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The Twilight Streets
Series: Torchwood - BBC Torchwood novels
Release Number: 6
Main Character: Captain Jack Harkness
Featuring: Gwen Cooper
Owen Harper
Ianto Jones
Toshiko Sato
Enemy: Pwccm
The Dark
Cafard Manger
Setting: Earth, Wales, Cardiff
Author: Gary Russell
Publisher: BBC Books
Publication: March 2008
Format: Hardcover Book, 256 Pages
ISBN: ISBN 1-84607-439-8
Previous Story: Trace Memory
Following Story: Pack Animals


Publisher's Summary

It's the start of a Cardiff autumn - the days are getting shorter, the dark evenings settling in. There's a part of Cardiff that no one goes to much. No crime, no murders, just they stay away. A collection of old rundown houses and gloomy streets. Something's not quite right there, something is off-kilter. Except now, the Council are renovating the area. And a new company have been employed to do this. And look: they're going to organise street parties to show off the gentrified area. Clown and face-painters for the kids, street magicians for the adults. None of this is Torchwood's problem. Except that Tosh recognises the man sponsoring the street parties when she's passing one day: Bilis Manger!



  • Some past members of the Torchwood team are introduced in this novel, Dr Tilda Brennan, Llinos King, Greg Bishop and Rhydian, plus Eric Lawson, Torchwood's Head of Logistics from an alternate future.


  • Alan Turing made a Rift Predictor for Torchwood Three called The Bronze Goddess.
  • Jack reflects that an ancestor of his must be walking about on Earth right now - then realizes he's not actually sure if he's descended from humans.


  • The main story takes place between TW: Meat and TW: Reset (Rhys is aware of Torchwood and Owen is alive), although the featured alternate timeline takes place after TW:Reset as Owen is dead and Gwen and Rhys are married.
  • Idris Hopper, Margaret Blaine's secretary in DW: Boom Town is a major character in this novel.
  • The main story takes place circa August 2008. Idris and Jack's conversation establishes that it has been 22 months since they last met, and that their last meeting was a month after DW: Boom Town. Boom Town took place circa September 2006, being six months after DW: World War Three.
  • The alternate future Rhys and Gwen make reference to him saving her life with the Singularity Scalpel. (TW: Something Borrowed)
  • Toshiko Sato was responsible for The Toaster Incident, (TW:Exit Wounds) plus Tosh and UNIT "...are not mates". (TW:Fragments)
  • An explanation is given that during the events of DW: Boom Town, Captain Jack confined the team to the Hub to stop them meeting his past self and contaminating his timeline.
  • Rhys Williams and Gwen Cooper are making the final plans for their wedding. (TW: Something Borrowed)
  • The phrase Turn Left (DW: Turn Left) is used frequently to describe the events leading to an alternate future.
  • Charlie Gaskell's team is stated to have first discovered and used Torchwood's alien cryo-tech in 1906. (This would seem to contradict TW: Fragments in which Jack is frozen in 1901. Furthermore, Tosh states in TW: To the Last Man that Torchwood had been using the technology since "Victorian times" Perhaps Torchwood had rudimentary cryonic technology in the Victorian Era, but later upgraded to a more advanced system in 1906.)
  • Bilis Manger predicts Owen's death on a couple of occasions, accompanied by a spectral image of the gun that kills him.

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