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The jungle is a major location on Lost since the show takes place primarily on a tropical island. The jungle is seen in some capacity in every episode of Lost and is often the setting for most of the action, mystery, and danger on the show. The exact size and boundaries of the jungle are unknown, but it is has been shown to occupy the majority in the Island's interior.

The forest is similar to the jungle, but has slightly different vegetation and topography than the jungle. However, both the jungle and forest are used the same in terms of plot and metaphor on Lost. For purposes of simplicity, this article uses "jungle" to refer to both the jungle and forest.


Flora and fauna

Boar, its what's for dinner
Main articles: Plants, Food, and Animals

The jungle is home to many types of vegetation. Most notably, Banyan trees are abundant and provide protection from unconventional threats.

The jungle is also home to many types of animals; wild boars and frogs are notable examples of indigenous jungle fauna.

Additionally, some unusual inhabitants have been seen in the jungle, such as polar bears, paralyzing spiders, and a mysterious monster.


The jungle is used as a symbol throughout Lost.



Main article: A-Missions

Since the jungle makes up the majority of the Island, traveling through the jungle is a part of every significant journey in Lost. Characters often trek through the jungle for various reasons. Typically, a character's journey starts and ends at locations outside the jungle, such as the trek from the beach camp to the Barracks. The jungle is often used to both literally and metaphorically represent the hardship of that journey.


Main article: Rain

The jungle is commonly used to represent confusion and disorientation in Lost. This is often a literal confusion, as characters tend to get lost while navigating in the jungle. Often, the accompanying rain and darkness contributes to this disorientation. This confusion usually occurs during a journey, and is symbolically shown to lift as the characters complete their journey, often by the end of rain and the sun rising.


The hatch
Main articles: Secrets and Island stashes

The jungle is a natural method for concealing that which isn't meant to be found. The most notable locations hidden in the jungle have been the DHARMA Initiative stations, the first of which the survivors referred to as the hatch. Items are commonly hidden in the jungle and are kept in a number of hidden stashes. Also, the jungle makes an ideal hiding place for people, as demonstrated by the Others who routinely use it to seemingly disappear.

Fear and danger

Main article: Fear

The jungle is often the location or source for fear and danger in Lost. Usually, when something bad happens to the characters, it occurs in the jungle. Crimes are commonly committed in the jungle, such as kidnapping, beatings, shootings, and murder. Also, a number of frightening and dangerous mysterious phenomenon occur in the jungle, such as the Monster and the Whispers.

Notable events

Many notable events took place in the jungle throughout Lost.

Ben meets Richard ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

Before the crash

At a young age, Ben traveled through the jungle, eventually stumbling upon Richard Alpert, a Hostile. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

Season One

Jack was the first survivor to enter the jungle, having awoken in it after the crash. He ran through it, eventually finding the crash site. However, the first journey with more than one survivor was undertaken by Jack, Kate, and Charlie, who went to search for the cockpit of the plane. They were successful, but the pilot, Seth Norris, was killed soon afterward by the mysterious monster. Jack, Kate, and Charlie fled through the jungle, eventually reuniting, finding Norris's body, and journeying back to the beach camp. ("Pilot, Part 1")

A later group of survivors ventured out into the jungle, finding and killing a polar bear.("Pilot, Part 2")

Sayid hears whispers in the jungle ("Solitary")

The next major journey through the jungle was undertaken by Sayid, who, feeling guilt for his torture of Sawyer, went off to explore the Island. Following a cable that lead from the ocean to the jungle, he followed it until he was captured by the Frenchwoman, Danielle Rousseau, who interrogated him. He soon escaped, however, and made it back to the beach camp, but not before hearing whispers in the jungle. ("Solitary")

Claire and Charlie were later kidnapped by the Other Ethan Rom, who led them both through the jungle while being followed by Jack, Kate, Locke, and Boone. Charlie was left for dead by Ethan, while Ethan took Claire with him. Jack and Kate found and revived Charlie. However, Locke and Boone accidentally stumbled upon a mysterious Hatch, which they would secretly excavate for the rest of the season. ("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues")

After Claire returned to the camp, several survivors, using Claire as bait, captured Ethan in a large standoff, though he was soon shot to death by Charlie in the jungle. ("Homecoming")

