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"The Dead Space. Some people call it hell."
―The Doctor.

The Void was the empty space between universes. "The Void" was only the name given to it by the Time Lords, it was also known to the Eternals as "'the Howling", and to others as "Hell."

Rassilon was (amongst other titles) "Ravager of the Void". (BFA: Neverland)

It contained no temporal or spatial dimensions, but language which employs them may be used to conceptualise it. For example, the Doctor confirmed that the Void had no 'up' or 'down', but also talked about the universes within it being 'stacked' on top of each other. Even "time" in most senses, doesn't actually exist there (DW: Army of Ghosts) If someone traveled through the Void, they would absorb background radiation, called Void stuff. (DW: Doomsday)

Void travel

A Void Ship was a spaceship which can travel through the Void into other dimensions. While originally believed to be only theoretical by the Time Lords, it was eventually discovered that the Daleks were in possession of a powerful Void Ship in the form of a golden sphere. (DW: Army of Ghosts)

The Cult of Skaro travelled to the Void to escape from the impending destruction of the Dalek Empire in the Last Great Time War by the Doctor, taking with them the Genesis Ark, a prison ship containing millions of Daleks, and hid in the Void until the time was right. (DW: Doomsday)

This Void Ship caused a crack in the universe, making travel from one dimension to the next easier, allowing both the Doctor's TARDIS (not a Void ship) to travel to the dimension of the parallel Earth Cybermen, and those Cybermen to travel to this Earth and invade. (DW: Rise of the Cybermen, Army of Ghosts)

After the Battle of Canary Wharf raged throughout London, the Doctor sucked all of the Cybermen and Daleks into the Void, without anyone else falling in (DW: Doomsday). The actions of other Daleks would later weaken the dimensional walls, allowing some the Cybermen to escape the Void. The rest along with the Daleks perished according to the Doctor as a result of the events surronding the Reality Bomb. (DW: The Next Doctor)

Other information

The memory changer "Adam Smith" said he had been trapped in the Void for a long period of time. (TW: Adam)

It is not confirmed if this was the same 'Void'. If not it may be the White Void.

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From EQ2i, the EverQuest II wiki

The Void is a common Norrathian reference to a particular dimension or plane populated by the Shadowed Men, Nightbloods, Evil Eyes and Void Beasts.

Travel between the plane upon which Norrath exists and The Void plane is possible through gateways, properly known as "rifts," that can exist as stable or unstable wormhole-like apertures in spacetime. Some of these rifts are recurrent but inconsistent, such as the one in the northwestern region of The Commonlands. Others seem to be quite stable, such as those at the base of the Anchor of Bazzul.

Smaller tears allowing passage between the planes called Void Storms formed throughout Norrath during the initial invasion and more recently during the return of the forces of The Void.

It appears that the current denizens of The Void are diverse and powerful. There appears to be a caste-like hierarchy, with Voidmen being the primary intelligent masters and Void Beasts serving a lesser, soldier-like role. It is unclear if Shadowed Men are an intermediate caste or simply the appearance of a Voidman when appearing incompletely in the Norrathian plane. Evil Eyes also feature heavily in void influenced areas.

It is likely that The Obelisk of Lost Souls (more accurately known as the Tower of Vul) exists in this dimension, as does the Obelisk of Blight.

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

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The Void is a recurring theme in the Final Fantasy series. It can be taken in reference to either the physical phenomenon or the ideal of nothingness, though both tend to go hand-in-hand.



The Void, as it is referred to as an actual, physical area in space, often takes a form that is chosen by the "wielder" or current denizens thereof. Though it is often seen against a backdrop of pure darkness or celestial atmosphere. The term "Void" is also used in reference to the power to distort, or remove entirely, large parts of space. This is the most present form of the Void in the series.

In most, if not all, instances in which the Void is prevalent, so too is the rampant nihilistic attitude of those seeking to make use of its power. Often times, this starts out as a simple desire for incredible power but inevitably leads to an intense desire to reduce all of everything to a state of non-existence. Whether this is due to the fact that The Void is an intelligent or sentient being or if it is merely the result of gaining the state of being to make use of such power is not known.

The Void is also hinted to be a connective dimension through which other parts of the Final Fantasy multiverse can be reached. Gilgamesh, Shinryu and Omega are all creatures who live in the Void, and appear in very similar forms across multiple games in the series. Famed Mimic Gogo in Final Fantasy V banishes himself into the Void, and seems to be the same character as Gogo in Final Fantasy VI. Dissidia Final Fantasy supports this concept, as several characters from different games speak of "The Void" as though it were the same dimension across all its appearances. Omega, Gilgamesh and Shinryu are also stated to be travelers of the Void, again suggesting their appearances across each game are variations of the same entities traveling between worlds via the Void.


Final Fantasy

While never mentioned by name in the original game, Dissidia elaborates that it was the Void that allowed Garland to time-travel.

