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This article is about the novel. You may be looking for the Potentium concept of the Force.
The New Jedi Order:
The Unifying Force

James Luceno

Cover artist

Cliff Nielsen

Publication information

Del Rey

Release date

November 4, 2003

Media type

Hardcover, Paperback






New Jedi Order era


29 ABY


The New Jedi Order

Preceded by

The Final Prophecy

Followed by

Dark Nest I: The Joiner King

The Unifying Force is the final novel of the New Jedi Order series. Its hardcover version was released on November 4, 2003. A CD-ROM was included with the hardcover release, which contained the eBook version of Vector Prime. The paperback included the Star Wars: New Jedi Order Round-Robin Interview.



Publisher's summary



Back cover

Triumph or obliteration? For the New Jedi Order and the unrelenting Yuuzhan Vong, it will be the last, epic battle—the ultimate fight that will decide the fate of the universe...

Internal flap

The Galactic Alliance's hard-won success in combating the extragalactic Yuuzhan Vong has proven all too brief—and the tide has turned again to the invader's advantage. The Yuuzhan Vong, having overcome the strategies of the Jedi and their allies, have pushed deeper into the galaxy and conquered more worlds. Coruscant has been remade into the capital of the extragalactic aliens and renamed Yuuzhan'tar. The remaining defenders of the galaxy are struggling to form a united front. Luke, Mara and Jacen are missing in action. Clearly the stage is set for endgame.

While Han and Leia receive the horrifying news that hundreds of high-ranking Alliance prisoners face death in a sacrifice to the alien invader's bloodthirsty gods, Luke and his team try to persuade Zonama Sekot to help in the war effort. Yet as they speak, the Alliance capital world Mon Calamari is under attack.

At the same time, the Jedi's alliances throughout the galaxy are being tested and the chances of an Alliance victory are being jeopardized by rogue factions determined to deploy the lethal Alpha Red that will exterminate the entire Yuuzhan Vong species. Also among the Yuuzhan Vong, there is a threat of revolt by the oppressed lower classes of their society. Oppressed Shamed Ones and high-ranking officials alike fear that their Supreme Overlord Shimrra's actions will provoke the wrath of their gods. Ultimately, for both opposing forces, too much has been sacrificed and too much is at stake. And now, the final battle between the Yuuzhan Vong and the Galactic Alliance.


In the spectacular finale of the New Jedi Order series, Luke, Han, and Leia rally for their last stand against the enemy that threatens not only the galaxy but the Force itself.

The Galactic Alliance's hard-won success in countering the extragalactic Yuuzhan Vong onslaught has proven all too brief—and the tide has turned more to the invaders' advantage. The marauding aliens have pushed deeper into the galaxy in their ruthless quest for domination. The remnants of the resistance are struggling to form a united front. Clearly the stage is set for endgame.

Now, as Luke and his team try desperately to convince the living world of Zonama Sekot to join the Jedi's final campaign against the Yuuzhan Vong, a lone space station is all that stands between Alliance headquarters and ferocious enemy forces, which are poised to wage their most decisive assault. For both sides, too much has been sacrificed—and too much is at stake—to ever turn back. And now nothing can stand in the way of seizing victory...or facing annihilation.

Plot summary

Prior to the Battle of Yuuzhan'tar that occurs in the novel, a series of events and other battles lead up to Supreme Overlord Shimrra's ultimate downfall, such as the Battle of Selvaris, the Battle of Caluula and the Battle of Dac. And as for the characters who hide on the living planet of Zonama Sekot since the events of the previous novel, which is still in transit in hyperspace, they recover Harrar, who was thought dead in his fight with the treacherous Nom Anor. They also realize that Zonama Sekot is actually the seed of the Yuuzhan Vong homeplanet, the original Yuuzhan'tar. When the Yuuzhan Vong's violent ways came to notice of their homeplanet, they were stripped of their Force sensitivity so they would never be detected or be able to contact the Force ever again.

Eventually, Sekot arrives in the Coruscant system, coinciding with Nom Anor's false prophecy to the Shamed Ones Jedi heresy as it appears in the Vong capital's skies. This not only distorts the social hierarchy and causes joy in the Shamed Ones for bringing their rulers down, but it causes Shimrra to go insane, as Nom Anor sees. Realizing that Shimrra and his order will be brought down, Anor returns to his guise as Yu'shaa and fights alongside the Shamed Ones against those who are still loyal to Shimrra as the Battle of Yuuzhan'tar begins. While the Galactic Alliance forces battle the Yuuzhan Vong in space, on Yuuzhan'tar and at Zonama Sekot, Han Solo, Leia Organa Solo and Harrar lead a mission to either convince the World Brain to cease its planetary anomolies on the Vong capital, which have been occurring since Jacen Solo's previous visit to Yuuzhan'tar, or kill the World Brain, which Shimrra has ordered. But Han, Leia and Harrar are captured by Vong forces lead by Drathul and are to be executed at the World Brain. Meanwhile, Mara Jade Skywalker and Tahiri Veila fight alongside the Shamed Ones against Shimrra's forces, and they come into contact with Nom Anor. After a brief and chase and fight between Mara and Anor, Mara defeats him and nearly kills him for giving her the coomb spore virus years earlier and for all the other misdeeds he has given the Jedi throughout the war. But Anor pleads for mercy, convincing Mara that killing him would be an act of vengeance, of the dark side of the Force, and it would ashame her son, Ben. Mara spares Anor, and they ally with the Shamed Ones to save Han, Leia and Harrar from being executed. Drathul's forces are overwhelmed, even by traditional warriors whom have seen the error of Shimrra's ways, while Drathul himself is strangled to death by Anor, being that they were personal enemies. The World Brain is convinced to cease its functions of causing anomolies on Yuuzhan'tar.

