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Battle of Taanab


Blockade of Yavin


Mission to Dantooine

Third Battle of Yavin 4

Galactic Civil War




Yavin 4


Pyrrhic & Tactical Rebel victory


Alliance to Restore the Republic

Galactic Empire


Darth Vader


Medium Defense Force

Large Landing Force


Heavy losses

Relatively light in comparison

The Third Battle of Yavin 4 was one of many attempts by the Galactic Empire to drive the Rebel Alliance off of Yavin 4 after the loss of the first Death Star.

The battle

The Galactic Empire invades Yavin's fourth moon with landing craft and TIE fighters.

A larger attack than usual, Red Squadron, led by Luke Skywalker, flew against the dropships deploying ground forces. After a majority of the Imperial loader shuttles and dropships were destroyed, a transport slipped through defenses and deployed a stormtrooper force into the Great Temple, pinning General Jan Dodonna in the Ceremonial Chamber. As Red 3, Sarkli, reluctantly defended the fleeing transports in orbit, Luke and Wedge Antilles landed in the temple and ripped through the attackers.

Red Squadron readying to attack the Imperial invaders.

The two managed to save Major Bren Derlin and Dodonna, and proceeded to the entrance of the base, where they were pinned down by two AT-STs. Sarkli swooped down and destroyed the walkers, allowing the group to escape in a GR-75 medium transport. However, the fleet of Immobilizer 418 cruisers were still activated, so no transports escaped. The Alliance returned to the moon and re-occupied the temples, which they would lose during the upcoming Fourth Battle of Yavin 4 and Evacuation of Yavin.

Behind the scenes

In the game Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader, a level called "Revenge on Yavin" takes place on Yavin's fourth moon. The level sees the player, as Darth Vader, attempt to destroy several Rebel GR-75 medium transports before they can leave the moon's surface. They are defended by BTL Y-wing starfighters and T-65 X-wing starfighters, and occasionally, T-47 airspeeders can be seen speeding across the moon's surface. Additionally, in this level, the planet Yavin is seen in background a purple color, rather than the usual orange.


  • Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader (bonus level)
  • Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike
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