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This article is about the quest. For the temple, see Senntisten Temple.
RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: Ground floor, first floor (immediately above the ground floor), second floor, etc.
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Official quest description: Ali the Wise has been talking to one of his 'old friends' - a certain Dr Nabanik - about your various dealings with the mysterious Mahjarrat. As a result, Dr Nabanik thinks you would be the perfect candidate to aid him in his restoration of the temple beneath the Digsite, but to what end? And who really is the mysterious Dr. Nabanik?
Release date: 3 December 2009 (Update)
Start: Talk to Ali the Wise in Nardah.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes
Items needed:
Monsters to kill:



Starting the Quest

Start the quest by talking to Ali the Wise in the northern most building in Nardah. He will tell the player someone called Dr. Nabanik asked for your help. Dr. Nabanik can be found at the Digsite, east of Varrock. Ali the Wise will give the player a Digsite Amulet (5) to reach Dr. Nabanik.

Talk to Dr. Nabanik at the Digsite Exam Centre. He will reveal he is in fact Azzanadra, a Zarosian Mahjarrat. He needs a certificate to start reconstructing the altar beneath the Digsite.

Talk to the Archaeologist Expert in the Exam Centre. After confirming that Dr. Nabanik can be trusted, he will give the player a Restoration certificate.

Talk to Dr. Nabanik again. He will take the certificate and tell the player to meet him at the altar under the Digsite. The altar may be reached in the Digsite Dungeon by using a rope on the north-west winch in the Digsite and then selecting 'Operate' on the winch. Dr. Nabanik will provide the player with a rope. The altar is in the room directly south of where the winch places you in the dungeon.

Go to the altar, and talk to Dr. Nabanik (now called Azzanadra) again. Ask him what he needs and you will find out he requires two items:

Players MUST talk to Azzanadra about each mission, or else neither item will become available to obtain. Optional: Choose "I need the runes!" in order to get the crate with the 40 law runes and 300 air runes in Ghorrock dungeon.

Azzanadra's Tasks

It doesn't matter which task you do first.

Getting the Barrows icon

For more information on how to kill the Barrows brothers, see this page.
Items needed: Spade and equipment / inventory for a normal Barrows run

The Barrows are located in the south-east of Morytania, just east across the bridge of Mort'ton.

First, kill all 5 normal Barrows brothers. If you have started killing some Barrows brothers, just kill the remaining brothers (note: you CAN receive regular barrows drops while completing this part of the quest). Enter the underground tunnels of the brother that was not in his tomb. Then find your way to the middle of the tunnel system. You DON'T need to kill the final brother in order to receive the barrows icon( You might be attacked by the last brother in the tunnels; if this happens you can run to another room to evade them). Then search the chest and you should get the Barrows icon. Take this back to Azzanadra.

Even though this is the icon that drains prayer at Barrows, after the quest the prayer drain is still the same in the barrows area. This is probably because of the length of time it has stayed there has made this effect stay in the area.

Getting the Frostenhorn

Ghorrock Fortress as it appears on the World Map
Warning: Iron and Steel dragons are found outside the fortress, so an anti-dragon shield is greatly advised. The above-ground levels inside the fortress are safe, but the dungeon levels will have aggressive, high-level Icefiends with melee and ranged attacks, Waterfiends with magic and magic-based ranged attacks, and an Ice demon with magic and ranged attacks.

Items required:

  • Telekinetic grab runes (40 Law runes and 300 Air runes can be looted from the crate where the level 134 Waterfiend was entombed, although some players report being unable to find them).
  • Hammer (can be looted if you search the crates in the dungeon area).
  • Anti-dragon fire shield
  • Heat orb (supplied from backpack)

Items suggested:

  • Knife or slash weapon (if using the teleport lever)
  • Anything to prepare yourself for a lengthy fight, including:
    • Prayer potion(s)
    • Food
    • A one click teleport
    • Antifire potion(s) (these can be used with or in place of an Anti-dragon shield.)
    • High melee and range defence armour, such as Torags, which in combination with the protect from magic prayer will give you good defences against the waterfiends and icefiends as you explore the fortress, and also equip you well for the final fight with the ice demon
    • If you intend to melee the demon it might be a good idea to bring 1 each of regular or super attack and strength potions.
Getting to Ghorrock's Fortress

Go to High level wilderness at the Frozen Waste Plateau and just to the west is the Zarosian fortress, Ghorrock.

