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"The Tide is Turned! The Ultimate Weapon, the Victory Unification"
逆転! 必殺のビクトリー合体
(Gyakuten! Hissatsu no Victory Gattai)
Airdate 17 October 1989
Writer Yoshihisa Araki
Continuity Japanese Generation One cartoon continuity

Deathsaurus threatens the Earth with orbital missile bombardment to keep the Autobots at bay, but he hasn't reckoned with the ultimate power that is Victory Saber!

  • English/Malay dub name: "The Indestructible Combination"
  • Also known as: "The Victory Combination"



Blacker: "So what you're saying Laster, is that we're watching 'Armegeddon' on three screens at the same time?"

Deathsaurus issues his latest threat to the Autobots via video-tape, bragging that he has developed a super smart-missile that can strike anywhere in the world. The deadly projectiles are launched from an orbiting satellite and fire automatically, meaning that even Star Saber will be unable to reach the satellite in time to stop their launch. Deathsaurus quickly demonstrates by targeting Sambalpur, India, and despite the speed with which Star Saber issues emergency orders, the Multiforce and Rescue Team arrive at the location only seconds before the missile impacts. Upon impact, the missile detonates and scatters multiple smaller missiles across the immediate area, hitting Kathmandu, Calcutta, the Bay of Bengal and the Deccan Plateau, causing widespread devastation. After providing aid in Kathmandu, the Rescue Team and Multiforce head for Calcutta, after being given one strict order by Star Saber: Do not engage any Decepticons under any circumstances. This is Deathsaurus's true goal—using the threat of his new missiles to stay the Autobots' hand so that his forces can freely gather as much energy as they want.

At an oil refinery in Pakistan, Leozack and the Dinoforce casually steal energy from a power plant, while Leozack grumbles over the cowardly nature of the plan. When the Autobots learn of this attack, an alarmed Star Saber instructs the Brainmasters to head out at once—Victory Leo is on patrol in Pakistan and is unaware of Deathsaurus's missile plan, meaning that he's sure to attack the Decepticons on sight! Star Saber's fear proves correct as Victory Leo tears through the Dinoforce, dismissing Leozack's warning about the missiles as a bluff. The Brainmasters arrive just in time to stop him before Gōryū reports the attack to Deathsaurus, and find themselves having to restrain Victory Leo physically.

You are the Last Dragon! You possess the power of the Glow!

Back at the Shuttle Base, Star Saber realizes that in order to defeat Deathsaurus's scheme, there is only one option: use the special circuit Perceptor has implanted within him to combine with Victory Leo. Perceptor tries to dissuade Star Saber from the strategy, fearful of the strain the process will put upon the Supreme Commander's body, but Star Saber is resolute and departs.

On their way to Calcutta, Wingwaver, Pīpō, Holi and Jean run into Jarugar, Gaihawk and Killbison, who are in the middle of carrying off some energy, pausing only to mock the Autobots before heading off on their way. In Pakistan, Victory Leo and the Brainmasters are getting the same treatment from the Dinoforce (particularly Kakuryū, who just can't help himself) when Star Saber arrives. Thinking that Star Saber's arrival means that the fighting is back on, Victory Leo charges at Leozack, only to be intercepted by Star Saber, who tries to explain that the true enemy is in space. Victory Leo ignores him and tries to press his attack, forcing Star Saber to lay him out. Predictably, this hurls Victory Leo into a flaming rage, and he unleashes a barrage of blows on Star Saber, but the Supreme Commander does not strike back, simply taking the hits and pleading for Victory Leo to work with him. As their eyes meet and Victory Leo sees the determination in his commander's eyes, he agrees, and the combination circuit implanted in Star Saber's head is activated. Star Saber and Victory Leo transform into their flight modes, fuse together into the colossal "Victory Saber", and immediately rocket into the heavens at monumental speed. With this additional speed, Star Saber is easily able to outrace Deathsaurus's satellite, reaching it before it launches the next volley of missiles. Star Saber and Victory Leo disconnect, transform and recombine into a mighty new Victory Saber robot mode, and are about to destroy the satellite when Deathsaurus himself appears to hold them off. Although he puts up a good fight, Deathsaurus is unable to stand up to Victory Saber's power and is blasted off into space, allowing Victory Saber to destroy the satellite and missiles.

News of victory quickly reaches the Autobots on Earth, and the Brainmasters make short work of Leozack and the Dinoforce, while Wingwaver looks under rocks for Decepticons to fight, much to Holi and Jean's amusement.

Featured characters

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Transformers references

  • Perceptor, Wheeljack and Minerva have been on Earth since "Ginrai Dies!!". The show continues to refrain from actually referring to them by name.
  • It was also back in "Ginrai Dies!!" that Victory Leo's body design was established to be a power-up for Star Saber. The combination circuit to allow this merger was implanted in Star Saber's head in the previous episode.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • There was a two-week break between the previous episode and this one when the series originally aired.
  • Yet another episode that defers use of one of the show's stock title cards, which present the title as white-text-on-black.
  • After being consistently miscolored red throughout "Ginrai Dies!!" (and not having been seen in-shot since then), Wheeljack's shoulder cannon is now colored correctly.
  • Minerva speaks for the first time since she appeared in Victory. She has a different voice actress from her Super-God Masterforce appearances.
  • When Deathsaurus is told that Star Saber is heading towards his missile launcher, he's seen communicating using a phone as opposed to something more futuristic.
  • Deathsaurus's plan with the missile launcher was a little overthought. He decides to tell the Autobots about it and just uses it as a threat to keep them from interfering with his flunkies collecting energy, and never even seemed to consider using it on the Autobots.

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