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The Wreckers
Series: Doctor Who - TV Comic
Doctor: Fourth Doctor
Companions: Sarah Jane Smith
Published In: TV Comic 1223-1231
Publication: 24 May - 19 July 1975
Format: Comic - 9 parts (? pages)
Previous Story: Return of the Daleks
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The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith receive a distress call from a small moon and go to investigate. At the same time a ship of horse-headed bipeds called Equinans also begins to investigate the distress call. When both the TARDIS and the Equinan ship near the moon they encounter an irresistible force pulling them down. The TARDIS is able to land safely but the Equinans are forced to abandon ship with only Roppy, the ship's captain staying on board.

Once on the moon, the Doctor and Sarah Jane investigate the source of the distress call only to find that numerous ships from a number of species have unnaturally crashed in the same spot on the moon. They discover the newly crashed Equinan ship and force their way in where they revive the unconscious Roppy. Soon after, the Equinan ship is boarded by Kryllians, a primitive species that possesses weapons and technology far beyond their natural development. Outnumbered, the Doctor, Sarah Jane, and Roppy hide as the Kryllians steal the ship's cargo.

Once the Kryllians have left, the Doctor, Sarah Jane, and Roppy follow them only to fall through a trap door. Becoming the Kryllians' prisoners, they find that the Kryllians have already captured the Equianan crew from their escape pods. The Doctor soon escapes and finds out that the Kryllians are working for the Vogans who intend to make the prisoners slaves.

Hypnotizing one of the primitive Kryllians, the Doctor frees the Equinans who easily overtake the Vogans and begin to escape in their ship. Before the Equinans can complete their escape, however, the leader of the Kryllians discovers the hypnotized soldier and turns on the force field that begins to pull the captured Vogan ship back down to the moon's surface. Luckily, the Doctor knocks out the Kryllian controlling the force field and smashed the equipment allowing the Equinans to escape and signal their fleet. As the Doctor and Sarah Jane leave the moon they see the Equinan fleet approaching the Kryllian moon in order to take care of the problem once and for all.

The Doctor concludes that it is time for he and Sarah Jane to return to Earth for some piece and quiet.



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The Doctor and Sarah Jane are initially unable to understand either Roppy or the Kryllians. No explanation is given as to why their languages are not automatically translated.


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#REDIRECT Wreckers (Earth-Transformers)

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This article is about the Autobot group. For the comic, see Universe (comic).
The Wreckers are an Autobot combat unit in the Generation One continuity family.
Wreck & Rule

The Wreckers are a special task force, generally composed of the best and the toughest die-hard fighters around. The Wreckers tend to be a close-knit combat unit that consider themselves the best of the best. They're often called in to fight when the odds of success are slim.

Because of this, they tend to burn through their roster at a frightening rate.

Never a dull moment when you're a Wrecker.

Broadside, Stormbringer #4



Marvel UK Generation One comics

They always smile after a nice massacre.

The initial roster of the Wreckers consisted of Impactor (the leader), Roadbuster, Whirl, Twin-Twist, Topspin and Rack'n'Ruin. They were later joined by Broadside, Sandstorm and Springer (who became the team's leader after Impactor's death). Target:2006 Both Roadbuster and Whirl appear to be absent from the team later on. Distant Thunder! Roadbuster reappears amongst the Wreckers eventually, but Whirl is never seen again. Time Wars Inferno is later affiliated with the team. Firebug!

Known members:

After the team takes major casualties during the Time Wars, the few survivors (Springer, Broadside and Inferno) joined together with other "outsiders"—both Autobot and Decepticon—to form the (aptly named) Survivors.

3H comics

You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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Now taking applications for: Traitors, Girls, and People Who Shouldn't Be Here.

The Wreckers were still, by tradition, considered an Autobot force, despite being on Maximal-era Cybertron, and accepted even Decepticons and Predacons into their ranks following the takeover of Cybertron by Megatron and his Vehicon armies. Universe (comic)#Transformers Universe: Featuring The Wreckers

Known members:

Dreamwave Generation One comics

The Wreckers: Featuring Ultra Magnus's Crotch.

The Wreckers split from the Autobot forces after the disappearance of Optimus Prime in a space bridge explosion. Led by Springer, they clashed with Ratbat's Ultracons in the Tagan Heights for a time The War Within: The Dark Ages before reuniting with the Autobots and the Lightning Strike Coalition immediately prior to the Age of Internment. The War Within: The Age of Wrath

Known members:

Later on, during Shockwave's reign on Cybertron, the Wreckers were a small but elite task force of Autobots dedicated to keeping the peace wherever (and however) necessary.


When the Stunticons were released from imprisonment in Cybertron's detention banks, the Wreckers responded in kind. This, however, was after Menasor had already wiped out the Omnibots and defeated Defensor. In the battle, both Whirl and Roadbuster were apparently killed before Ultra Magnus took charge and brought Menasor down. War and Peace

IDW Generation One comics

What do you mean, it's a lost cause? Of course it's a lost cause. That's why we're here!

Springer, Stormbringer issue 2

The Wreckers are so hardcore they don't even need a spaceship. Except for when they do.

The Wreckers are the Autobots who get called in when the odds of success are nonexistent, but the job needs to be done anyway. Assigned to Varas Centralus after the Decepticon infiltration on that planet went to Phase Six, they were pulled out and sent back to Cybertron at the order of Optimus Prime when the Autobot leader suspected that Thunderwing may have been behind the disappearance of the Calabi-Yau. Stormbringer #2

The Wreckers arrived just in time to save Nosecone and Afterburner. They then proceeded to take Bludgeon's team apart without breaking a sweat. Stormbringer #3 Thunderwing was slightly more challenging, but the Wreckers suffered no apparent casualties. Stormbringer #4

When Thunderwing popped up again guarding a cave on on Corata-Vaz, Optimus Prime sent for the team once again. Spotlight: Cyclonus

Known members:

Note: Their starship, the Xantium, appears able to transform into a robot and thus may also constitute a member of the team.

Shattered Glass

Rodimus was in charge, until they aided the Autobots at Praxus-Delta. This battle had all Wreckers (aside from Rodimus) suffering the usual fate of most Wreckers from most universes.[1]


  1. Rodimus's Tech specs.
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