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Official quest description: Experienced adventurers will be familiar with the Fremennik rite of passage, and the difficulties it presents. It's little wonder, then, that Fremennik children are always on the lookout for an easier path to adulthood, and Erjolf is no exception.

Join him in his quest for a trophy, unravel the puzzling story of a curious corpse, and discover dark secrets of one of the most fearsome races to ever walk Gielinor.

Release date: 21 April 2009. (Update)
Start: Talk to Erjolf, who can be found north-east of Rellekka, at a cave entrance halfway up the snow-covered mountain path
Difficulty: *****
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes
  • Level 6
  • Level 8
  • Level 10
  • Level 10
  • Level 20 (required to cut sapphires if not bringing pre-cut sapphires)
Items needed:

Recommended Items:

  • Quest kit (contains several required items in a single inventory slot)
  • To avoid dehydration in the desert south of Shantay Pass, at least one of:
Monsters to kill: None


  • To start the quest you must first talk to Erjolf, who can be found on the mountain to the north-east of Rellekka. Fairy ring code D-K-S can be used for quicker access. He is excited about finding a new cave.
  • Follow him as he leads you into the cave.
  • Click on the flat rock in the water near Erjolf to cross the river.
  • Talk to him again and he'll tell you that he thinks he might have spotted some armour frozen in ice which he thinks will help him to complete The Fremennik Trials.
  • Ask him about his progress with the trials and he'll ask for your help to get the armour from the ice. Offer to help him, and he'll tell you that you need to build a Fire raft by using a knife with the driftwood.

A knife, tinderbox and spade may be obtained from Erjolf by telling him that you need some tools to melt the ice.


Melting the ice

  • Create a fire raft by picking up the driftwood and using your knife on it. You get one fire raft for each piece you pick up.
  • You can walk around each quarter of the cave by jumping on the flat rocks. Use the spade on a mound of snow by each cave water exit to block the east, west, and south streams. Set rafts alight to melt the small icicles on all sides around the small island.
Side of frozen armour to melt Blocked streams Unblocked streams Notes Image
East side West and East South You have to set 5-6 rafts quickly alight from the northwest edge of the cave a few paces west of the northern flat rock. Light them on a spot that, when they float south, they end up across the east side of the frozen armour and are blocked from leaving the cave by a rock. Make sure the south stream is unblocked and the west/east streams are blocked. The Eastern side of the mound being melted.
North side West and East South You have to set 3 rafts alight from the northwest edge of the cave. Light them on 3 spots that, when they float south, they end up on the north side of the frozen armour. Make sure the south stream is unblocked and the west/east streams are blocked. The Northern side of the mound being melted.
South side East and South West You have to set 5-6 rafts quickly alight from the southeast edge of the cave. Light them on a spot that, when they float west, they end up across the south side of the frozen armour. The Southern side of the mound being melted.
West side West and South East You have to set 2 rafts alight from the western edges of the cave. Light them on 2 spots that, when they float east, they end up on the west side of the frozen armour. Make sure the east stream is unblocked and the west and south streams are blocked. The Western side of the mound being melted.

It does not matter what order you do these, when you are finished, Erjolf will have you come speak with him.

The research

The monster in ice.
The Location of the Muspah Statue

Once you have melted all the icicles Erjolf will ask you to come talk to him. You will then see a frozen monster inside the ice. After some talk he will then say you have to find an outlander in the Trollweiss hunting area.

This outlander is a natural histories expert. He is up on the platform above the normal birds area (in the northeast corner). The steps leading to the platform may be found north of the Sabre-toothed kyatts.

From there, go east all the way, then north, to find the historian. He will, after some conversation, ask you to describe the creature;

  1. The monster is yellow
  2. Has four arms
  3. Has no legs (like a snail)
  4. Has a spiky head
  5. A spikey tail
  6. Pincers, like a crab claw
The statue before it is dug up
The statue situated in the desert after being dug up.
The ice around the Muspah is melting.

Once you have described it for him, he will give you a Lumbridge Teleport tab and will tell you that you must find a statue in the Kharidian desert east of the mining camp, and north of Pollnivneach.

  • The statue is far east of the mining camp along the large eastward bend in the river, a bit south of the bridge. It will appear as a sand pile, and you must dig it using the spade you were given earlier.
  • Ali the Wise will appear and talk to you. When he is done talk to him again and ask him about the Muspah. He will tell you that you need 4 cut sapphires, 4 water runes, 4 cosmic runes and a knife.
  • If you ask him if he could take you back to the cave, he will give you a Camelot teletab.
  • Head back to the Muspah cave and mine 4-8 sapphires, then cut with a chisel. The eight sapphire rocks in the cave may only be mined once.
  • Cross the wooden raft bridge, bore the sapphires into the ice block (or use sapphires on the block), and enchant them. ("enchant-sapphires" will become an option on the ice block) The ice will melt, revealing the Muspah inside. The same sapphires may be used for freezing and unfreezing later in the quest, so it's possible to keep 4 sapphires at the end of the quest.
  • Erjolf will run away as the Muspah starts to move. Talk to the Muspah to find that he is actually Jhallan, one of the shape-shifting Mahjarrat that accidentally transformed to the Muspah while he dreamed of it in his nightmare, and it consumed much of his energy.
  • Jhallan will ask you to repeat the process, so he may return to his hibernation, only this time he wants to choose a safer place.

