Kain: I…I know my path now.
  • Edge: I know how you feel, but this is a matter of life and death, Cecil.
  • Rydia: He can’t forgive Golbez? Even though they’re brothers?

Thought Bubbles after defeating Bahamut

  • Cecil: To think the Feymarch’s Hallowed Father would live on the moon!
  • Rosa: Do Eidolons hail from the moon as well?
  • Kain: Bahamut—Hallowed Father of the Eidolons!
  • Edge: Oh, man…Now I really better not make Rydia mad!
  • Rydia: Your gift will not be used lightly, Bahamut.

Thought Bubbles upon reaching the Crystal Palace

  • Cecil: Zemus awaits us down below.
  • Rosa: These Crystals—are they vessels for the thoughts of the Lunarians?
  • Kain: We’re coming for you, Zemus!
  • Edge: I can’t even imagine how foul a monster Zemus must be.
  • Rydia: Fusoya and Golbez may actually be strong enough to do this.

Thought Bubbles upon delving into the Lunar Subterrane

  • Cecil: Why was Zemus able to control Golbez?
  • Rosa: Rydia lost her home—Edge, his parents…
  • Kain: This wave of hate—does it emanate from Zemus?
  • Edge: He’s waiting for us down below. I can almost feel the evil.
  • Rydia: I couldn’t forgive Cecil, either—not at first.

After entering and leaving the Lunar Subterrane

  • Cecil: Fusoya…Golbez…
  • Rosa: We must hurry!
  • Kain: Cecil…If you can forgive me, then please—forgive him, too.
  • Edge: They…But if the two of them couldn’t even stop him, then--!
  • Rydia: Could he really be so strong that even the two of them would fail?

Subterrane thoughts Two

  • Cecil: Is Golbez truly evil after all?
  • Rosa: Kain, you suffered in silence for my sake.
  • Kain: No…These thoughts are not my own.
  • Edge: I…I’m just shaking because this is so exciting!
  • Rydia: Why did Mother send her dragon against Cecil and Kain?

Subterrane thoughts Three

  • Cecil: Kain was used as well.
  • Rosa: Forgive me, Kain…and thank you.
  • Kain: I bear no…no ill will toward Cecil.
  • Edge: Why oh why can’t I just run away and leave them here?
  • Rydia: Mother must have been trying to protect me.

Thought bubbles upon arriving in the first level of the core

  • Cecil: Even I’ve done unforgiveable things. First Mysidia, then Mist…
  • Rosa: All of our thoughts are with you, Cecil!
  • Kain: No…that makes no sense. I would never…hate Rosa!
  • Edge: I guess I just like these crazy people too much.
  • Rydia: Cecil protected me, too.

Thought bubbles upon reaching the last level of the Lunar Core

  • Cecil: Father…I will follow the path you set me on!
  • Rosa: We must see this through, Cecil!
  • Kain: People’s hearts are not toys for you to trifle with, Zemus!
  • Edge: Especially that one…
  • Rydia: Cecil, you have to forgive your brother!

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