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The Triangle is a region of space in the Beta Quadrant defined by a conjunction of Romulan, Klingon, and Federation spheres of influence, and near the fringes of Orion space. The region's name is derived its appearance in most standard two-dimensional map projections. (FASA roleplay module: The Triangle)

It is possible that the Triangle is near, or analogous to, the Borderland.


Major or Bordering Polities

Nearby Polities

  • Orion Colonies

Independant Interstellar Polities

  • The Affiliation of Outer Free Worlds (aka Baker's Dozen)
  • The Orion Frontier Mercantile Association (aka the Turnstile)
  • The Imperial Klingon States
  • Mantiev Colonial Association


Baker's World | Devotion | Gibraltar (planet) | Morning Garden | New Sahara | New Siberia | North Pasadena

Native Species

  • Brozul
  • Niicali


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The Triangle, as viewed to the northwest from Lower Easton. The pictured Triangle Building and the lower half of the Rotterdam Tower are both located within The Triangle.

The Triangle is a six-block neighborhood in central Algonquin, named after the area's Triangle Building. The Triangle is located south of Star Junction, Suffolk and Lower Easton are to the south, The Meat Quarter is to the west, and Easton is on the neighbourhood's eastern border.It is one of the main neighborhoods in Algonquin, with Star Junction, and Middle Park, as it as some of the best places to see and being in the center of Liberty City.



The Triangle's cityscape is no different to that of neighboring Star Junction's, as the area is populated by massive skyscrapers, new and old, to the point the northern edge of The Triangle forms part of the Star Junction intersection area. The Triangle is also the location of the Rotterdam Tower, the tallest skyscraper in the whole of the in-game world.


Based on the presence of the Triangle Building, one of the area's sources of inspiration may be the TriBeCa in Manhattan, New York City. Its overlap with Star Junction also results in buildings based on those from Times Square being included into the area. Rotterdam Tower, which real-life counterpart is situated within an unspecified part of Midtown Manhattan between Times Square to the north and the Flatiron District to the south, is also included in the district.

The neighborhood is likely to be named after the Triangle Building in a similar fashion as the Flatiron District with the Flatiron Building, which the Triangle Building bases itself off.

Points of interest

  • The Triangle Building, based on the Flatiron Building. Contrary to the real-life rendition, the Triangle Building points south, when the Flatiron Building points north.
  • The United Liberty Paper mission string, which is based within an office building.
  • The Rotterdam Tower, the tallest building in Liberty City, based on the Empire State Building.
  • A play of the Hearst Tower. The location of the in-game rendition is somewhat incorrect in comparison to its real-life counterpart in New York City, as it is located further south in-game.
  • 1 Times Square.
  • 3 Times Square (Reuters Building). The facade of the building is slightly modified, but otherwise features a similar curved crown at the top.
  • The Daily Globe Building, based on 5 Times Square and modified with additionally radical profiles. The building also houses a modern entrance to the Easton LTA.
  • 7 Times Square (Times Square Tower) [1].
  • 1501 Broadway (Paramount Building) [2]. The in-game rendition houses "Canyon Entertainment", a Superstar Café and an unspecified Superstar venue advertising a Love Fist gig; the building also sports a functional rooftop clock.
  • 1500 Broadway (Times Square Studios) [3], prominently featuring a curvy FlyUS LCD display, tickers, and housing a Cluckin' Bell restaurant.


The Triangle is well served by the Liberty City subway system via Easton station and Suffolk, both serving the Algonquin Inner Line and the former additional serving the Algonquin Outer Line. An entrance into Suffolk station is conveniently located in front of the Rotterdam Tower, while the Easton station is accessible via a modernized portal at Burlesque that is embedded into the Daily Globe building.



This article uses material from the "The Triangle" article on the GTA wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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