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The Nazis were a group of fanatical Germans who attempted to take over the world during World War II. They took control of the German government during the 1930's and were led by a man named Adolf Hitler. The Nazis possessed advanced technology, results of the experiments of three core Nazi scientists. The possibly greatest of these was name Arnim Zola, who specialized in conscience transference and the creation of artificial life. Another Nazi, perhaps as great as Zola, yet far more adversive, was Baron Zemo. He specialized in laser technology and created an adhesive called Adhesive X. The most terrible, yet least devoted to the Nazi's cause, was a mutated geneticist named Nathaniel Essex a.k.a. Mister Sinister. Sinister only associated with Nazis so he could study the genetic potential of the so called "master race". He also wanted to collect DNA samples from prisoners in the concentration camps. The Nazis were eventually defeated by the Britain and the United States in 1945. Zola transfered Hitler's consciousness into a clone he dubbed, Hate-Monger. Both Hitler and Zola headed for parts unknown. Baron Zemo fled to South America and Mister Sinister vanished. Hitler's right-hand man, Red Skull, formed his own orgainization. bent on world domination. Another Nazi operative, Baron von Strucker, formed HYDRA, an international terrorist organiztation.


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