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The Star Beast
Series: Doctor Who -
Fourth Doctor comic strip stories
Doctor: Fourth Doctor
Companions: K-9 Mark II
Enemy: Beep the Meep
Setting: Blackcastle, Earth (c.1979)
Author: Pat Mills
John Wagner
Editor: Dez Skinn
Artist: Dave Gibbons
Published In: Doctor Who Weekly 19-26
Publication: 20th February 1980 - 9th April 1980
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Format: Comic - 8 parts (34 pages)
Previous Story: Timeslip
Following Story: The Dogs of Doom



Pursued by Wrarth Warriors, Beep the Meep crashes his craft in Blackcastle, where he is found and hidden by school children Sharon and Fudge. Following the flames of the neutron drive star cruiser the Doctor investigates, unaware that he is leading the Wrarth Warriors directly to the Meep. The Warriors attack K-9, making him useless. After he has sent the Meep with Sharon for safety, the Doctor learns from the Wrarth officers Sergeant Zogroth and Constable Zreeg that Beep is actually being hunted by the Wrarth (biological constructs of the five strongest races in the Galaxy) for unspeakable crimes. The Meep were once a happy advanced race. Radiation from the Black Sun, however turned them into conquering savage beasts. Beep was shot down following his escape from the Battle of Yarras. Taking the Wrarth Warriors with him, the Doctor finds Sharon and the locals turned into zombie drones by the radiation of the Black Star drive. Beep has made them work to repair the ship for a star jump from Earth. The Doctor, along with Blackcastle and the workers are caught, in the star jump but the Doctor manages to return the workers (the radiation effect has started to wear off), to Earth in the TARDIS. The Wrarth ship captures and boards the Meep’s ship and Sharon is returned to the Doctor and K-9, who is erratic and purring like a cat but back together. The Doctor agrees to take Sharon with him in the TARDIS so that he can return her to Earth.


Ruthless leader of the Meep and galactic criminal, referred to himself as the Most-High. Pursued by the Wrarth Warriors to Earth his neutron drive star cruiser crashed at Blackcastle steel mills. Using the ships black orb to expose and control the locals by exposing them to neutron radiation Beep created a workforce of drones to help repair his ship. The Doctor's interferance limits the take-offs damage but the star jump from Earth sucks the steel mill and its inhabitants into a black hole (using the TARDIS the Doctor was able to return the workers home). The Meep was eventually captured by the Wrarth Warriors and taken away for trial.
  • Constable Zreeg
Wrarth Warrior sent in pursuit of the Meep
  • 'Fudge' Higgins
Schoolfriend of Sharon lived with his mum. Keen reader of sci-fi pulp comics especially the adventures of Captain Starflash. Along with Sharon found Beep the Meep hiding in a neighbours's shed in Blackcastle. Shortly after hid the Meep in his bedroom.
The Meep are three-foot tall balls of fur with large eyes and ears, and a cute look that deceives many. They are ruthless killers in the name of conquest. Once a highly advanced peaceful race, envied throughout for their happiness, the race was mutated by the rays of a Black Sun which turned them into conquest hungry, planet grabbing killers.
  • Sergeant Zogroth
Wrarth Warrior sent in pursuit of the Meep
A biological construct created as law enforcers of the stars. Homeworld unnamed but has sulphuric acid seas and smells of methane. With their external skeleton acting as a skelo-shield they have formidable strength. Their eyes are like large lights and give excellent infra-red night vision (susceptible to ultra-white light), their teeth razor sharp, their tongue are developed with digits to secure their food. They have one giant left-handed detachable claw and on the other a five digit tendrilled hand. They are accountable to the Star Council on the other side of the galaxy.

Following the Battle of Yarras they pursued the surviving Meep leader to Earth. With the Doctor’s help the Meep was taken into custody.

Original Print Details (Publication with page count and closing captions)

  1. DWM Issue 21 (4 pages) Next Week: Doctor Death!
  2. DWM Issue 22 (4 pages) Next Week: Revenge of Wrath!
  3. DWM Issue 23 (5 pages) Next Week: Hour of the Beast!
  4. DWM Issue 24 (4 pages) Next Week: Countdown to Apocalypse!
  5. DWM Issue 25 (4 pages) Next Week: Stardeath!
  6. DWM Issue 26 (4 pages) Next Issue: Join the Doctor, Sharon and K-9 in...Devil-Spawn!


  1. Doctor Who (Marvel Comics) (Issues 1-2) in colour
  2. Doctor Who Classic Comics Issue 25-27 reprinted in colour with colouring by Paul Vyse .
  3. The Iron Legion (graphic novel) a series of graphic novels (published in 2004), reprinting, as original, cleaned up comic strips covering strips from Doctor Who Magazine in B&W.


  • Although Pat Mills and John Wagner were jointly credited, they took turns to write the scripts. The Star Beast was written by Pat Mills.
  • Dave Gibbons consistently drew K-9 smaller than the TV prop, enabling him to be carried around more easily under characters' arms in the strip.
  • Sharon becomes the first (known) non-Caucasian companion of the Doctor, predating Mickey Smith and Martha Jones by more than a quarter of a century.


  • When K-9's memory and identity circuits are damaged the Doctor recognises the speech patterns of Leela.
  • A reference to the Black Guardian is also made by the Doctor.



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