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Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Miniseries: Mission Gamma, No. 2
Author(s): Heather Jarman
Publication information
Published: Paperback - August 2002
Pages: 390
ISBN: ISBN 0743445627

The crew of the Defiant encounter an unusual species and get involved in a dispute, while the Bajorans and the Cardassians begin negotiations on Deep Space 9.



From the back cover:


The political intrigue aboard Deep Space 9 ™ escalates when Gul Macet's warship arrives at the station with an unexpected passenger. Cardassian Ambassador Natima Lang has returned to the station on a mission of hope, but it's one that will bring back old wounds and old ghosts. As tensions rise on all sides, Colonel Kira Nerys discovers that the line between friend and foe is narrower than she ever imagined.

Elsewhere, the crew of the damaged Starship Defiant forges an uneasy alliance with an unusual alien species -- one whose unique biological makeup is the key to the balance of power in that region of the Gamma Quadrant. As the crew becomes ensnared in a web of deceit, Lieutenant Ezri Dax and Ensign Thirishar ch'Thane struggle to stave off a genocidal civil war.


Referenced: Leonard James Akaar | Corat Damar | Curzon Dax | Jadzia Dax | Tobin Dax | Torias Dax | Skrain Dukat | Vic Fontaine | Elim Garak | Alon Ghemor | Girani Semna | Iskel | Tiris Jast | Lenara Kahn | Kira Meru | Krem | Krodu Leeta | Martok, Son of Urthog | Elaine Mello | Montenegro | Miles O'Brien | Odo | Ohalu | Jean-Luc Picard | Renhol | Rom | Ro Gale | Benjamin Sisko | Jake Sisko | Tora Ziyal | Deanna Troi | Worf, son of Mogh | Yevir Linjarin




Referenced: Alpha Centauri | Andor | Bajoran wormhole/Celestial Temple | B'hala | Braslota system | Cardassia | Casperia Prime | Cliffs of Bole | Denorios Belt | Empok Nor | Ferenginar | Fire Caves | New Sydney | Volchok Prime

Starships and small craft

Referenced: USS Enterprise-D | USS Gryphon | USS Phoenix


Referenced: Europani | Founders | Preserver | Vulcan

States and organizations

Referenced: Allied Tribunal | Dominion | Klingon Empire | Maquis | Promenade Merchants' Association | Romulan Star Empire |Starfleet Academy

Food and beverages



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