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This article is about the thieving skill. For information on training thieving, see thieving training.


Thieving is a members-only skill that allows players to obtain coins and items by stealing from market stalls, chests, or by pickpocketing non-player characters (NPCs). This skill also allows players to unlock doors and disarm traps. The current minimum requirement to be ranked (at approximately rank 1,809,298) on the hiscores for Thieving is level 30. 

A player successfully pickpockets a man.

This is the act of walking up to an NPC and right-clicking them, then selecting Pickpocket. In the case of the Master Farmer, only a single left click is required to attempt to pick his pocket. If successful, you will gain Thieving experience and possibly coins or various items.  The higher the thieving level, the more NPCs the player is able to pickpocket from.

However, it is possible for the NPC to notice a pickpocket, in which case the NPC will yell "What do you think you're doing?", or a Master Farmer will say "Cor blimey, mate! what are ye doing in me pockets?" and will stun you for a few seconds and cause 1-7 damage (the higher the NPC's level, the harder they hit). Because of the possibility for damage, it is recommended that players bring healing familiars, enchanted excalibur or food, such as cakes that can be stolen from cake stalls. You can successfully pickpocket an NPC even if they are looking right at you.

Also, if a player attempts to pickpocket an attackable NPC just before its death, the player thieving it will get a message saying: "Too late; they're dead."

The equipment that a player wears does not affect the success rate, aside from H.A.M. robes (when pickpocketing H.A.M. members), an Ardougne Cloak (although the Ardougne Cloak 1 and 2 enhance pickpocketing only in Ardougne), or Gloves of silence. However, equipping a Snowball, a salamandar without the tar needed, or a (cross)bow without projectiles makes it impossible to accidentally attack an NPC.

Thieving and Agility

A player reaches a level at which they can potentially gain triple loot from Master Farmers.

As of the 19 January 2010 update, adventurers with high Agility and Thieving levels now stand a chance of pickpocketing double, triple or even quadruple the usual amount of loot from unsuspecting targets. However, no experience is gained acquiring these random influxes of loot.


Thievable NPCs

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Thievable stalls

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Thievable chests

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Pickable doors

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Temporary boosts

A player wearing a Thieving cape and performing the Skillcape emote.
  • A Bandit's Brew, purchased at the desert bandit camp for 650 coins, will boost thieving by one.
  • A yellow spicy stew has the potential to raise or lower the thieving level by up to six levels.
  • The summer sqi'rk juice from the Sorceress's Garden minigame raises thieving by three.
  • The Thieving Fingers special move of a magpie will boost thieving by two (requires Summoning level 47).
  • Gloves of silence improve the success rate of pickpocketing. Gloves of silence are automatically destroyed after a player is caught around 50 times while pickpocketing with them. However, they can be repaired by using dark kebbit fur on them with a needle, thread, and knife in the inventory. (A Crafting level of 64 is required to accomplish this.)
  • The Abyssal Stealth special move of an Abyssal lurker can increase both thieving and Agility by four levels invisibly (requires Summoning level 62).
  • Operating or equipping the Thieving cape will boost one's thieving level by one, from 99 to 100.
  • The Ardougne cloak 1 reduces your chance of being caught when stealing from the stalls in Ardougne market.
  • The Ardougne cloak 2 gives you a better chance of pickpocketing in Ardougne in addition to the bonus from the Ardougne cloak 1.
  • The Ardougne cloak 3 gives you a better chance of stealing and pickpocketing anywhere in Runescape.

Random events

Main article: Random events
A player is trapped in the Varrock pillory.

There are two different random events that are specific to thieving, with one of them being a discontinued event.

  • Poison Gas - When thieving from a chest, a poison cloud may appear, which will poison your character. This event has been discontinued as of February of 2009.[Note you can still get poisoned from the chest if you do not disable the trap]
  • Pillory - It is possible that your character will be teleported to a pillory in Yanille, Varrock, or Seer's Village, where shapes must be matched in order to pick the lock and return to where your character was thieving. It is possible for players to throw rotten tomatoes at the trapped player, although it won't do any damage.

Thieving minigames

A player attempts to steal from the safe in the Rogue's Den.

There are a number of minigames that are based on, or include Thieving:

  • Pyramid Plunder - the desert city Sophanem has a pyramid where you can thieve for artefacts. As you get further into the Pyramid, higher thieving is required but it brings increasing amounts of Thieving experience. One of the fastest methods to train Thieving (see bottom of page).
  • Blackjack - Another Thieving activity in the desert where you can knock out and pickpocket bearded bandits, Pollnivneach bandits, Menaphite thugs, and villagers.
  • Rogue's Den - Traverse a maze with Thieving and Agility obstacles, earning modest experience in each skill, and also the chance of gaining Rogue equipment. Perhaps more interesting for thieves are the safes located within the dungeon. Good for experience and for the gems that you obtain as loot.
  • Sorceress's Garden - An interesting game where you dodge guards and try to get fruits to make sq'irk juice. Requires patience, pestle and mortar, beer glasses, a bit of skill, and experience, but yields excellent experience, with moderate Farming experience also gained. Has four levels each giving increased experience at levels 1, 25, 45, and 65. Empty beer glasses can be obtained for free at the shelves at the Sorceress's house. Also, a possible alternative source of Herb collecting. (Note: Completion of the Prince Ali Rescue quest is needed to play.)
  • Stealing Creation - A combat and skill game where you try to produce more clay items that the other team. In the game, you may pickpocket others to gain items from their inventory.


  • 27 people have 200 million experience in Thieving, the fourth most for any skill.
  • When stunned while pickpocketing, it is possible to eat food, bury bones, drop items, etc.
  • The door in Port Sarim's jail can be picked from the inside. The door is available to all players. Any player can pick the door by talking to Shantay. This is done by telling him you're an outlaw. Shantay will send you to his jail, and when the player refuses to pay the fee to leave the jail, he/she will be sent to Port Sarim jail. The door can then be picked from the inside.
  • The nature-rune chest is dark when it can be looted; it is light when it has been looted.
  • Players used to be able to lock the fur trader in East Ardougne in the house behind the stall to more easily steal from behind the fur stall. The fur trader is now immobile, consistent with the other vendors.
  • When one gains Thieving experience from the Tears of Guthix minigame, one gets the following message: "You feel your respect for others' property slipping away."

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