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Series: Deep Space Nine
Author(s): Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Publication information
Published: Paperback - 2000
ISBN: ISBN 0671024027
Date: 2374



From the back cover: The crew of the Starship Defiant is trapped in a future in which the Pah-wraiths have triumphed -- as the greatest epic adventure in the saga of Deep Space 9 continues....

In the last days of the twenty-fourth century, caught in the crossfire of the apocalyptic confrontation between the Bajoran Prophets and the Pah-wraiths, Captain Benjamin Sisko, and his crew face what might be the final millennium. On one side, the Pah-wraiths' new Emissary -- Kai Weyoun -- promises his followers that when Bajor's two Celestial Temples are restored as one, all beings in the universe will ascend to a new and glorious existence with the True Prophets. On the other side, the scientists of Starfleet predict that when the two Bajoran wormholes merge, they will create a Warp 10 shock wave of infinite destructive power.

With the Federation on the brink of collapse, and Starfleet consumed by Admiral Jean-Luc Picard's obsessive quest to build the largest starship ever conceived, Sisko enters the ultimate race against time for the biggest stakes of all -- the survival of the universe itself.




Julian BashirJadzia DaxThe DoctorDukatElim GarakKira NerysNogMiles O'BrienOdoJean-Luc PicardQuarkThomas RikerRomSeven of NineBenjamin SiskoJake SiskoSarah SiskoVashWeyounWorf


Arla Rees • Karon • Benny Russell • Ryle Simons • T'len

Prophet guises

Michael EddingtonVic FontaineKira NerysMartokNogMiles O'BrienOpakaJean-Luc PicardWilliam RossJennifer SiskoJoseph SiskoSolokZek


Zefram CochraneWesley CrusherDamarData • Eilin • Albert EinsteinStephen HawkingHughIshkaKathryn JanewayKahless the UnforgettableKruegerGeordi LaForge • Mardah • MartokLeonard McCoy • Mora Pol • Naradim • Naomi Pedersen • QWilliam RossDeanna Troi • B'Elanna Paris • Tom ParisShabrenKhan Noonien Singh • Sokath • WinnKasidy YatesZekLewis Zimmerman



Alpha QuadrantBajorBajor-B'hava'elB'halaStarbase 53Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
Referenced only 
Adigeon PrimeAlpha CentauriAndorAR-558 • Bajoran Central Protectorates • Beta QuadrantBa'SyladonBorethCardassiaCestus III • Crab Nebula • Deep Space 9Deep Space Station K-7Delta QuadrantDeneva • Erelyn IV • Fire Caves • Gaia • Gamma Quadrant • Greenwich • Hub Colonies • Largo system • New BerlinNew OrleansRomulusSan FranciscoStarfleet MuseumSyladdoTrivas systemTyreeUnion Territories


Altanex • USS AugustusCerulean StarUSS Defiant • USS OpakaUSS Phoenix
Referenced only 
USS BozemanUSS DestinyUSS DiscoveryUSS EnterpriseUSS EnterpriseUSS EnterpriseUSS GarneauIKS Heart of KahlessUSS Voyager

Starship classes

Chimera-class • Defiant-classTiberius-class
Referenced only 
Akira-classBorg cubeDaedalus-classGalor-class • Jem'Hadar attack cruiser • Sovereign-class

Races and cultures

Referenced only 
AndorianBreenBynar • Erelynian • IconianMiradornTellariteTiburonian

States and organizations

Ascendant • Bajoran AscendancyBajoran MilitiaCardassian UnionDominionImperial CommandosImperial LegionKlingon EmpireObsidian Order • Regulus Science Academy • Romulan Star EmpireStarfleetTal ShiarUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Borg CollectiveCult of the Pah-wraithsFederation Department of Temporal InvestigationsFoundersGreat LinkKlingon-Cardassian AllianceMaquis • Starfleet Bureau of Standards • Starfleet Temporal Warfare DivisionVulcan Science Academy


2388The Adventures of FlotterAlth'Indor • Amojan • Anslem • Antimatter bomb • Antimatter podBantacaBaseballBat'leth • Battle of Earth • Battle of Rigel VIIBattle of Wolf 359 (mirror)Books of EilinB'nai candle • Casualty list • Cochrane space • Contact mine • Day of AscendancyDedication plaqueDominion WarEmissary of the ProphetsFerengi Rules of Acquisition • Feynman curve • FlotterForest of ForeverFourth Age of Kahless • Gaia class • Glob fly • Grandfather paradox • Great Material River • Greenwich Mean Time • Headskirt • KaiGuardian of ForeverHeisenberg compensator • Hew-mon • Houdini • Industrial replicator • Inertial dampenerIntegrated Systems ManagerIrumodic Syndrome • Kente cloth • Kosst Amojank'Roth ch'KorKukalaka • Local Planetary Time • Marauder MoMartian terrier • Messiah • Mirror universeMulti-vector assault modeNanite • Nanoassembler • Nanoconstructor • NanosporeNanotechnologyNaradim's Third VisionOccupation of BajorOrb of TimeOrthodox Andorian Vengeance CyclePaghParallel universe • Particle web • Pauli • PeridaxonPrime DirectiveProject GuardianProject Looking GlassProject PhoenixQ ContinuumQuantum stasis field • Ragnarök • ReckoningRed Orbs of Jalbador • Red wormhole • Remington • Romulan WarRoot beer • Sarsaparilla • Second Battle of Wolf 359Slingshot effectSpeaker of the Borg CollectiveStardateSto-vo-kor • Temporal anomaly • Temporal causality loop • Temporal displacement policyTemporal mechanicsTerranTranswarp • Travelpod • Treaty of Wolf 359TrevisTrilithium •Vanilla • VedekVerteronVoleVulcan Love SlaveVulcan Love Slave, Part II: The RevengeWar of the ProphetsWarp bubble


  • Worf comments about time travel and how the Klingon Empire dispatched temporal assault teams into the past to destroy their enemies before they ever developed into a threat. However, the fates of these forces is unknown.

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