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Type: Airborne military aircraft carrier
Created by: UNIT (designed by Harold Saxon)

The Valiant was a large flying aircraft carrier used by UNIT during the early 21st century. It contained various rooms including a conference room and many engine corridors.



Every detail of it was designed by "Harold Saxon", and it was used for the first Human contact with the Toclafane. (DW: The Sound of Drums) The Doctor, Martha Jones and Jack Harkness teleported onboard using Jack's Vortex manipulator at the co- ordinates 58.2 North 10.2 East.

In the following year in an erased timeline, the Valiant formed the base of operations for the Master. The Jones family (with the exception of Martha Jones, who had escaped and Leo Jones) and Captain Jack Harkness were imprisoned on the ship, as was the Doctor. It also held the paradox machine inside the Doctor's TARDIS. When the timeline was erased, the Valiant was the only point in space and time not to revert, instead moving directly through time, due to it being the "eye of the storm", that is, of the paradox machine. (DW: Last of the Time Lords) This effectively makes anyone who was on the Valiant to begin with and off it at the reversal killed by Jack, and anyone the opposite way around having a duplicate on Earth.

The Toclafane emerge above the Valiant

The Valiant was fitted with a mounted energy weapon almost identical to the gun used to destory the Sycorax meaning the technology could have been salvaged from the remains of the Torchwood institute. During the Sontaran invasion of Earth in 2009 Colonel Mace called in the Valiant which was referred to as Hawk Major. The powerful turbines were used to clear the Sontaran's fog away from the ATMOS factory and the energy weapon was used to blast apart the factory, killing many Sontarans. It is unknown if the weapon was installed after the Master's defeat or if Harry Saxon himself had it incorporated into the initial design.

Daleks swarm the Valiant.

The Valiant was eventually destroyed when the New Dalek Empire attacked Earth following its transportation to the Medusa Cascade. A massive invasion force of Daleks swarmed the ship, destroying it with their laser guns. (DW: The Stolen Earth)

Over the comms system Jack Harkness heard a soldier reporting that the shields were down which could mean that the Valiant also had some kind of protective force-shield.


The Valiant used what appeared to be large Turbofan engines.
close to ground over the Atmos factory to blow away the gas alowing UNIT troops to storm the Sontaran occupied building

The Valiant seems to be able to rotate these engines to lower itself toward the ground as seen in (DW: The Poison Sky) As it was designed by the Master, it was more advanced than any current Earth vehicle due to the fact that it has been previously mentioned to have had the reverse-engineered Jathaa sunglider technology built into it. As a back-up it could have some alternative form of travel, like Anti-gravity propulsion. All of which allow it to not only hover high in up in the Earth's atmosphere but to move across the globe to any destination deemed necessary.


It is unknown what sort of weapons the Valiant utilises, Apart from the reverse-engineered Jathaa Sunglider weapon. It could possibly feature a series of CIWS turrets and short range missiles, but as a United Nations ship it might not as it is stated to be neutral territory (DW: The Sound of Drums)

Behind the Scenes

The Valiant's design was very similar to that of Cloudbase, the headquarters of Spectrum from Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and to Helicarriers used by the fictional Marvel Comics organization SHIELD. The Valiant's weapon system looks like the one that was salvaged from a Jathaa sunglider and the Death Star's planetkilling weapon system from Star Wars. A similar-looking vessel, commanded by an elite British air corps, also appears in the fantasy film Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

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Series: Stargazer
Author(s): Michael Jan Friedman
Publication information
Published: April 2000
Pages: 279
ISBN: ISBN 0671775227


Introduction (blurb)

Three hundred years ago, the S.S. Valiant was destroyed during an ill-fated attempt to cross the legendary Galactic Barrier. Starfleet had always assumed that the Valiant had perished with all hands aboard, until a pair of unusual humanoids arrive at Starbase 209, claiming to be the descendants of a handful of Valiant survivors who found refuge on an M-Class planet beyond the Barrier.

Even more shocking, the visitors warn that a hostile alien species, the Nuyyad, are preparing to invade our galaxy. Uncertain of how much of the strangers' story to believe, Starfleet orders the U.S.S. Stargazer to investigate at once.

Lieutenant Commander Jean-Luc Picard is second officer on the Stargazer. A young man who has yet to command a vessel of his own, he soon develops a special bond with one of the visitors, a strikingly beautiful woman who has inherited mysterious psychic abilities from her alleged Starfleet ancestors. But can Picard truly trust her?

His doubts deepen when the Stargazer is ambushed by Nuyyad warships, leaving the captain dead and the first officer incapacitated. Picard suddenly finds himself in command -- and facing immediate danger. Trapped on the wrong side of the Barrier, cut off from Starfleet, he must now rely on questionable allies and a crew uncertain of his abilities. And not only the Stargazer, but perhaps the entire Federation, may depend on the decisions he must make.

The Valiant is a gripping saga that explores an untold chapter in the life of Jean-Luc Picard -- and reveals the making of a captain!





Novel Original Characters


  • Carlos Tarasco
  • Gardenhire
  • Mary Anne Sommers
  • Hollandsworth
  • Amir Rashad
  • Chantal Coquillette
  • Rudolph
  • Jack Gorvoy
  • Kolodny
  • Rivers
  • Yoshii
  • Zosky
  • Davidoff
  • McMillan
  • Geirrod Agnarsson
  • Siregar
  • Marc Offenburger
  • O'Shaugnessy
  • Maciello
  • Womack
  • Dan Pelletier
  • Peavey
  • Marciulonis




  • Magnia
  • Nalogen Four


States and Organizations

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