Possible methods:

  • Level 89 Ice Plateau Teleport on the Lunar Spellbook.
  • Level 96 Ghorrock teleport on the Ancients Spellbook.
  • Edgeville/Ardougne teleport lever and run west. Don't forget to bring a weapon with slash attack to break through the web.
  • Use the Wilderness Obelisk teleport system to get to level 44 Wilderness and run north to the plateau. (Slowest)

Note: You can teleport from the area of this castle as it does not count as part of the Wilderness.

The fortress entrance is blocked by an ice block. Place the heat globe you obtained from Azzanadra on the pedestal which is just on the south side of the entrance; it becomes a radiant pedestal and melts the ice block a little. "Squeeze-past" the ice block (this does not require an agility level.)

Ghorrock fortress
  • On the south side of the castle is an arched entrance: run through it and climb up the stairs to the west.
  • Run east to the south-east corner of the castle, then climb down the nearby stairs to the ground floor again.
  • Next to the door a few squares to the north is a damaged wall. Scale up the damage wall.
  • Run to the north-west corner of the floor, past the broken pedestal, then climb down the smashed rampart/wall.
  • Enter the trapdoor in front of you to go into the first level of the dungeon.
Dungeon and globe puzzle

You will now be in the dungeon puzzle area and the objective is to get to the south-west corner of the upper dungeon level. However, the direct path is blocked by ice. You must melt some of the ice using heat globes on pedestals so that you can continue through the dungeon.

Tip: Turn auto-retaliate OFF while in the dungeon to avoid distractions by the waterfiends and icefiends.

Step 1 - North upper dungeon:

  • Run to the room to the east and pick up the heat globe from the Pedestal.
  • Return to the middle room again. Use the heat globe on the pedestal west of stairs, melting the ice and causing a Waterfiend to spawn.
  • Run past where the ice was, then either right-click on the pedestal with the globe and select "telegrab-globe" (even with Ancient Magicks) on it. You will get back the globe, but turn the Waterfiend into an Icefiend if it has not been defeated.
  • Use the globe on the pedestal in the room you're trapped in. This will melt the ice to the trapdoor, but will spawn another Waterfiend. Go down the trapdoor.

Step 2 - North lower dungeon:

  • Pick up the heat globe found on the floor in the nearby room to the south.
    • The crate in this room can be looted for 40 law runes and 300 air runes after the ice block has been melted; might have to use heat globe twice on the pedestal.
  • Use it on the Pedestal in the room to the north which you were originally in.
  • Run east until you find another Pedestal, and pick up the imperfect heat globe.
  • Exit the dungeon the way you arrived and go all the way outside. 

Step 3 - North ground and first levels:

  • Scale the wall, then go to the north-east corner of fortress and use the Imperfect globe on the Smashed globe-holder just west of Smashed pedestal (or use default option Insert-globe of Smashed globe-holder). Do not use the globe on the Smashed Pedestal since nothing will happen - use the globe with the small piece of pedestal lying on its side on the ground.
  • Right click the globe holder and select "Push". A small cutscene will play, showing you pushing the orb into the hole in the ice in the centre of the courtyard. Return to the trap door that takes you to the lower dungeon.

