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Series: The Original Series, No. 41
Author(s): Barbara Paul
Publication information
Publisher: Pocket Books
Published: Paperback - August 1988
Pages: 265
ISBN: ISBN 0671658166
Date: 2269

The galaxy is on fire, and only the Enterprise can save it.


Introduction (blurb)

From the book jacket 
The Sackers. In all Captain James T. Kirk's travels, he has never found a race more universally shunned and abhorred. Their mere appearance causes most Federation members to become violently ill.
Now the Sackers have performed a deed whose brutally matches their horrifying exterior. They have stolen a revolutionary new scientific device - murdering an entire race in the process - and used it to create a rip in the fabric of space, a hole through which another universe is rapidly leaking. Unless Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise can find a way to stop the new universe's expansion, it will consume - and utterly destroy - our own.


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James T. KirkSpockLeonard McCoyMontgomery ScottHikaru SuluPavel ChekovNyota UhuraChristine ChapelKyle • Babe • Berengaria • Blue • Bonesovna • Brownie • Ching • Dorelian • Franklin • Green • Hrolfson • Iris • Ivan • Jonquil • Misterma'am • Orangejuiceandwodka • Pinky • Quinlan • Rasputin • Rose • Borkel Mershaya ev Symwid • Toots • Wittering
Referenced only 

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • hovercraft • Babe in Arms


Argelius II • Beta Castelli • Beta Castelli I • Beta Castelli II • Beta Castelli IV • Deep Space Station K-7 • Elas • Gelchen • Holox • Platonius • sector 79F • Starbase 4Triskelion • Zirgos

Materials and substances

alkaloid • alphidium • helium • hydrogen • proqualine • tridocane • zyroplex

Races and cultures

Elasian • Gelchenite • HumanKlingon • Vinithi (Sacker) • Vulcan • Zirgosian

States and organizations

Gelchen Transgalactic Trade Commission • Klingon EmpireUnited Federation of PlanetsStarfleetStarfleet Command


baryon • baryon reverter • bloodborschtbrain • chicken Kiev • cryptoanalysis • deflector dish • dilithium reactor room • G class starImmelmann turnphoton grenade • main sequence • minute • mortar • plasmicophic ferangulator • probe • REM sleep • sonic hypnosis-inducer • starstar systemsupernovauniverse


This was Barbara Paul's only Star Trek novel. The cover artist is uncredited. The title refers to the state of a universe that is only three minutes old.

Related Stories

The idea of another universe beginning within our own was later included in DS9 episode: "Playing God".



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