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The True is Star Trek: Swiftfire's contribution to part one of the Star Trek: Unity crossover.



The USS Swiftfire-A is attacked for no reason by three hostile ships deep in the Badlands. The Swiftfire escapes to a nearby hidden Maquis' base after suffering serious damage and identifies the vessels as Vendoth warships. Captain Jonathan Masters gets captured by the Vendoth and all looks lost but unknown to the crew of the Swiftfire there are two other beings that are on their side and willing to help.

Memorable quotes

"What do I know of the Vendoth? Well, they are green, they smell and they have the intelligence of a roasted peanut."
— Captain Masters during his interrogation by Ven'Qa Var'tak.
"You Vendoth are harder to kill then the command crew of the Enterprise!"
— Captain Masters to Var'tak who he had previously thought dead.
"Q! You did this?"
"No, the Tooth Fairy did! Of course I did this."
— Captain Masters and Q after Q saves Masters' life.

Background information

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  • "The True" in PDF format at Star Trek Swiftfire

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