Hurley later journeyed out into the jungle to search for Rousseau, and was followed by several other members of the beach camp. ("Numbers")

Locke and Boone, after a short journey through the jungle, also found a Beechcraft airplane, which accidentally killed Boone. ("Deus Ex Machina")

Sayid later forced Locke to take him to the plane. ("The Greater Good")

The Black Rock

In order to find dynamite to open the Hatch, Jack, Kate, Hurley, Locke, Danielle, and Arzt journeyed out across the island to find the ship Black Rock, which housed a large repository of dynamite. On this journey, they were chased by the monster, and also frightened by a large bird in the Dark Territory. Upon reaching the vessel, they retrieved the dynamite and then journeyed back to the hatch and were chased by the monster once more. ("Exodus, Part 2")

Season Two

Sometime afterward, as the tail section survivors neared the beach camp after a long journey, ("The Other 48 Days") Shannon and Sayid ventured out into the jungle, where Shannon was accidentally shot and killed by Ana Lucia. ("Collision")

Later, Eko and Charlie journeyed to the Beechcraft (which belonged to Eko's brother Yemi), where they were confronted by the monster, which stared at Eko for several moments before retreating into the jungle. ("The 23rd Psalm")

Tom intercepts the "hunting party." ("The Hunting Party")

After Michael left, Jack, Sawyer, and Locke journeyed out into the jungle to search for him. However, they were intercepted by Tom, who, holding Kate hostage, forced them to turn around and go back, and not to go any further than they had then. ("The Hunting Party")

Danielle approached Sayid several days later in the jungle, showing him a man she had caught, who claimed to be "Henry Gale," while in reality, was a high-ranking Other named Benjamin Linus. ("One of Them")

After the return of Michael from the captivity of the Others, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley set off across the jungle with Michael to the Others' camp. After meeting the mysterious bird again, they realized that Michael had led them into a trap, and were all captured by the Others, though Hurley was released in order to warn the remaining survivors. ("Live Together, Die Alone")

Season Three

After the Hatch implosion, Desmond and Locke both awoke in the jungle, and journeyed back to the survivors. Locke, after receiving a vision from the island, journeyed through the jungle to save Eko from a polar bear. ("Further Instructions")

Soon afterwards, Eko wandered off into the jungle, and was killed by the monster, while Locke, Desmond, Sayid, Nikki, and Paulo journeyed through the jungle to reach the Pearl station. ("The Cost of Living")

Sawyer, Kate, and Alex hide in the jungle. ("Not in Portland")

Kate and Sawyer later escaped the clutches of the Others, and hid from them in the jungle with Alex. ("Not in Portland")

After traveling from the Hydra island to the main island, they traveled with Karl back to the main camp, though Karl left them during the journey. ("Stranger in a Strange Land")

Soon after their return, Hurley found a van out in the jungle, and with the help of Jin, Sawyer, and Charlie, pushed it through the jungle and started it. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead")

Kate, Rousseau, Locke, and Sayid soon undertook a journey through the jungle which lead them to first the Flame, then to the Barracks, where they rescued Jack. ("Enter 77")  ("The Man from Tallahassee")

Kate and Juliet then traveled back through the jungle, handcuffed together as part of a ruse by the Others, and were chased by the monster. ("Left Behind")

After experiencing a flash, Desmond journeyed out across the island with Charlie, Hurley, and Jin, where they stumbled across both Naomi and Mikhail. ("Catch-22")  ("D.O.C.")

Ben and Locke travel to Jacob's cabin ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

Locke, meanwhile, took Sawyer through the jungle and convinced him to kill Anthony Cooper. ("The Brig")

Locke then returned to the Others with Cooper's corpse, forcing Ben to take him to Jacob, which Ben did. After learning that Jacob spoke to Locke, he took Locke to a mass grave, where he shot Locke in the stomach and left him for dead. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

After receiving news from Naomi that her boat was nearby, Jack and most of the beach camp set off across the jungle for the radio tower, though Juliet, Sawyer, and Hurley later turned back to help three of their friends against the Others. However, Locke stabbed Naomi at the radio tower before retreating into the jungle. ("Through the Looking Glass")

Season Four

Naomi survived barely, and escaped into the jungle, where Kate followed her. Naomi died after fixing the satellite phone, however. ("The Beginning of the End")