The hibernation

Canoe Ride map
  • Go and find Erjolf, who is just outside the ice chamber. Ask him and he will tell you that the only way to get to the other side of the cave is by canoeing. He will tell you to meet him at the West Trollweiss hunting area, before the snow. Remember to bring a hatchet.
  • Meet him at the Western side of the hunting area next to the water. He will point you to the great log that you can carve a canoe from. Press the log and your player will do a bit of "crazy-slashing" on the log, creating a crude canoe.
  • Go to the center area (just to the south) to find Jhallan. Already weakening, he will ask you to find him a cave that is dark, no water flow, not too warm and not in the middle of a tunnel.
  • The only spot suitable is the southern end of the furthest-west cave. Items needed: knife, hatchet, 4 sapphires, 4 water & 4 cosmic runes. To get there go to the south-east just behind him and follow that to the end. Turn to the west when you get to the 3-way. Now at the T in the end, go south.
  • Speak with Jhallan and bore the sapphires around him, then enchant the sapphires. (bore-sapphires and enchant-sapphires option for Jhallan) Before you enchant the sapphire, you will automatically annoy Jhallan into eventually giving you a fake Muspah tail. Jhallan will then be entombed in the ice.
  • Take the canoe back to Erjolf. Talk to him, and you will give him the tail.
  • Congratulations, Quest complete!
  • You can go back to the natural historian and tell him where the statue is to be additionally rewarded with an antique lamp of 200 experience points.



For information on what you and Ali the Wise discuss on the Mahjarrat, see here.



Music tracks unlocked:


  • On the day of release, if a player was about to unlock the spoilers, they would get a message saying 'The rewards have been frozen in an ancient block of ice, which can only be melted tomorrow.'
  • The quest was mentioned by the Chaos Elemental in Postbag from the Hedge 39 which was released 2 April 2009
  • Mining the sapphire rocks gives no mining experience. There are 8 mining spots in the south end of the cave. Any cut sapphires will work for the quest.
  • Although unnamed at the first part of the quest, the race Ali the Wise speaks of is the Mahjarrat.
  • Near the release date, if you used Quickchat, and said "I am doing quest.." You could say "I am doing quest Mysteries of the Mahjarrat", this was probably the quest's working title, since The Tale of the Muspah was not on the list at the time.
  • After the quest while telling Ali the Wise about what you've learned from the Mahjarrat, Jagex spells the name Mahjarrat with an extra 'R' by mistake.
  • If you have completed The Fremennik Trials before doing the quest, Erjolf will comment on your achievement and address you with your Fremennik name.
  • The Fairy ring network is very useful for this quest. Ring D-K-S is right next to the cave entrance where the quest starts and also gives easy access to the Trollweiss Hunter Area. Rings B-I-Q and D-L-Q go to the Kharidian Desert and are moderately close to where the statue can be found. After the quest, ring D-L-Q can be used to get to Nardah to talk to Ali the Wise.
  • Interestingly, rafts appear as NPC's on the minimap.
  • When Erjolf is showing the player how to create the fire rafts, if the player right clicks on him it will say 'Erjolf - Level 1' But it will not do this at any other time.
  • When leaving the final cave, the exit has a ladder on the minimap, instead of a red line as usual for cave openings.
  • If you leave one of the water tunnels blocked and leave the cave, the stream in the next cave is empty and fish are floundering on the ground. The fish do not appear on the minimap and you can not examine them.
  • The location of the ritual site was placed in an area that used to be covered. The site was also the last piece of unexplored area in the middle of the mainland.
  • One letter from the Chaos Elemental talked about Muspah being frozen, as well as the Mahjarrat ritual.
  • If you blocked all of the streams with snow and then asked for another demonstration, the raft would still move even though later on in the tutorial, it tells you about the current with it being blocked.
  • If you blocked at least one of the streams with snow and go back to the previous cave, the water stream will be drained and you will be able to walk across between the entrance and the exit without having to jump the flat rocks.
  • The Quest name, The Tale of the Muspah, is likely a pun on the item used to complete the quest, the Muspah tail (Also referred to as the 'Tail' of the Muspah). The same pun was used in reverse with A Tail of Two Cats.
  • When this quest was released, canoe trees had their appearance changed minorly.
  • If you look at your quest log, where it should say "the creature in the ice is a muspah", it says "creaure", instead of "creature"
  • During the quest, when you talk to Ali the Wise, he will tell you that the Muspah is just a folktale. When you go back to the Muspah cave, if you examine the Muspah, it will say, "A scary folktale monster!"
  • A day before this quest was released, Jagex released a Twitter post which was obviously hinting to the release of this quest and the removal of the 2009 Easter event . "RS - Well that's the factory fixed, I wonder what the kids up north have been up to whilst we've been busy splitting heirs?..."
  • When you log out with a wall east of you while Jhallan is following you; he will spawn in the wall when you log back in. Ironically, he is frozen in ice when this occurs (you can just exit the cave to make him respawn right). This glitch has yet to be fixed.
  • The mislabeled quest in QuickChat.
  • Jhallan stuck in a wall
    Even though you use the "Enchant Sapphire" spell, you may be on the Lunar or Ancient Magicks spellbooks.

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