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Thief Glove as seen in Final Fantasy V.

The Thief Gloves (とうぞくのこて Touzoku no Kote), also known as Thief Glove, Thief's Gloves, Thief Armlets, Hanzo Gloves, Brigand's Gloves, Thief's Kote, or Thief's Cuffs, are a recurring set of Gloves in the series. It is usually a mediocre armor or an uncommon accessory that may increase the wearer's agility or speed stats or increase the success of the Steal command, or change it into the Mug command. It may be exclusive to characters that are related to agility or the ability, specially the Thief and Ninja Jobs.




Final Fantasy

The Thief Gloves and Thief Armlet are mediocre armor that both grant bonuses of 5 Agility to the wearer.

Final Fantasy II

The Thief Gloves are a mediocre armor that increase the wearer's Agility by 10.

Final Fantasy III

The Thief Gloves are a low rank armor exclusive to the Freelancer, Onion Knight, Thief, and Ninja Jobs and grant a bonus of 3 to Agility.

Final Fantasy IV

The Hanzo Gloves are used by Edge, and upgrade his Steal command to Plunder.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Hanzo Gloves is a dummied-out armor, only accessible via hacking.

Final Fantasy V

The Thief's Gloves double the probability of getting a successful Steal. It also grants a mediocre bonus to the Defense stat.

Final Fantasy VI

The Brigand's Glove Relic, originally translated as the Thief Glove, is exclusive to Locke and Gogo, it changes their Steal command (If Gogo has the Steal command assigned) into Mug. There also exists a Sneak Ring in the original translation, but was re-translated as the Thief Bracer. It increases the success rate of Steal.

Final Fantasy VII

Sneak Glove as seen in Final Fantasy VII.

Sneak Glove is an accessory that increases the success rate of the Steal command.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Brigand's Gloves is an accessory that guarantees a successful steal from the enemy.

Final Fantasy IX

The Thief Gloves return as an high-rank armor for Zidane and Amarant. It grants a bonus of 1 to Agility and teaches Zidane the Master Thief ability. You can find these in the Auction House at Treno once you reach disc 3. It can also be synthesized in Daguerreo for a Mythril Armlet, a Sargatanas, and 50,000 gil.

Final Fantasy XI

The Thief's Kote is a pair of gloves that boosts the Thief's Steal command. It is obtained from a Tonberry Notorious Monster in the Den of Rancor.

Final Fantasy XII

The Thief's Cuffs are an accessory that allows the wearer to Steal superior and rare items. It can be equipped by any character as long as he or she has obtained the Accessories 10 License on the License Grid.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Brigand's Glove is a high-ranked arm guard that provides +1 Speed and Auto-Haste. It can be bought for 30,000 gil.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Thief Armlets increase the success rate of steal abilities up to 100%, or 43% in the case of Steal:Ability.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Brigand's Gloves increases the stealing rate of the wearer as well as giving +2 Attack and Evasion.

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