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Thor's Hammer (トールハンマー Tōruhanmā), also known as Mjolnir, is a recurring weapon in the series. It is oftentimes one of the most powerful hammers in the game, and is usually associated with the Lightning element. It is often found near the end of the game and has an incredibly high Attack power.




Final Fantasy

Thor's Hammer is the second strongest hammer in the game, being bested by theWar Hammer. It has an Attack of 18 and Accuracy of 15, and casts Thundara when used as an item. It can be used by the Knight, Ninja, and White Wizard Job classes.

Final Fantasy IV

Thor's Hammer is the second strongest hammer in the game, and only appears in the Advance remake. It provides 190 Attack, +15 Strength, and 30 Accuracy, as well as dealing Lightning-elemental damage when attacking with it. It inflicts critical damage to Machine-type enemies, and casts Blitz when used as an item. It can only be used by Cid, and is found in the Cave of Trials.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Thor's Hammer is the most powerful hammer in the game, and can be used by Cid, Golbez, Luca, and Gekkou. It is found in the Depths.

Final Fantasy V

Thor's Hammer is a high-ranked weapon and is found near the end of the game by stealing it from Death Claw. It has 78 Attack, 81 Hit Rate, and is Long Ranged. It can only be used by Freelancers, Berserkers, and Gladiators.

Final Fantasy XI

The Mjollnir is the Relic Weapon of the White Mage Job, available only to Level 75 White Mages after having completed an immensely lengthy and expensive quest (often taking months of time, hundreds of millions of gil, and the full assistance of an entire Linkshell community to obtain difficult Dynamis drop items). The inception of the Mjollnir by the developers around the launch of the Zilart Expansion was essentially to validate the White Mage Job class as a front-line fighter. Though with optimal gear and clever strategy a White Mage with this weapon is formidable, it is still, however, outclassed by most other Jobs designed specifically for combat with mediocre gear builds, and is therefore viewed as a trophy item for those who obtain it. It is also criticized for not amplifying any magical aspects of the White Mage Job (as many other Relic Weapons build on their respective Jobs' greater aspects) but instead attempts to make up for the Job's poor offensive combative skills. Notably, however, this Club is the most powerful one-handed weapon (based solely on the Damage statistic) in the entirety of Final Fantasy XI, including Swords, Axes, Katana, and Daggers.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Mjolnir is the strongest hammer in the game, providing 55 Attack, 10 Magic, and 15 Resistance, as well as being Lightning-elemental.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Mjollnir is a Strength-raising artifact that grants Strength +3.


The "Mjöllnir" is Thor's hammer in Norse mythology. Thor is commonly known as the god of thunder, and the Mjöllnir was said to be mighty enough to level mountains. Though the weapon is usually known as a hammer, it has also been reported as an axe or club.

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