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For the DC comic of the same title, see The Worst of Both Worlds (comic)
The Worst of Both Worlds
Series: The Next Generation
Miniseries: Mirror Universe
Author(s): Greg Cox
Publication information
Printed: Glass Empires


Introduction (blurb)

Humanity is a pitiful collection of enslaved, indentured, and abused peoples. No one dares to question the order, except at peril of their lives. One man survives by blinding himself to the misery around him. However, Jean-Luc Picard resists, just once. And in that one instant he unlocks a horror beyond the tyranny of the Alliance. Can a man so beaten down by a lifetime of oppression stop the destruction?

From The Pocket Books Spring 2007 Catalogue: In The Worst of Both Worlds, after a hundred years of domination by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, humans struggle to survive. A man known as Jean-Luc Picard agrees to take an elderly, doddering scientist, Noonien Soong, to a planet where he's heard there is a machine-human hybrid.


All characters in the mirror universe.




Unnamed mirror universe characters

Akorem | Jonathan Archer | Beverly Crusher | Zefram Cochrane | Jack Crusher | Daystrom | Richard Galen | Victor Hugo | Kahless | Khan Noonien Singh | James Tiberius Kirk | Odan | Jil Orra | Robert Picard | Hoshi Sato | Arik Soong | Spock

Literary characters referenced

Brer Rabbit | Injun Joe | Becky Thatcher | Jean Valjean




Calder II | New T'Karath


States and Organisations

Borg Collective | Sakethan | Terran Rebellion


kelbonite | limestone | Sakethan burial mound | tri-ox compound


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Death in Winter
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The Sorrows of the Empire
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