While the Battle of Yuuzhan'tar still rages, Luke Skywalker, Jacen and his sister enter Shimrra's home to kill him and bring the end to the war with his death on the Galactic Alliance's victory. Shimrra is joined with several genetically modified warriors to duel the three Jedi, but in the end, they are all defeated and Shimrra is killed when Luke decapitates him with both his lightsaber and the lightsaber of his late nephew, Anakin. But, as Jaina follows Shimrra's familiar, Onimi, into Shimrra's evacuation ship, he knocks her out and chains her up, revealing that he was actually the real Supreme Overlord of the Yuuzhan Vong. He explains that he was once a shaper who fused himself with one of the Vong's biotechs and became a Shamed One. However, he found that he could touch the Force, and used it to manipulate Shimrra via hypnotization into becoming Overlord and ruling the violent species. However, as the ship leaves, Jacen, Han, Leia and Nom Anor have boarded the ship as well as it lifts off to leave Yuuzhan'tar. Jacen confronts Onimi and they battle using the Force, with Jacen emerging as the victor and realizing that the voice who told him to "stand firm" on Duro was that of his late grandfather, Anakin Skywalker. When Han, Leia and Nom Anor see Jacen's victory, they find that he has aged much older, erasing any trace of his childhood and Onimi has been shapen properly again. But then he dies off from his duel with Jacen, and disappears as an organic fluid, heralding his end. Nom Anor tries to kill the Solos for the misdeeds they've given him, but because of Jacen's Vongsense, he detects Anor's treachery. Anor desperately tries one last attempt to escape them, but he is caught and defeated. He is offered to escape the dying ship, as it has been weakening since Onimi's death, but Anor finds that the Yuuzhan Vong have lost the war and he doesn't want to have any part of what is to come. So he leaves himself aboard the dying evacuation ship as it crashlands on Yuuzhan'tar, ending Nom Anor's life as the Solos survive in an escape pod, shooting back towards the Millennium Falcon that already has Luke and Mara aboard. Luke is dying from his encounter with Shimrra because he was poisoned from the Overlord's amphistaff, but Jacen uses his tears to heal Luke, similar to how the late Vergere used her tears to heal any wound or treat any disease. Luke recovers, and the Solos and Skywalkers unite in a bittersweet embrace, glad that the war is finally over.

Following Shimrra's death, Harrar announced to the Shamed Ones that the Overlord is dead, enhancing their joy and triumph in toppling Shimrra's order. And when Warmaster Nas Choka saw Shimrra's evacuation ship crashland and die on Yuuzhan'tar, he knew that the Supreme Overlord died with it (which is technically true, since Onimi was the one who really lead the Vong into the war). Seeing that the Vong have lost, Choka orders all forces in the galaxy to surrender to the Galactic Alliance, officially heralding the war's end. And after the Battle of Yuuzhan'tar, the Vong make a deal with the Galactic Alliance; they will be spared, despite the invasion they caused that resulted in 365 trillion deaths, and be brought to Zonama Sekot, the seed of the original Yuuzhan'tar. There, Sekot will travel into hyperspace with the Vong, whom have been given back their Force sensitivity, and disappear back into the Unknown Regions so that the Vong will be safe from the vengeful Bothans, who still have their ar'krai declared against the Yuuzhan Vong, while also learning the meaning of peace. Joining Sekot and the Yuuzhan Vong are Danni Quee and Tahiri as well as others. Luke then announces that coinciding with the war's end is the beginning of the New Jedi Order. The book, and the series, finishes with many of the characters going back to Kashyyyk to honour the sacrifices of many whom have died in the war, including Chewbacca and Anakin Solo, and having a feast and celebration afterward.


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Behind the scenes

Nom Anor was identified as an executor in Dramatis Personae, despite the fact that he was already a prefect at the beginning of the book.

Pash Cracken was identified as a Major, while in The Final Prophecy, mere months earlier, he was identified as a General.

Harrar was identified as a High Priest, while he always held the rank Priest in previous books.

Commander Czulkang Lah was retconned as a Supreme Commander.

The Jedi Masters were referred to as members of the Galactic Alliance Advisory Council, while they should be the members of the High Council.

Boba Fett returned and fought side by side with Han Solo for the first time.

Gilad Pellaeon mentioned that the Bastion Accords were signed five years earlier, while in fact the event had been ten years earlier.

Leia's Killik Twilight made its first real-world appearance since Tatooine Ghost.

There are several references to Shakespeare's "Macbeth." Two notable references are when Shimrra refers to three women as "black midnight hags" and when Onimi asks Nom Anor if he thought "we three would meet again."

A reference is made to one of Mark Twain's famous quotes near the end of chapter 13 when Nom Anor is on his way to speak to the heretics. He reassures the Shamed Ones that, "The rumours of my death were greatly exaggerated."

Ebaq 9 is sometimes referred to as "Ebaq Nine"

There is a reference to Dewlannamapia being at Chewbacca's funeral, but she had died over 30 years before.

Soron Hegerty is markedly absent, even though she was present on Zonama Sekot at the time of its jump to hyperspace and should have been trapped on the planet with the rest of the group.

Cover gallery

This is a gallery of the different cover variations of The Unifying Force.

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