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The Story of Martha
Series: BBC Tenth Doctor Adventures
Release Number: 24
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Companions: Martha Jones
Setting: May 2008 - May 2009 (The Year That Never Was)
Author: Dan Abnett (with David Roden, Steve Lockley, Paul Lewis, Robert Shearman & Simon Jowett)
Publisher: BBC Books
Publication: 26th December 2008
Format: Hardcover book
ISBN: ISBN 978-1846075612
Previous Story: The Eyeless
Following Story: Judgement of the Judoon


Publisher's Summary

For a year, while the Master ruled over Earth, Martha Jones travelled the world telling people stories about the Doctor. She told people of how the Doctor has saved them before, and how he will save them again.

This is that story. It tells of Martha's travels from her arrival on Earth as the Toclafane attacked and decimated the population through to her return to Britain to face the Master. It tells how she spread the word and told people about the Doctor. The story of how she survived that terrible year.

But it's more than that. This is also a collection of the stories she tells - the stories of adventures she had with the Doctor that we haven't heard about before. The stories that inspired and saved the world . . .


Dan Abnett wrote the linking material.


Main Characters

In a Flashback

In England

In Europe

In Japan

  • Tokami
  • Hito
  • Dmitri Korbov


  • This is the first multiple-author release in the current BBC Books line. The short story format makes it the first release of its kind by BBC Books since it passed its Short Trips series on to Big Finish Productions.
  • Discounting created-for-novels companions Bernice Summerfield and Roz Forrester (subjects of a novel series and an entry in the Virgin Decalogs series, respectively), this is the first licensed book-length release to focus on a single TV companion since Harry Sullivan's War more than two decades earlier.
  • This is also the first time the current BBC Books line has published a novel based upon a televised episode, although it is not a novelisation.
  • This release marks the first time a former companion has returned to the covers of the TDA line after having previously been replaced by the new companion. In this case, Martha returns after having been replaced for several books by Donna Noble. It is also the last TDA release for the forseeable future in which the Doctor shares the spotlight with a companion: all releases scheduled for 2009 feature the Doctor travelling alone.
  • This novel also features another alien species called The Drast.



Audio Releases

This book has been read and recorded by Freema Agyeman. It is released as a two disk set.

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With Rose Tyler : The Stone Rose  • The Feast of the Drowned  • The Resurrection Casket  • The Nightmare of Black Island  • The Art of Destruction  • The Price of Paradise
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With Donna Noble : Ghosts of India  • Shining Darkness  • The Doctor Trap  • Beautiful Chaos
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