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The Woman
Also known as:
Race: Gallifreyan (Time Lady)
Home Planet: Gallifrey
Home Era: Rassilon Era
Appearances: DW: The End of Time
Actor: Claire Bloom
"I was lost... so very long ago."
―The Woman

The Woman was first seen in a church on December 23 2009. She told Wilfred Mott of the church's past: it was once a convent that had been attacked by a demon from the skies in the 1300s, and was saved by a "sainted physician". After saying that the physician may appear again, she vanished.

She next appeared to Wilf on Christmas Day, her image appearing on television, which only Wilf could see. She told Wilf that he needed to take up arms, and that the Doctor's life could still be saved. Before vanishing again, she warned Wilf not to tell the Doctor of anything she had said to him.

She once more appeared to Wilf on the Vinvocci's spaceship when Wilf claimed to be lost, claiming that he was found, and telling him that it was the Doctor's final battle, and that he had to take up arms. He asked her who she was, but she remained silent and told him that she was lost so long ago, before disappearing once more.

She was revealed to be a mysterious Time Lady, and could be seen in a weeping position standing by The Narrator, who was revealed to be Rassilon. When the Doctor looked at her, she briefly uncovered her face and looked at him. They seemed to share a recognition of each other. She shed a single tear, and glanced toward the diamond being used as part of Rassilon's plan. This seemed to be the inspiration which the Doctor needed to shoot the diamond, sending her and the other Time Lords back into the Last Great Time War. She was last seen in her weeping position. When later asked by Wilfred who she was, the Doctor replied with only silence. (DW: The End of Time)

Behind the Scenes

  • During filming, newspapers The Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph announced that Claire Bloom would be portraying the Doctor's mother. [1] However, the character was never explicitly identified as such during the special.
  • In commentary for the second half of The End of Time, Julie Gardner was of the strong opinion that The Woman was the Doctor's mother, but admitted there was enough ambiguity to allow other interpretations. Russell T. Davies, for his part, generally refused to be drawn by Gardner's comparative certainty about The Woman's identity.
  • In the final version of The Writer's Tale, Russel T. Davies states that the Woman's identity was deliberately left ambiguous, but the intention is that she's the Doctor's mother. There is however, in brackets next to "The Woman" in a cast list the words: "The Doctor's Mother"
  • It's worth noting that in the novel EDA: The Shadows of Avalon, Romana regenerates into a third incarnation who the Eighth Doctor notes looks very much like his mother.
  • If The Woman were the Doctor's mother, the revelation could be said to clash with Doctor Who (1996), in which the Eighth Doctor stated he was half-human on his mother's side. However, it was revealed in IDW: The Forgotten that he was never truly "half-human", but instead confusing the Master by using suggestion and a half-broken Chameleon Arch. Also, the episode never indicates explicitly that the Woman is Gallifreyan. See WC: Death Comes to Time for an example of a non-Gallifreyan becoming a Time Lord.
  • The Woman was seen standing opposite another, weeping Time Lord. Russell T. Davies pointed out the nature of this in commentary and wondered if anyone would question who he was, and what their connection was.
  • Whenever the Woman appears to Wilf, she appears somewhat older, and has slightly more grey.
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