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Theleth (full name Luiwtheleth ch'Artan) was an Andorian chan who served in Starfleet during the 24th century. Throughout the mid-to-late 2370s and 2380s, he served as chief of security and tactical officer aboard the USS Daedalus and USS Daedalus-A. (Star Trek: Daedalus)


Early life and career

Luiwtheleth ch'Artan was born on Andor in 2343. At the age of 16, Theleth enrolled in the Andorian Academy and trained to become an officer in the Andorian Defense Force. Graduating with honors in 2362, Theleth was assigned to the border cutter ADS Honw as a security officer and trainee tactical officer.

On stardate 40212.2, the Honw was assigned to assist the Starfleet vessel USS Livingston track down a group of Andorian rebels that had been operating in Sector Alpha 57. At the conclusion of the operation, Theleth and a squad of troopers assisted Livingston security personnel in assaulting the rebel compound on Alpha 57-IV. Captain Achocer was so impressed with the tactical abilities that Theleth expressed during the assault that he offered him a sponsorship to Starfleet Academy.

After some deliberation, Theleth accepted Achocer's offer and entered Starfleet Academy for a one-year training course in September of that year. Theleth graduated the following year and, at Achocer's request, was assigned to the Livingston's security department.

Starfleet career


The Livingston

Following Theleth's assignment to the Livingston in 2364, he soon became a valuable security officer under Lieutenant Commander Karl Straus and was often assigned to away teams were the utmost delicacy was required such as tense first contact situations or precision tactical ground assaults. At Straus' request, Theleth also doubled up as gamma shift tactical officer.

By 2371, Theleth had been promoted to lieutenant junior grade and had been made deputy chief of security aboard the ship. At this time, Captain Achocer accepted a promotion to rear admiral and reassignment, with command of the Livingston being assigned to Captain Shrelk. Due to his intense loyalty to Achocer, Theleth contemplated transferring off the ship with him, but remained behind at Shrelk's request.

Several months later, the Livingston was assigned to conduct a survey of the Rothnal sector, deep in the Beta Quadrant on the boundary of the Scorpius Reach. Upon entering the Osar system, the Livingston detected several Vulcan and Andorian starships locked in orbit of the fifth planet. Theleth accompanied Shrelk's away team to one of the derelict ships and later down to the planets surface, where they discovered that the two groups were engaged in eternal combat with one another. As the away team moved between the two groups, Theleth and Shrelk began to challenge each other more and more and eventually became involved in a struggle to the death.

The Livingston's science officer determined that a psychotropic compound present in the planets atmosphere had changed their brain chemistries and caused the two to strike out at each other. While the crews of the Vulcan and Andorian ships were beyond help, Theleth and Shrelk were returned to the Livingston and made a full recovery following medical treatment. Several days later, Theleth requested, and was granted, a transfer off of the Livingston. ("Blood Feud")

The Nelson

In late 2371, Theleth was assigned to the Intrepid-class USS Nelson as deputy chief of security, under the command of Captain Ross Charlton. Over the next two years Theleth served aboard the Nelson with distinction, and received several commendations during the Draconis IX Perimeter Action against the Tholian Assembly and against the Borg at the Battle of Sector 001.

Following the outbreak of the Dominion War in late 2373, Theleth decided to take the option to serve with the Andorian Defense Force and protect his homeworld from the Jem'Hadar.

Return to the ADF

Following his re-enlistment in the Andorian Defense Force, Theleth was promoted to the rank of lieutenant and was assigned as chief of security and tactical officer aboard the prototype escort, ADS Atlira. Theleth saw extensive action for the remainder of the war as the Atlira defended Andoria and neighboring star systems from the advancing Dominion forces.

Following the war's end in late 2375, Theleth transferred back to Starfleet and retained the rank of full lieutenant in light of his service in the ADF during the war. Following a brief leave of absence, Theleth was contacted by Captain Christopher Mackenzie and offered the position as tactical officer and chief of security aboard the USS Daedalus, which he readily accepted. ("War Stories")

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