Step 4 - North and south lower dungeon:

  • When you make it back down to the Lower dungeon, use a globe on the Pedestal to melt the ice blocking the east path. Follow the path until you come across yet another Pedestal. Take the globe.
  • Go to the point marked "3" on the provided map, where you will see a pipe in an alcove on the south side of the wall. The pipe appears as small tunnel on the minimap but is NOT marked in red, as is usual for openings. Use the globe on it (or click on Place-globe Pipe) and it will get stuck in the pipe mouth.
  • Use the Hammer on it (or select Whack Pipe) (you can loot one from the crate that is nearby if you do not have a hammer; it will be empty if you already have a hammer). It will land on a pedestal and unblock the passage from the room where you obtained the globe. It will melt the ice blocking the path, but spawn another Waterfiend. Return west to the globe room once more and follow the path east until you pass the melted ice block and enter the room with a ladder.
Ice Demon and Frostenhorn
A player fighting the Ice Demon using Protect from Magic prayer.
  • Go up the ladder, run west and you will meet an Ice demon. You must kill it and it will drop the Frostenhorn.
  • Note: Use protect from magic on the Ice Demon as his magic attacks are strong. He uses two attack styles ranged and magic. Equipping high ranged armour such as Torag's works well. He will rarely hit you with protect from magic and high ranged defence equipment. Prayer potions will be useful for those with lower prayer levels as the Ice demon has high defence therefore the fight can go on. Super attack potion is recommended as even with 80+ attack, 0's are often hit by the player. Using this method, you should not have to use any food if you have 150+ Ranged Defence. The Demon seems to be extremely weak against Ranged. A good method is using a Rune crossbow with Broad-tipped bolts while wearing barrows armour and using Protect from Magic.

Finishing up

The Senntisten Temple, fully restored.
Zaros as seen when Azzanadra contacts him.

Return to Azzanadra by using teleport runes or the Digsite pendant, and he will have finished restoring the altar.

He will tell you that you need to retrieve an item from someone just outside by the winch. Go up the winch and you will meet the Assassin from the Devious Minds quest. Talk to him and he will give you the item Azzanadra wants, the Relic you helped him steal from Entrana.

A statue of Zamorak is destroyed invoking the Anger of Zamorakian monks against Saradomin.

Go back downstairs and talk to Azzanadra. There will be a cutscene of Azzanadra communicating with Zaros. When the connection between worlds is established, a statue of Zamorak outside the Chaos temple near the Goblin Village gets damaged, probably by Zaros testing how much influence he can have in Gielinor. The local Zamorakian monks get angry and blame Saradominists for the damage. Also, the Dark Mage in the Abyss has a problem with his portal and almost "loses the universe".

Talk to Azzanadra again to complete the quest and receive your reward.

Congratulations! Quest complete!



  • 2 Quest Points.
  • One Experience lamp providing 23,000 experience in any chosen skill Level 50 or above. (File:combat exp lamps.png)
  • Two Combat lamps providing 20,000 experience each in a chosen combat skill Level 50 or above (other than prayer).
  • 10,000 Prayer experience.
  • Access to the Altar of Zaros in the Senntisten Temple, located below the Digsite. Praying at this altar boosts your prayer to 15% over your current prayer level. Note: When your prayer drains down to below your prayer level it can be boosted again.
  • Access to a new set of prayers, known as the Ancient Curses. Players must read the Ancient Hymnal, given to you by Azzanadra.
  • Access to a new area to slay iron and steel dragons.


Music tracks unlocked:


