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The Spanish Word of the Day is a segment on Sesame Street in which a character teaches a Spanish word and its English translation. Usually the segment features Grover, Rosita, Maria or Gabi.

The Spanish Word of the Day was introduced in season 33, and was a daily feature on the show through season 36.




Season 33

Picture Word Earliest Known Appearance Description
Sí and No Episode 3981 Maria, in voice-over, asks Rosita to tell her the Spanish Word of the Day, but mistakes her answers, (yes) and no (no), as answers regarding whether she'll reveal the Spanish word of the day, before realizing that there are two Spanish words for the day.
Adiós Episode 3982 Rosita says adiós (goodbye) to the word and to the viewer.
Flor Episode 3983 Maria smells some flores (flowers), and then smells Stinky the Stinkweed.
Agua Episode 3984 Rosita shows what agua (water) means.
Gato Episode 3985 Rosita shows viewers a gato (cat).

Good Night Sesame bonus CD-ROM

Perro Episode 3986 Several dogs pounce on Grover to demonstrate the word perro (dog).
Leche Episode 3988 Rosita drinks leche (milk).
Zapato Episode 3989 Professor Grover tries to teach kids how to wear a zapato (shoe).

Let's Play Games bonus CD-ROM

Libro Episode 3990 Grover mistakes the english meaning of libro (book) for other things, despite the fact that he is holding one.
Casa Episode 3991 Gabi watches Slimey play in a small casa (house).

The Street We Live On

Teléfono Episode 3992 Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus use the teléfono (telephone).
Abierta and Cerrada Episode 3995 Gabi tries to feed Baby Natasha, and in doing so demonstrates abierta and cerrada (open and closed).
Hola Episode 3996 Everyone tells Grover hola (hello), but Maria has to explain to him its meaning.

Season 34

Picture Word Earliest Known Appearance Description
Gracias Episode 4031 Rosita presents the Spanish word gracias (thank you) in response to thrown flowers and applause.
Por Favor Episode 4032 Telly asks what por favor means and Rosita answers "please". Telly says "please", mistaking her translation for a request to mind his manners. This happens several more times, until Rosita explains that por favor means "please" in Spanish.
Niño and Niña Episode 4040 Grover mistakes the Spanish words for both "boy" and "girl" for "spaghetti".
Feliz Episode 4042 Oscar the Grouch does not like the fact that the Spanish word of the day, feliz, means "happy", though he is happy that Slimey (who is playing in the mud) is feliz.
Cara An artist draws a cara (face) as Grover tries to guess the word's meaning.

Season 35

Picture Word Earliest Known Appearance Description
Baila Episode 4058 An elephant hears music, and wants to dance. Rosita then informs the elephant that baila means "dance."
Abrazo Episode 4064 Rosita offers her elephant friend un abrazo. The elephant is surprised to learn that abrazo means "hug", but then offers Rosita un abrazo in return.
Silla Episode 4066 Rosita presents silla, the Spanish word for "chair".
Manzana Episode 4069 Slimey eats the apple while Rosita introduces the word.
Para Episode 4072 Rosita shows the Spanish word for "stop".
Familia Episode 4078 Rosita show us the Spanish word of the day and introduce us to her family. Then they all hug each other.
Musica Episode 4079 Rosita and Miles play their guitars as they demonstrate the Spanish word for "music."

Season 36

Picture Word Earliest Known Appearance Description
Escuela Episode 4087 Grover teaches the Spanish word for "school". A fish joins him.
Salta Episode 4092 Rosita tries to see if The Elephant, Narf, and a chicken can figure out that 'salta is the Spanish word for "jump".
Siesta Episode 4094
Zanahoria Episode 4095 Grover leads some children (gathered on the steps of 123 Sesame Street) in a song about the health benefits of carrots; the lyrics also include the vegetable's Spanish name.
Counting to Ten Episode 4100 Rosita repeatedly sings the chorus of the "Conga Counting Song" to teach us how to count to 10 in Spanish.
Canta Episode 4106 Rosita and Slimey take turns singing.
Pequeño and Grande Episode 4108 Rosita shows us two Spanish words: pequeño (small) and grande (big). She shows Slimey who is pequeño, but then realized she doesn’t have anything grande to show. However, Slimey has his friend, the elephant, coming by and he is grande. Then the two went off to go bowling with Rosita running after them to join them.

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