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The Stealers of Dreams
Series: Doctor Who -
BBC New Series Adventures
Release Number: 6
Doctor: Ninth Doctor
Companions: Rose Tyler
Captain Jack Harkness
Enemy:  ?
Setting: Colony world 4378976.Delta-Four, Arkannis Major, 2775
Author: Steve Lyons
Publisher: BBC Books
Publication: September 2005
Format: Hardcover Book, 245 Pages
ISBN: ISBN 0563486384
Previous Story: Only Human
Following Story: The Stone Rose


Publisher's Summary

In the far future, the Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack find a world on which fiction has been outlawed. A world where it’s a crime to tell stories, a crime to lie, a crime to hope, and a crime to dream.

But now somebody is challenging the status quo. A pirate TV station urges people to fight back. And the Doctor wants to help -- until he sees how easily dreams can turn into nightmares.

With one of his companions stalked by shadows and the other committed to an asylum, the Doctor is forced to admit that fiction can be dangerous after all. Though perhaps it is not as deadly as the truth...



  • Jack says he knows of the 'real' Face of Boe.
  • The Doctor thinks that using his psychic paper to pretend to pay his hotel bill is justified because he's probably about to save the hotelier's world.
  • Rose has trouble pronouncing the Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe.
  • Jack once ran out of fuel in the Ataline system with nothing but a traffic cone he'd picked up on a night out.
  • The chips on the colony are made from a local vegetable which is blue, and makes them soft, oily and peppery.
  • Jack mentions that he is a Time Agent and threatens the enemy with the war fleet of the Time Agency.


  • There is a reference to the events of Boom Town, placing it after that story. However, at the end of Boom Town, the Doctor stated they were going to Raxacoricofallapatorius. Then in Bad Wolf, he said they went from there to Japan, before being caught in the transmat. Doctor Who reference Guide insists that there is a gap, as he may have been referring to a different trip to Raxacoricofallapatorius. Also, the transmat is known to affect memory.
  • This is the last Ninth Doctor novel.



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