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Thisspiasian language

Average length

2 meters

Skin color

Pale to green

Hair color

Black, brown, blonde (usually turning to grey or white with age)


Four arms, serpentine

Famous members

Thisspiasians were an omnivorous, sentient species of reptiles from the planet Thisspias. They were easily recognized by their abundant beards, used to deter the biting cygnats of their homeworld. Another feature of this species was their long tail, which reached lengths of two meters in most cases and was commonly used to carry large objects. They had four arms, with the upper set being stronger and larger. It was thought unsophisticated or unseemly to have the bottom two visible, so they were generally hidden from sight via larger garments, with the smaller limbs sometimes even bound together.

Due to their snake ancestry, Thisspiasians had a preference of eating live meals, such as insects, birds, and rodents. If needed, the jaw would unhinge at the joint, and the meal would be consumed whole. Since many other species found this trait repulsive, Thisspiasians could also take their food cooked.

Also due to their ancestry, Thisspiasians shed their skin every now and then, normally in spans of a few years. Instead of shedding the skin in one piece, though, they would cover themselves in oils and salves, taking away dead membrane during times of personal grooming.

The Thisspiasians were ruled by a Blood Monarch, who resided in the alcazar of Ramatesh, the capital city of Thisspias. However, this leadership was criticized for often getting it's hands tied by archaic tradition and only making attempts to catch up with the rest of the galaxy on occasion.

Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis, who sat on the Jedi Council during the Clone Wars, was a member of this species. During that conflict, Rancisis attempted to stop Thisspias from seceding, and after he defeated the Blood Monarch in unarmed combat, the planet remained part of the Republic. Thisspian warriors and strategists worked with the Republic during the war, using their natural mental ability to win battles.


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