Mod Emilee confirming that the Banner upon release of this quest, the player is wielding a Toktz-ket-xil.
The Ancient Hymnal on a player's bookcase.
  • On the day of release, the spoiler read: Curses! The connection with the rewards has been temporarily lost. Normal service will resume shortly.
  • This is the fourth time a god has been seen in-game, the first being Icthlarin in Icthlarin's little helper.
  • Zaros' chathead is seen for the first time in-game during the quest.
  • A glitch was found causing players to fly 'in the air' when you used a godsword on the new altar.
  • The player says to Dr Nabanik 'Dr. Nabanik, I presume?'. This is a play on the famous quote 'Dr. Livingstone, I presume?' by Henry Morton Stanley.
  • On the day of release, there was a glitch in the Quest List, where the Dwarf Cannon quest was coloured as incomplete even if the player had completed it. It did not however reduce the total Quest Points of the player. This glitch was fixed in an update released later in the day.
  • On the day of release, if you have not unlocked the music track "Bounty Hunter Level 3" you will do so when you enter the cave through operating the winch. This is possibly a glitch.
  • After completing the quest, one of the chat options after asking Azzanadra about Zaros is: "Is Zaros a cat?". This is a reference to a popular theory, which states that Bob the Jagex Cat is Zaros. Azzanadra confirms that Zaros is not a cat.
  • Although the castle is only reachable through the Wilderness, it isn't actually in it itself. This is also true for a few spaces in front of the entrance ice block. It is in some way similar to the Mage Arena, apart from the fact that you can enter even if you're teleblocked.
  • The castle located next to the Frozen Waste Plateau is the Zarosian Fortress of Ghorrock. This is supported by the fact that the Frozen Waste Plateau is the destination the Ghorrock Teleport spell (Ancient Magicks).
  • On the day of release there was a spelling mistake when Azzanadra spoke of "deperate adventurers passing through".
  • The right click interface with the pedestals offers a `telegrab orb' option allowing the use of telegrab (and completion of the quest) even if you are using lunar spells.
  • On the day of the release, there was a glitch in the Adventurer's Log, giving the "Quest complete: The Temple at Senntisten" message twice to some players in the friends' recent activity list.
  • On the day of release there was an unannounced update to POH bookcases giving them menus similar to those of costume room cases and boxes. Bookcase menus however are a lot more detailed. The Ancient Hymnal is the first book added under this update.
  • Attempting to return the Entrana Relic to Entrana will result in failure. Speaking to the High Priest with the relic in inventory will make him say, "Argh! Look out, he's got a boulder!" The Game interface will state that "The High Priest objects to the relic's menacing appearance." Players who do so will be shipped back to Port Sarim, with their characters knocked unconscious and in the "bowed-over" position upon waking. The Relic simply cannot be returned to the Saradominists as a player would not be able to complete the temple and thereby the Quest. However, seeing as it originally belonged to Zaros, there is no reason to want to return it anyway.
  • On the week of release, the message on the start-up screen was "Guess who's back!"
  • There is a statue of the Mahjarrat General Khazard inside the fortress.
  • On the day of release, some players Magic suddenly dropped drastically, then rose slowly. Whether or not this was a glitch is unknown.
  • After the quest conversations with Ali the Wise will now be exclusively about Dr. Nabanik. It is currently impossible to review current known facts about the Mahjarrat with him.
  • With the release of this quest, more Iron and Steel dragons got added to the game. Previously these could only be found in Brimhaven Dungeon.
  • After completing the quest, it is not possible to teleport or walk away from the fortress with a Heat Orb in your inventory. A message will appear stating that "a mysterious force has removed the item from your backpack".
  • Using the Digsite Pendant given to you by Ali the Wise will also earn you the achievement for using a Digsite Pendant to teleport to the digsite (if not yet earned) in the Varrock Medium Achievement Diary without having to find one in the Varrock Museum.
  • After obtaining the Frostenhorn, the quest diary entry reads: I've found the Frostenhorn. I should take it to Azzanadra when I get the chance. However, after banking the item, the quest diary entry reads: I defeated a demon who dropped the Frostenhorn, but I no longer have it. I should return to the stairs leading down to the frozen fortress cellar to see if the Frostenhorn is there. However, there is no Frostenhorn in the fortress cellar as it is in the bank.
  • Senntisten might be a reference to a Hungarian phrase, "Szent Isten" which means "Holy God".
  • If during the quest you are transported away by a random event while holding the imperfect heat orb you will receive a message telling you that the orb was removed from your inventory.  However when you are teleport back from the random event, the orb will not be magically returned to you.


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