Final Fantasy III

In Final Fantasy III, the player finds their selves ultimately tasked with destroying the Cloud of Darkness which is attempting to use the power of The Void to reduce all of existence (at least as far as this particular world is concerned) to a state of non-being. The Warriors of the Dark that had been imprisoned within the Dark Crystals of the World of Darkness explain to the hero party that a delicate balance between the powers of Light and Darkness must be maintained in order to hold The Void at bay. They go on to state that whenever an imbalance or "flood" of Light or Darkness occurs, so too does the Cloud of Darkness appear to follow through with its plans. Whenever an imbalance occurs, four individuals are selected to become Warriors of Light or Darkness depending on the particular imbalance. (i.e. Light Warriors against darkness, Dark Warriors against Light). However, Xande's gross misuse of the power of Darkness led, once again, to the advent of the Cloud of Darkness, but with the consequence of creating an imbalance so great that The Void would be much easier to summon. Therefore, to combat the Cloud of Darkness and end its existence for good, the Dark Warriors decide to aid the Light Warriors in the battle that their combined powers of Light and Darkness may overwhelm it.

Final Fantasy V

Main article: Void (Final Fantasy V)

The Void is a prevalent figure in the story. The evil warlock Exdeath escapes his imprisonment by the Warriors of Dawn by shattering the Crystals of Light, thus removing the seal on his prison. Once free, Exdeath returns to the world he came from in order to gather and ultimately shatter the Crystals of Darkness, which he accomplishes by tricking the heroes into breaking for him. With the two sets of Crystals destroyed, the two worlds once again merge into one as it had been separated 1000 years prior by the 12 sages who defeated Enuo that the Interdimensional Rift may be confined to the space between worlds with The Void inside it. Once the two worlds merge back into one, Exdeath is free to take control of the power of The Void. In order to defeat Exdeath, the Light Warriors must traverse the Interdimensional Rift, battling demons once sealed within, and attempt to reach Exdeath. In the final stand against Exdeath, the Light Warriors find themselves at a loss when Exdeath makes use of the power of The Void to consume their friends and loved ones as well as themselves. However, they manage to break free of this power and engage Exdeath in mortal combat. Finding himself bested, Exdeath seeks to use the power of The Void once again but finds himself engulfed by it instead. With his own power backfiring, Exdeath re-emerges as Neo Exdeath with a new desire to erase all of existence and then finally himself. The Light Warriors find themselves now battling for the sake of the universe against the very power of The Void itself which they emerge from victorious. With their victory, The Void seems to go into remission and replaces all the areas and people that Exdeath had engulfed.

Final Fantasy VI

Although the Void itself is never explicitly mentioned, the game contins the X-Zone spell, which was introduced in Final Fantasy V and threw targets into the Rift. The animation for X-Zone in Final Fantasy VI takes the form of a portal into a starry backdrop, which then closes, taking its targets with it as it goes. This is remarkably similar to the way Exdeath banished targets to the Void after taking control of the Void.

Final Fantasy IX

Although not directly referred to as the Void, Kuja deems everything unfit to live with his sudden knowledge of his limited life span and goes out of his way to destroy the crystal. This would revert everything to nothingness. This passion is also shared with Necron who has deemed that life has no will to go on. Necron also shares similarities with another Void hungry character, Exdeath. Both are somewhat related to trees and both want to revert everything to nothingness.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

It is implied through the course of Shade Impulse that should Cosmos remain dead, Chaos's powers would cause the worlds that make up the battlefield for the Conflict of the Gods to sink into the Void, along with the heroes and villains who had been summoned to fight. Notably, Exdeath and the Cloud of Darkness retain their desires to return existence to The Void, and both of them sink into The Void when they are defeated for the last time. This may suggest that the Void in Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy V are the same thing, which would tie the games together with a common element. However, when fighting Cloud of Darkness, Exdeath will say "The Void that you desire is false.", which suggests otherwise, though whether Exdeath knows this as a fact is debatable. In any case, the Void is certainly an important element in Chaos and Garland's backstory, as mentioned in the section on Final Fantasy I.

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

The Void is a world visited during the Summer's End quest. The Void is a completely empty world found between more well-developed worlds such as Yu'biusk, Gielinor, and Zanaris. It is metaphysically similar to The Abyss, but seems to form the border between The Abyss and other worlds.

The Void as seen during Summer's End.

During Summer's End, players briefly visit The Void. This part of the void was created when the Spirit Beast began to eat its way through the world borders from the Spirit Realm, into The Abyss, and then into Gielinor.

According to science fiction, 'The Void' is the plane that is in between different universes, in which there is absolutely nothing in there, other than what has been thrown in there.

The void was also mentioned briefly by Azzanadra in a recent Postbag from the Hedge. "I have discovered that many of us have entered the death-sleep, and that Mizzarch, Lamistard and Ralvash were the most recent to face 'the void' in the Ritual." Additionally, after talking to Necrovarus after using the enchanted Amulet of Ghostspeak to release the trapped spirits of Port Phasmatys, when Necrovarus vows to "fry" the player, you respond: "Quiet, evil priest!! If you try anything, I will command you again, but this time it will be to throw yourself into the Endless Void for the rest of eternity." However, whether these refer to The Void as a dimension, or merely are a metaphor for death, remains unclear.

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

The Void could refer to:

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SWG Wiki

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From SWG Wiki

Dual pirate factions, the Hidden Daggers and the Hutts, patrol the Void, seeking solitary freighters and civilians to destroy and loot. The origin of the name and why the Hidden Daggers and Hutt choose to be at war remains a mystery even today.

NPC Spawns

  • Hutt bombers (tier 1)


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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

The name or term Void refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Void (disambiguation).

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