Daniel Faraday, a member of the science team, lands in the jungle. ("The Beginning of the End")

Because Naomi fixed the phone, members of the science team were able to reach the island. After journeying across the island to retrieve three of the four members, Sayid, Kate, and Miles traveled to Locke's camp, where Sayid traded Miles for Charlotte. ("Confirmed Dead")  ("The Economist")

Daniel and Charlotte, a few days later, traveled through the jungle to reach The Tempest, and were followed closely by Juliet and Jack. However, they managed to shut down the Tempest completely. ("The Other Woman") Sun and Jin later attempted to travel through the jungle, but were stopped by Juliet. ("Ji Yeon")

The mercenary team from the freighter soon traveled through the jungle, killing Karl and Danielle and capturing Alex. ("Meet Kevin Johnson") They then traveled to the Barracks, where a large battle ensued, eventually ending in Alex's death and the Monster emerging from the jungle to attack the mercenaries, badly wounding Mayhew. ("The Shape of Things to Come")

Sawyer, Claire, and Miles later traveled back to the beach camp, narrowly avoiding running into the mercenaries again. ("Something Nice Back Home") Locke, Hurley, and Ben, however, traveled back to Jacob's cabin, where Locke received the instructions to move the island. ("Cabin Fever")

Jack and Kate then traveled through the jungle to reach the helicopter, but were met by Sawyer, Miles, and Aaron. Sawyer and Jack continued on, while Kate took Aaron to Sun and then followed after Jack and Sawyer with Sayid.
The battle at the helicopter ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")
However, Richard Alpert and the Others captured Kate and Sayid. Meanwhile, Ben lead Locke and Hurley to the Orchid, where he surrendered himself to Martin Keamy in order to allow Locke a diversion. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

Sawyer and Jack finally reached the Orchid, where, after a confrontation with Locke, left with Hurley and traveled back to the helicopter. Kate and Sayid, along with the Others, killed most of the mercenary team and freed Ben. Sawyer and Jack arrived at the helicopter, and Frank piloted them off the island. However, Sawyer was soon forced to jump out. Meanwhile, Ben moved the island using a frozen wheel, and Locke, the new leader of the Others, journeyed back through the jungle to find his people. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")

Season Five

After The Island moved, and everyone on the island started to travel through time, Daniel Faraday took a group of people into the jungle to see if they could find a major landmark or structure on the island. After clearing some of the dense foliage, they found The Hatch, sometime before it imploded. ("Because You Left")

Jones (Widmore) threatens Juliet

When the flaming arrow attack by The Others occured, Juliet, Sawyer and the freighter crew ran into the jungle to escape the danger. However, while walking through the Jungle, Juliet and Sawyer were captured by a small group of The Others, one of which was a seventeen year old Charles Widmore. ("The Lie")

Miles, Charlotte and Daniel were walking through the jungle after the flaming arrow attack, when suddenly the others came out of the jungle with guns drawn. Miles claimed Daniel was their leader, causing Ellie to question him about where the rest of his people were. The others then took the three freighter folk to Richard Alpert. ("Jughead")

While leading his group through the jungle, Locke noticed a light emanating up ahead. Recognizing it as the light from the hatch on the night that Boone died, John steered well clear of it. A short time later, a woman's screams were heard by the group. Going to investigate alone, Sawyer witnessed Kate assisting Claire giving birth to Aaron. ("The Little Prince")

Charlotte died due to Temporal displacement while walking toward the Orchid Station through the jungle. ("This Place Is Death")

Juliet, Sawyer, Miles and Daniel saw the back of the Four-toed statue, from the Orchid Well, after a time flash. ("LaFleur")

Ajira Airways Flight 316, after experiencing a time flash and losing engine power, overshot the runway found on Hydra Island, causing the plane to crash into the jungle, killing the co-pilot. ("Namaste")

Sawyer and Kate bring Ben to the Others

Kate and Sawyer carried a wounded Young Ben into the jungle in an attempt to find The Others and save Ben's life. A group of others surrounded them and escorted Kate and Sawyer to Richard Alpert. Richard promptly took Ben into the temple to save his life. ("Whatever Happened, Happened")

Miles drove Dr. Chang through the jungle to the secretive location of the Swan Station construction. ("Some Like It Hoth")

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