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The Thief is a dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2. As with almost all thieves in the Final Fantasy series, it has the ability to Steal and to Flee, though these abilities must first be learned. The Thief dressphere has the best Evasion stats in the game by far, as well as second best Agility stats, topped only by the Berserker dressphere, which has a Agility stat merely one point higher. The remaining stats are all very well-balanced, ranging from average to little above average (compared to the other dresspheres). Since the weapons used as a Thief are two stylized blades, it deals two attacks to the enemy, which is useful when in a Chain combo. The Thief dons small, tight clothes for Agility, yet little Defense.

"Let me take that off your hands."
"All right, hand it over!"
"Watch out, items aren't the only things I can steal."


Acquiring Thief

The Thief dressphere is Rikku's default dress.




NB! Abilities written in bold/italic are passive abilities. All other abilities are active

Name Description AP to learn MP to cast Required
Attack Attack one target. N/A N/A Filler for IE
Steal Steals an item from target (Added to "Attack" menu). 0 0 Filler for IE
Pilfer Gil Steal gil from target. 30 2 Filler for IE
Borrowed Time Inflicts Stop effect on target. 100 16 Filler for IE
Pilfer HP Steals HP from target. 60 10 Pilfer Gil
Pilfer MP Steals MP from target. 60 0 Pilfer HP
Sticky Fingers Guaranteed Steal from target. 120 20 Pilfer HP
Master Thief Steal rare items from target. 140 20 Sticky Fingers
Soul Swipe Inflicts Berserk effect on target. 160 12 Pilfer HP
Steal Will Attempts to cause target to flee from battle. 160 18 Soul Swipe
Flee Lets the party escape from battle (Added to "Attack" menu). 10 0 Filler for IE
Item Hunter Increases the odds of item drops. 60 0 Filler for IE
First Strike Allows the user to act first, even if the party was ambushed. 40 0 Filler for IE
Initiative Increases chance of preemptive strike. 60 0 Filler for IE
Slowproof User is immune to Slow effect. 20 0 Filler for IE
Stopproof User is Immune to Stop effect. 40 0 Slowproof


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