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"The Whole Truth"

22 March 2006
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"The Whole Truth" is the sixteenth episode of Season 2 of Lost and the 41st episode of the series as a whole. John enlists Ana Lucia's help in dealing with their prisoner in the Hatch. Elsewhere, Sun begins to think that she might be pregnant.




Sun and Jin discuss having a child (promotional still)
The young couple awaiting the fertility results

With pressure from Sun's father, Jin desperately wishes to conceive a child, in the hopes that a baby will "change everything" in his life. However, no matter how much they tried, it did not work.

Later, Sun takes English lessons from Jae Lee, her former love interest who left her for an American woman, who eventually left him.

Since they haven't had any luck conceiving, Jin suggests that they visit a fertility specialist. The specialist tells them that Sun has endometriosis and that their chances of conceiving are impossible, news that clearly upsets Jin more than it does Sun.

Sun confesses to Jae Lee that she feels relieved about not being able to conceive and confides that she was planning on leaving Jin for America. While their relationship is that of teacher and student, it's clear that Jae Lee would like it to be more when he encourages her to stay in Korea with him.

While walking outside with her dog, the fertility specialist drives up to her to confront her with the truth: she is not the reason why she and Jin cannot conceive a child, but Jin is. The doctor is frightened of Jin due to his employment with Sun's father. Jin is apparently infertile. She decides to keep it a secret.

On the Island

John enlists Ana Lucia's help in dealing with Henry

Ana Lucia is jogging on the beach, towards her shelter. Outside of her tent, she finds Locke eating a banana, telling her that there is a man sitting in his hatch, who may be one of the Others - and Locke wants him out. He says she is the best option because of her experience with the Others, and her career as a cop. When Ana asks if Jack knows about this, Locke responds he does not need Jack's permission to talk to her.

Meanwhile in Sun's garden, Sun works until she hears rustling from the bushes. She jumps up, scared, but Jin comes out. He tells her they are going back to camp, especially because she was attacked by the Others, and he does not want her to get hurt again. He ruins her garden, saying that now she has no reason to come and work there.

As Rose and Bernard walk across the beach, they argue about Bernard forgetting Rose's birthday. While walking, they see Sun, stopping by a tree in pain. They ask her if everything is alright, and she tells them she is just light-headed, and walks away.

John informs Jack of his plan while shaving

Jack gets out of the shower in the Hatch, and finds Locke shaving. Jack is surprised to see him, as he had not finished showering, but Locke tells him that the steam opens up his pores. He tells him they need new blood to motivate Henry to talk, and suggests Ana Lucia. Jack says he will talk to her, but Locke tells him he already did, and she is talking to him this very moment.

In the armory, Henry tells Ana the story he already told the other survivors. He tells her about his balloon and his wife's grave. Ana suggests that Henry draw a map to his balloon, and she will look for it. If she finds it, they will believe him.

Sun asking Sawyer for a pregnancy test

Back on the beach, Sun asks Sawyer -- who is reading a book -- if she may look over the medicines and the medical supplies Sawyer has in his hidden stash. Sawyer won't allow her, asking her to tell him specifically what she wants. She whispers that she needs a pregnancy test.

Sayid and Charlie join the mission to find the balloon

Ana Lucia approaches Sayid, who - together with Charlie - is building a dining table. She tells them about Henry's map and suggests that they go look for the balloon. Sayid says it's at least a day's walk, and she responds that they should thus leave immediately.

On their way to the balloon, Ana notices the gun that Charlie carries. She tells him he should give the gun to someone who knows how to use it. Charlie responds that as he recalls, last time she held a gun she killed someone. He decides to give the gun to Sayid. After walking some more, Sayid notices the cliff that was on the map.

Back at the beach, Sun takes her pregnancy test, and waits with Kate for the result. Sun asks Kate if she ever took one, and Kate says she did. After two minutes, they find out that Sun is pregnant. They consult with Jack whether this test is reliable, and Jack says it is, and it's time for Sun to tell Jin the whole truth. Jack heads back again to the Hatch, and Kate is still unaware of what is going on down there.

The group split up to search for the balloon

At night, as Charlie sleeps, Ana talks to Sayid. She tells him that she knows nobody likes her, and it was this way her whole life, even though she is trying to make them like her, she is who she is. But Sayid, according to her, has a good reason to hate her, and she says she is sorry for what she did. Sayid replies that she was just trying to protect her people, and that it wasn't Ana who killed Shannon but them - the Others. He says once they find out Henry is one of them, something will have to be done. The next day, they arrive at the place the balloon supposed to be, and decide that each one will search in another section of the jungle.

Bernard trying to fish oysters

Back at the beach, Bernard is looking for oysters, hoping to find a pearl (presumably for Rose, as a birthday gift). Jin is there, fishing, and tells him there are no oysters on this beach. Sawyer arrives, and tells Bernard that Sun is pregnant. Jin, who does not understand what they are talking about, does not understand why Sawyer calls him "Daddy-o."

