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Screenplay by: Nicholas Meyer & Denny Martin Flinn
Directed by: Nicholas Meyer
Producer: Steven-Charles Jaffe & Ralph Winter
Release date: 6 December 1991

Cover by Jerome Moore
Writer(s): Peter David
Penciller(s): Gordon Purcell
Inker(s): Arne Starr
Publisher: DC Comics
Published: 1992
Date: September 2293
Stardate: 9521.6


Introduction (blurb)

Stardate 9521.6: Internal pressures, enormous military expeditures, and the destruction of their primary energy source have brought the Klingon Empire to the verge of catastrophic collapse...

To avert disaster, Gorkon, Chancellor of the Klingon High Council, proposes negotiations between the Federation and Klingon Empire - negotiations that will put an end to the years of hostility between the two powers, and herald a new era of peace and co-operation. Captain James T. Kirk and the USS Enterprise-A are dispatched to escort the Chancellor safely into Federation space.

But a treacherous assassination brings negotiations to a sudden halt - and places Kirk and Dr. McCoy in the hands of the Federation's greatest enemy. With time running out, Spock and the Enterprise crew must work to uncover the deadly secret that threatens to propel the galaxy into the must destructive conflict it has ever known!


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Pavel ChekovJames T. KirkCarol MarcusLeonard McCoyJanice RandSarekMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluNyota UhuraAzetbur • Burke • CartwrightChang • Dax • Genra • Gorkon • Grokh • Kamarag • Kamerg • Kerla • Kesla • KlaaKorrdLojur • Martia • Henry Mulwray • NanclusRa-ghoratreii • Samno • William Smillie • Stex • Kwan-mei Suarez • Thlema • ValerisMasoud ValtanePatrick WestWorf
Referenced only 
Marc Chagall • Jackson Dahl • Irina GalliulinAmanda Grayson • Imea • KrugeDavid MarcusJoanna McCoyRichard Nixon • Emily Post • Saavik • Sessl • William ShakespeareKhan Noonien Singh • Sohlar • Lawrence StylesSurakT'Paal


Beta QuadrantCamp KhitomerDeltaEarthEiffel TowerKhitomer • Mortagh • ParisPraxisQo'noSReydovan sectorRura PentheSan FranciscoStarbase 23Starfleet Headquarters
Referenced only 
Amrita • AndorBoswelliaChinaGenesis PlanetGermanyKlingon Neutral Zone • Kudao • OrganiaRigelShanaiKahr • Themis • Virginia • Zorakis

Starships and vehicles

IKS DakronhUSS EnterpriseUSS ExcelsiorIKS Kronos One
Referenced only 
USS Ahwahnee • IKS BeriaUSS ChallengerUSS EagleUSS EmdenUSS EndeavourUSS KongoUSS LantreeUSS OberthIKS OkronaUSS Potemkin

Starship classes

Referenced only 
Klingon warbird • Romulan warbird

Races and cultures

AndorianChameloidDeltanEfrosianHalkanHumanKlingon • Rigellian • RomulanVulcanZeosian
Referenced only 

States and organizations

Brotherhood of Aliens • Klingon EmpireKlingon High CommandKlingon High Council • Marcuslabs • Romulan Star EmpireStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Starfleet AcademyVulcan Diplomatic Corps

Ranks and titles

AdmiralAmbassadorBrigadierChancellor of the Klingon High CouncilCommander-in-Chief of the Federation StarfleetFleet admiralLieutenantLieutenant commanderLieutenant junior gradeRear admiral


Adam and Eve Expelled from ParadiseAsteroid • Asteroid shower • Atmosphere • Bengali • Catullan liquor • CinderellaDilithiumGasGaseous anomalyGenesis Project • Gravity boot • HamletIvoryKatraKlingoneseKlinzhaiKobayashi Maru scenarioKolinahr • Medikit • MoonOrganian Peace TreatyRomulan aleRussianScottishSubspace • Subspace shock wave • Tea • Ukrainian • Universal translatorV'Ger • Xenogeology


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  • Cloak (TOS novel) - The novel Cloak establishes Admiral Cartwright as a Section 31 agent and subsequently implicates Section 31 in the Khitomer conspiracy.
  • Assignment: Eternity (TOS novel) - This novel's prologue and epilogue feature the Khitomer Conference.
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Khan Noonien Singh attempts to steal the Genesis torpedo, detonating it and creating the Genesis Planet, where Kruge kill Kirk's son, David.
Kirk contacts Carol Marcus to explain the circumstances of their son's death.
Kirk and the Enterprise-A are ordered on the Klingon peace mission.
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