Jin apologizes to his wife

He goes to Sun's garden, and starts fixing it. Sun arrives, and Jin apologizes for his actions, saying that he hates being this way, fighting all the time. He says helplessly that he cannot speak the others' language nor understand them, and that he needs her, he needs Sun.

Sun finally tells him that she is pregnant. He happily hugs her, and she confirms that she has never been with any man other than Jin, and he believes her. She says there is something she has to tell him --- that he is infertile. Jin believes it's a miracle.

Together, they decide upon a name for their child, and agree they should tell the other survivors the good news. Sun says that Jack and Kate already know, and Sawyer probably does, too. Only then Jin understands the meaning of the name Sawyer gave him, and says that Bernard knows too. Jin then agrees to leave her alone in her garden, and while she tells him she loves him, in Korean, he intentionally replies to her in English, saying "I love you".

Henry startles Jack and Locke with his comments

Back at the Hatch, Jack takes Henry, who is reading, out of his cell to eat breakfast. Henry notices the computer, and asks what it is for, but Jack replies "Nothing". Locke gives him cereal, and Henry questions where all of this food came from. Locke tells him that it was already down there when they found it. Henry is surprised that there are not that curious as to where all the stuff in the Hatch came from. He then proceeds to inform them that he drew a map for Ana Lucia, and when he "sees" they are surprised to hear about it (even though it is obvious that Henry knew that they didn't know about the map), he jokes about the secrecy the survivors maintain amongst one another. He starts to wonder out loud what he would do if he were be an Other: how instead of supplying Ana Lucia with a map to his balloon, he would instead give her a map that would lead her party into an ambush. When Locke and Jack look at him in suspicion, he simply says "You guys got any milk?"



  • The pregnancy test that Sun uses is produced by Widmore Labs.
  • When Sun asks Sawyer for a pregnancy test, her Korean accent is noticeably more pronounced (presumably because she's very nervous).
  • Locke finds the Geronimo Jackson record, Magna Carta, while flipping through various albums.

Production notes

  • Claire, Eko, Libby, and Michael do not appear in this episode.
  • The dialog between Sawyer and Bernard on the beach is played backwards. It goes like this (written in the correct order):
BERNARD : Well how do you know?
SAWYER : Oh, I got my source!
BERNARD : Well aren't you gonna tell him that?
SAWYER : Not my place!
BERNARD : You should tell him! Or…?
SAWYER : Hell no! Let Sunshine tell him!

Bloopers and continuity errors

  • When Sun is talking to the fertility doctor in his car, it's possible that there was a stand-in for her. During some of the shots from "over the shoulder" her hair appears to have a blonde tint.
  • When Sun is talking to the fertility doctor while walking her dog, the translation at the bottom of the screen reads "You're husband..." instead of "Your husband...". This was fixed for the Season 2 DVD.
  • Around when Ana Lucia says "point 1 for Henry" a nearby island can be seen in the background.

Literary Techniques

Literary techniques in Lost
ComparativeIronyJuxtapositionForeshadowing PlottingCliffhangerPlot twist Stock Characters:  ArchetypeRedshirtUnseen character
Story:  FlashbacksFlash-forwardsFlash-sidewaysRegularly spoken phrasesSymbolismUnreliable narrator 
  • Charlie refuses to give Ana Lucia the gun because the last time she used one, she murdered someone. However, this is also true for Charlie, as, excluding "Exodus, Part 1" where he did not use his gun, he murdered Ethan the last time he handled a gun. (Irony)
  • As Ana Lucia, Charlie, and Sayid follow Henry Gale's map Ana Lucia notes that the mountain they see matches the one drawn by Henry. Sayid notes that a similarity doesn't mean that they are headed toward a balloon. Ana Lucia responds by jokingly saying, "Yeah, but at least we know we're on the right island". In Season 3 it is revealed that there is a neighboring island that Henry Gale sometimes works on. (Foreshadowing)  (Irony)
  • In the previous episode, "Maternity Leave", Claire scolds Sun, asking her if she's a mother when she warned Claire that a mother shouldn't leave her baby. The way Sun replied is foreshadowing of the events in this episode. Moreover, another foreshadowing was Jin and Sun's reaction to Claire's comeback in "Homecoming". (Foreshadowing)
  • The pregnancy test is made by Widmore Labs. This is shown before Charles Widmore became a character. (Foreshadowing)

Recurring themes

Recurring themes in Lost
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Cultural references

Cultural references in Lost
(direct references only)
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Episode references

  • Sun tells Jin that she has never been with another man, something that will later be proven to be a lie during the flashbacks of "The Glass Ballerina".
  • When Sun asks if Kate had ever taken a pregnancy test, Kate says yes, in reference to the events not depicted until Season 3 in "I Do"

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